Zap/Poofness Update: Money


Greetings and Salutations,

There is a bit of shifting of things going on. We are comfortable enough to say that things are

Council of Radiant Light: How Your Experience Comes About

ascended beingsHello Divine Ones,

It’s good to be with you. We see that as we converse with you upon your capacity to create your experience through intentional use of your focus, some of you are starting to relate to your life with a increasing sense of curiosity.

The Angels: You’re Already There

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is, within your hearts, a tiny spot that you can think of as a doorway to the universe. You call this your “spark of the Divine” but in reality you are all “sparks of the Divine.” There is nothing outside of Divine love. 

Mercury Retrograde August 2017 Trust Me Babe

astroscopeMercury retrograde 2017 starts on August 12 at 11° Virgo and ends on September 5 at 28° Leo.

This Mercury retrograde cycle is a particularly powerful and significant one that could lead to changes in your love life or finances. Fear, insecurity

Archangel Gabrielle: Proceed! You Are the Delivery Agents of The Mother to Birth The New

aa gabrielGreetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, and sweet angels of light, the message has never changed because the message is love, the totality is love, you are love, we are love.

And while I do not suggest to thee to be foolhardy or ignorant, what I do suggest is that you focus on the love

God’s Message: Pictures of Life Taken from Different Angles of the Sun

heavenlettersNo longer fear what the world calls death which, as it turns out, is no more than a change of venue. Those who die and the loved ones left behind come to a point of releasing a certain filter more or less identified as the physical.

The old style camera no longer can