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How Are You Feeling?

Greetings to You!

Please share your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings in this post. How are you dealing with the powerful energies infusing our world in the past few days?

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Greetings to ALL,

I feel out of sorts, disconnecting from the old all around me. Its uncomfortable to BE in the illusion in every passing NOW moment. I AM reminded from within that BEing, mastering this environment, will BE an essential tool in a future timeline.  In mediation today, I was approached by an entity that caused me to cry with JOY. I felt that I was approaching a Source of unconditional LOVE and acceptance. I was releasing so much junk in that moment I did not think to ask who was approaching. WILD dream visions of times past and numerical synchronicities through out my daily activities NOW. I wrote down Neo Glimmers ascension codes yesterday, then read them aloud in my back yard, under our solar logos....WOW what a night....woke up at 3:09am(this wake up time happens often), went outside to stare at the stars for awhile. I still feel a strong pull to leave my current area on Gaia.

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Peru and Asia are two areas of Gaia I feel most drawn too. I AM aware of  incarnations of Amer-indio and Eurasian.


My name is Castley and I sooooo appreciate all you do KejRej. I started my ascension path 4 years ago with a very tough awakening. I would love to share my story as I am toying with writing a blog myself.  I am feeling different....the energies are driving me towards something that is for sure. Currently I am trying to figure out what I am to do with all the remainder of the time I have on earth. I have BIG thoughts..and was certain the reval was coming...and the paradigm would shift immediately. It did not, looking at it from a different perspective, it would have caused widespread chaos and we don't want that. So I wait, and wonder, with one foot in both worlds.



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Greetings Castley,

I too received the call to participate in the rv via AA Micheal 5 years ago. I wasn't expecting to be involved in a phy op while we wait for that blessing to unfold. Much has been learned and experienced/released by participating however. It was very important to take the long road for humanities safety, as well to remove many malevolent dear ONEs from their perches. I AM grateful for what has transpired and BElieve May is our month to take flight!


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