Archangel Gabriel: Allow My Golden Bubbles Of Joy To Uplift You

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcomThey will reach deep into your old traumas, bringing to the surface the ancient debris, and the reasons for dis-ease that are keeping you from moving farther along your paths.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, I AM Archangel and Lily of Love, Trumpet of the Truth, Messenger of the One, your close friend and family, always at your service.

I come today to offer you my golden bubbles of joy and love to fill you to the brim and to uplift you in these times of chaos and quite intense transformation. And yes, you can feel and see them flowing down deep within you, you can see them expanding your beautiful hearts, pushing gently against the walls and prodding them open, urging you to let go of the fears and any kind of falsehoods that are still trapped inside. Allow my golden effervescent bubbles to take care of this need to further purify and expand your dear selves.

You do understand that this process can be somewhat uncomfortable, but just as using drops of peroxide in the real world to cleanse the hidden covered up wounds from bugs and germs, so are my golden bubbles reaching deeper and deeper into your old traumas, bringing to the surface the ancient debris, and the reasons for dis-ease that are keeping you from moving farther along your paths. It may sting a little, it may burn for a short while, but know that in the end, the result is greater vitality within the effervescent energy and stamina that is the new and free you.

Now you can move amongst the wounded ones with greater immunity and protection, and at the same time you may allow this golden elixir to flow to them, so that they too will benefit from the healing, purifying, and uplifting effect of my love.

Dear hearts there are so many on planet Earth in great need of your assistance, who are looking for hope and for some kind of light at the end of their dark tunnel, so know that you are indeed sorely needed!

Bring balance into your open hearts, balance all of your bodies – physical, emotional, mental and astral – and fill yourselves up with my golden bubbles that are so easily available to you; then allow them to flow out to everyone and do their uplifting work.

Make sure you do not follow the bubbles in an attempt to do the work yourselves! This is not what I am asking thee to do! That is truly not needed, and it can be quite detrimental to your sweet selves. Hold on to your dear curious mental bodies that want to understand and take credit for the work that is being done. Just let go of this need to know, of this need for feedback, and just trust that the light that you have transmitted is doing the work that needs to be done with no further intervention required on your part.

Do not forget to seal your wonderful giving selves – your energetic bodies – into a huge golden bubble of light so that you can sit in comfort, feeling protected and peaceful, without others interfering and tapping directly into your energy fields, just because you, being such wonderful transmitters and pillars of light, are in their close proximity.

It is my pleasure and greatest joy to be of service to thee in this constant work of loving restoration, and in the anchoring of love on planet Earth, and in the hearts of the entire human collective!



» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle