Heavenletters: Like the Sun in the Sky

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, I say that I love, and love is all I know. Rather, love is all I AM. This is also true for you, yet you may bypass love. Stick with love. You are meant for love, and this is it! Your ticket in life says love and love alone. Your purpose in life is love. Love alone. Naught but love. Your path is love.

You ARE love. Your DNA is encoded in love. You are for naught but love. There are no two ways about it. Love Alone.

Love to be alive. Choose simplicity.

Listen, you are not on Earth to prove yourself. You are My child on Earth. Is there something better you can be? There is no need for you to stand on a soapbox and orate! You are not here on Earth to collect accolades nor to explain yourself. You are here on Earth simply to be you. You delight Me. I do not question you. It is you who has questions. You have questions about Me and about yourself.

I say you are worthy. Let My Word be good enough for you. You are balanced in Heaven and on Earth. You come from Heaven, and you have a foothold on Earth. You are not a surprise to Me. You are My fulfillment. You cheer Me.

I behold you, My own true child. Your heart and My Heart hang out together. We are pinned together. We speak in the same language of love.

We are made for each other. We are each other. There is no other. One is One and not two. You have a heart of gold. I embrace your heart, and you embrace My heart. We are each other’s guest. Oneness is. We don’t seek Oneness. We live Oneness. You may seek Oneness when and where Oneness already is.

We are free to be One. We can’t be anything else. Oneness equals Oneness. Oneness is a given. We are One. There is certainly nothing else you can be. You need no special costume. All you have to do is to be. There is nothing to seek because Oneness alone is.

Come to the party I give in celebration of Oneness.

Of course, Oneness is IT. Oneness tells the whole story of life from A to Z. No polls need to be taken. No countdowns. There is no contest. There is no competition nor pretense. Oneness. Oneness can’t be prevented or go unnoticed.

What about stars in the sky? How many stars equal the Sun?!

Let’s make clear that We are speaking of the Essence of Oneness. Not singularity, but of Oneness pure and simple – Oneness beyond measure. There is no adding up. Oneness is a Union of Souls. It is Unity. Oneness counts. Oneness matters. Yet Oneness isn’t made of matter. Oneness trips lightly off the tongue. Oneness is wondrous.

You are joy to My Heart. Welcome to joy, My Beloved. Together as One, We, I, encircle the Universe. Welcome yourself. You are My pride and joy. Be still. I am God, and you are One with Me.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff