Sananda: The Event Has Already Happened

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI am Sananda.

As these waves continue to come into the planet, as you continue to feel these energies, these new higher energies that are, indeed, bombarding the planet now, moving into all of you.  All life forms now are experiencing these energies as a result of the gateways that have opened up, your 11:11:11 gateways that have opened a portal, you might say, for these higher energies to come into the planet.  But not only here on this three-dimensional level, but in the higher dimensions as well, here.

Because before anything can happen here at your three-dimensional level, it first must happen at the higher vibrational levels.  And indeed those who are saying the event has already happened, it HAS happened.  It HAS happened at the higher levels and, in order for it to manifest in your three-dimensional awareness, your consciousness as a whole, as a collective,  must increase, must continue to rise, and as we, those of us, that are seeing the energies that are coming into the planet and the people, the life forms here on the planet that are increasing in vibration as a result of these energies coming in.

You are the ones that are being the catalyst for this event to come closer and closer to your reality.  And to your reality, it IS coming.  You may not yet see the full ramifications of this, as there are many changes that are happening in your planet and on your planet. Many changes that are happening within each one of you.  And, of course, as these changes happen within you, it reverberates outside of you as well, and reverberates to the next one around you, and to the next one, and to the next one.  And this is how these energies continue to move across the planet.  You are the catalyst for this.  We have told you this many times.  You, the Lightworkers, the -warriors, the Lightbearers and –sharers: you are the catalyst for these energies, for this consciousness to raise more and more across the planet.

As you have heard many times: “ you are the ones you have been waiting  for.”   You are not waiting for those to come outside of the planet to come and save those of you here.  That is not going to happen.

But it is going to happen that The Call is going out more and more to those that are here to assist to help wherever they can.  And they have been doing this for some time.  But now, as you are hearing more and more as well, they are coming closer.  Those of theGalactics are coming closer.  Those of the Agarthans from deep below the earth are coming closer to the surface as well.

All of this is creating a compression here at the surface of the planet:  coming from above, coming from below, compressing in all that is left of what can be known as the dark forces.  For the dark forces are being removed.

Even as we speak now, they are being removed from this planet.  You have heard of ones that have passed on from their physical bodies, and those are ones that have held the dark forces here.  They have held the dark energy within them, and they are leaving the planet now in various ways.  Some are literally being taken off by the ships.  Some are moving off through the death process.  But moving off, they are, and will continue to do.  Because in order for The Event, in order for the vibrations to continue to raise across the planet and move you from this three-dimensional illusionary world into the fourth, and higher into the fifth, and beyond dimension, first, you must have the removal of those forces that continue to hold you down, hold you down even at an unconscious level.

For many across the planet are not conscious of what we are saying now, are not conscious of the knowings that you have within you.  But they are, even themselves now, beginning to awaken more and more because of these energies coming into the planet, and because of those efforts that all of you are making to spread the light, to share the light wherever you can.

Because, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, it is all about an awakening, here.  It is about the awakening of the earth, of Gaia herself, to realize her full potential as a higher dimensional body, just as it is all about you awaking to the potential within each one of you, to know that you are a higher vibrational frequency being—always have been, and always will be.

It is only the mind that slows you down, that keeps you wallowing in the muck and the mire of the third-dimensional illusion.  I use the term now purposefully, “the muck and the mire” because it does hold you down, such as quicksand would hold you to it.  Those of the dark forces have attempted to create this as a quicksand for all of you to be trapped.  But you are releasing yourselves now.  We are not releasing you, you are releasing yourselves.  And you will continue to do that.

And with our help, with our assistance wherever we can, and our assistance is coming stronger and stronger now.  As you continue to raise your vibrations, we can come closer to you, because you are rising to come closer to us.

I am Sananda.  I am going to release now to another who wishes to speak briefly with you.  He has come more and more to be with you because of the changes, because of the times that are upon you now.

All my peace and love be with all of you.



» Source 2 » Channel: James McConnell