Mary Magdalene: I Come Bringing Thee the Red Rose of Love

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcom.jpgExpect wonders and miracles, because love has won and is fully anchored on planet Earth.

Greetings dearest ones! Greetings! I AM Mary, I AM The Magdalena, your beloved sister, and family, holder of the purest love and of the Divine Feminine essence! I come bringing thee the red rose of love, because I want to place it inside your opened hearts to activate, re-activate, and increase the intensity and the power of your love transmissions. I come in tenderness and joy, in love and appreciation, to remind you how powerful your love and the love of the Mother that you are sending out to all really is!

Yes, your love can demolish walls of resistance and fear. Your love brings hope where there is none. Your love can melt away the rusty iron gates of the fortresses that most of you have built around your aching hearts in an attempt to protect and save your light, your purity, and your innocence from being tainted, harmed or drawn into the darkness. But now that love has won and is fully anchored on planet Earth, there is no need to hide away, there is no need to cover your light and undermine who you truly are, for believe me when I say to thee that there is no better and faster catalyst to change than the intentions of your pure and loving hearts.

Wherever there is one bright light – and you are all bright lights – there is much change and transformation materializing, more than you can ever imagine! But when there is a mighty circle of you, united and setting intentions to bring change, and you focus on raising the vibrations of a community, or a country, or an entire planet, then miracles happen, and the lives of many change in a split second.

Allow the rose of love in your hearts to bloom and open fully, let its fragrance and grace expand to touch, embrace, and transform in unique ways everyone in its path.

More than this, let it bring you all you need to further expand and develop as wonderful ascended Nova Yous, and that will include attracting your sacred partners who have been waiting patiently for you for the longest time. This is yet another beautiful way in which the Mother designed Her Plan to increase and magnify many fold the power of love that you can bring forth. This is yet another beautiful gift that has been bestowed upon you, for this exquisite love between sacred partners has until now been present only sparingly on Gaia. But now it is ready to explode like fireworks at the New Year, because only now can it be fully present and keep on getting magnified further as the years come and flow!

Expect wonders and miracles! Let your love take you home into the most beautiful gardens bursting with blossoms and delectable fragrances!

Stay with my love, stay with my profound gratitude! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle