Message from P’taah: Keep it Simple

reflections eraoflightdotcomYou know beloved ones, whenever you are gathered together united in the desire absolutely to BE all that you can possible be, you do indeed create a light. Not one color, many beauteous hues. And each one of you have not only the radiance of that color you also have the SOUND of that color.

And if you could but hear, to know that you indeed every one, unique and wondrous jewel that you are, are part of this grand symphony of other spheres. You are part of that. Each tone of you completing that grand symphony. The tone of you, the color of you in this NOW is beyond description.

So it is time to cease struggling. Every time that you are struggling to be the more, you are coming from a place of fear about an outcome. Coming from a place of fear that you are truly, in the deepest secret place of your heart, not enough.

You know, beloved ones, when the little fear wells up, it is only necessary to stop for a moment and remind yourself of the greater truth. To remind yourself that you are as perfect now as you are ever going to be. You are as perfect now as you are ever going to be. And all of this movement in your journey is to unfold into the truth, the knowingness of this perfection.

And as we have said to you and will say again and again and again, what keep you separate from this truth is a tiny little fear. And that part of you that is struggling for enlightenment is that very tiny portion of you that has forgotten that you already are.

You all know the concept that all of your lives, that which be your past lives and that indeed which be your future lives, are occurring simultaneously. You are already existing in what is termed fourth and fifth density, existing as you are living your lives being your so called Enlightened Ones, Awakened Ones. You are already existing in all of the dimensions unto the Void of Creation itself!

You want angels? You are angels! You are the light-beings. The soul energy of you is eternal, expressing itself in all dimensions. The soul energy of you is not even human! It is beyond what you term human. This lifetime that you are focused on in this moment, it is one tiny facet, one breath of eternity. You already are IT, mmm? You are it. So it is simply to unfold into your ‘itness’. To allow the unfoldment of the gift that you truly are. The gift that you are. To unfold into the allowance of all that you can possibly be in every Now.

And it is a choice, you know! It is a choice how you will perceive who you are, how you will perceive your perceived exterior reality. And we remind you that there is nothing outside of you but that which reflects back to you who you are. The power sourceness of you is your E-motion. The power sourceness, the power of your creativity is your E-motion. Energy in motion.

Why do you think it is that you are told ‘Live in the Now’? Live in the Now. How does it feel in the Now? Well, if you are doing what makes your heart sing and you are indeed going forth in your Now, you are absolutely focused Now. When you are focused Now there is no past and no future. All of the channels are open for you to allow the flow of the greater part of you to call forth that which is your divine inspiration. To allow that divinity of you to flow Now.

You only have Now. You truly have no past and you have no future. You only have Now and how does it feel, because your feelings tell you where there is something to be addressed. When we say that everything outside of you is a mirror, we are not saying that when you are seeing some atrocity that you are the atrocity.

What we are saying is that as you view that which brings you joy, the feeling of joy and love open you heart so that you may be all that you can be. When what you are viewing brings forth the feeling of a negative response, you know “Ah ha! There is something here to be addressed.”

Every time you find yourself in a negative judgment about anything or anybody outside of you, you say, “Thank you indeed for this wondrousness, this negative judgment that show me that there is a little something in here to be addressed.” And how? By the absolute embracement of that baby part of you that does not know the grand truth.

Keep it simple, beloved ones. We know that all of those stories out there are very exciting. There are wondrous distractions, it is wondrous indeed, but I tell you something, all of the stories will not bring you home. Home called open hearted. Home, that feeling of fulfillment, that feeling of joy. Home. Only you can do it. Only you can be it. Nobody else can do it for you. But nobody else wants to. Indeed everybody else is far too busy looking after their own stuff!


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