Master Kuthumi: Creating Self Worth

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcom.jpgJim: Kuthumi, what I’m watching is that a sense of self-worth is really a key element of this recent work around the Heart chakra and the physical heart. The lower three chakras, as we’re playing with them now (bringing in the increased energy from the Earth Star) allow for more fluidity and comfort within self-worth. Then as self-worth is accepted, that triggers those lower three chakras to do what they’re capable of doing. Self-worth is enhanced by those chakras and those chakras enhance that sense of self-worth. It’s a cycle that’s spiraling upward.

Kuthumi: Correct. Now, certain things had to happen before that could be engaged. When we did the work with the ninth and tenth Rays of Creation we opened up that consciousness to the unlimited potential of the Soul. You were able to enter and draw from the Soul Star the nature of who you are as a Soul. The magnitude of that was brought into the consciousness. You are able to sustain that through the Unified Field that you created. It is processed in the Heart Center. There are very many parts to the functioning of the Heart. You drew those concepts into the Heart chakra and physical heart and then into all areas of your body through that Unified Field. We worked with and compressed the lower chakras. Toning to bring up the vibration. Then adding the color coding of the second Ray further elevated the consciousness that is available in those first three chakras and parts of the fourth.

Jim: Yes.

Kuthumi: All of those things were necessary. The consciousness had to be opened in the Higher Mind and begin to translate that down the system into the denser parts. You could then begin to transform and raise the consciousness of the physical body itself. We begin to create unity within those four chakras. There begins to be a drawing down of some of those higher frequency energies into the lower chakras that have now opened up. They have begun to make themselves more energetically compatible.

That drawing down begins to happen as that anchoring piece begins. Then you can begin to spin the lower four chakras in a circular motion to also help create a greater variance in the vibrations that are held there. You can escalate that vibration further by spinning it in a Unified Field. Eventually, that drawing down that you intentionally start, using the tenth Ray, begins to take hold. As you spin the first four chakras you begin to create a Unified Field from a much different state of consciousness. Then you have a complete Unified Field from the lower chakras all the way up through the Crown.

Jim: Yeah. I see where this goes. I know how to prepare for the class.

Kuthumi: It is quite exciting. And it will take some time to create this because, as we’ve said before, the body is dense. Those lower chakras have been shut down and compromised by the third dimensional energetic templates for a very long time. It will take perseverance, attention and practice.

That is where I wish to leave this teaching for a few months, to accomplish all of these things. As we move forward with the teaching, you will begin to see more of the ways of using the second Ray and using sound in a more complete way.

Jim: Well as always, I’m very grateful.

Kuthumi: You are most welcome. I am very pleased with the progress. And I am very excited to get these energetics moving in a more escalated way.

I thank you for receiving me.



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