Yeshua: Do You Feel the Power of Change and Upliftment?

yeshua eraoflightdotcomDo you see how much you are doing just by being alive and walking on Earth – living your lives to the best of your loving intentions?

Greetings my dearest brother and sisters! Greetings and good morning on this bright and shiny wonderful day! This is your beloved brother and constant companion Yeshua! I AM Jesus Sananda and it gives me great pleasure to come and celebrate this day with you, as well as during every moment of your journey!

It is true that you are making remarkable progress! It is wondrous to see you glowing and sending these high frequencies of love and comforting light to all in your world! Do you feel the power of change and upliftment just by your mere presence in one particular spot on the planet? Do you see how much you are doing just by being alive and walking on Earth – living your lives to the best of your loving intentions?

It is possible that you might not quite see what I am saying to thee, but you can sense the instant changes in the energetic field, and generally in the well-being of those with whom you are engaging, even if only briefly, in the most casual conversation. Yes, it takes only a moment for the divine love that flows through you to clear, to heal, and to shift everything in the hearts of others. Your loving embrace, and the intensity of your intention to touch and caress everybody in the Mother’s nurturing Love is working wonders dearest ones! It is so because you are only being yourselves – love – without great agendas, without trying to impress or cajole anyone to agree with your views or way of life.

Looking people in the eyes with a wide and sincere smile, loving and accepting everyone just as they are, and where they happen to find themselves at this time on their own chosen paths, and then allowing the love to flow through you to wherever it needs to go, this is how you are doing it! There are no major secrets!

But you are asking how to be constantly loving in this world of the old third, which is currently undergoing major chaos and transformation. For you are saying that it is easy to stay in the heart’s high vibration when you do not see the troubles, the angst, and the pain of others. There are many – mostly children – that are coming to you, asking for assistance, knowingly or unknowingly, but nevertheless asking for healing and for protection, because they are attracted to your love and light. And this is delightful for you, but also it can become quite painful when you find yourselves blocked by the current systems of the old third dimensionality when there are not too many physical steps that you can take to bring them to safety!

And yet, do understand that your energetic work and expansion is extremely effective and quite uplifting and comforting for them! This new powerful generation of children are extremely telepathic and clairvoyant, and they are very closely connected with their guidance. They remember their divine plan in detail, and what they truly need is a space of unconditional love and support, even for a few moments, so that they can thrive and continue to maintain their innate abilities. Their chosen physical world and current conditions are the environment that is needed so that they can most effectively contribute to the necessary changes and dismantling of the old. Therefore, what you need to do is only to acknowledge them and to love them when they come to thee, without judging or engaging in any wishful battles and fights of the physical world.

See them as the brave warriors of change that they are, and hold them constantly in your loving embrace, for they are very aware of your light and support. Do not allow worries or judgment, and/or your spiritual ego, to shift you out of your hearts and to, therefore, lower your vibration! Know that everyone is in the right place, and perfect for their missions just as they are in this now moment!

I will leave you now with my brotherly love and peaceful embrace! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle