GESARA Golden Age

free media cannot be silenced eraoflightdotcomGESARA Golden age. Destruction of the Evil Power structure.

I have a few ideas that we can use to put the old ELITE completely out of play without using violence.

We see western governments are under Cabal departments, so we let them implode in a nice way.

I have a points plan in mind how we can realize this.

Thanks to the Global, Economic, Security, and Reform Act we have the opportunity to put this into practice.

First we have to set up a joint planning office that will give shape to the plans below, and later we can be intrigued by a new trading system.

We will have to create a whole new policy that we can organize ourselves, without worrying even more about our current Deep State Puppets of governments.

This will have to be based from the bottom up, from the community, where we appoint our own administrators as salaried employees, and can dismiss them immediately if they don’t do their work for their population.

To replace the corrupt fascist EU, we are going to set up a trade chamber for the whole of Europe, including Russia.

Per country, 5 economists and 5 intelligent people from each country will sit, for example, an organisation will be set up to regulate trade relations between them, then we will have 300 people with a support team of 150 people, these 450 will have to replace the EU and get the job done.

For people moving between these countries there will simply be border controls, for trade there will be a customs service via the new chamber of commerce.

Each country will have its own currency, which will work for trade with the new CIPS system via the QFS.

This way we can buy energy from Russia to boycott Shell, Esso, BP, Texaco, Q8, Exxon, and similar fuel suppliers.

We will buy the fuel via LukOil and sell litres online with fuel cards that can be upgraded by ourselves, so I want to cut off the excise duties and VAT income of the current governments.

This way the old multinationals lose their value and go bankrupt, so that we can take them over for 1$ and make new LukOil branches out.

The other OPEC countries will lose income and the price of Oil will plummet dramatically, undermining their power to hold the world hostage even longer with their oil and imports of many Muslims into Europe.

Cancel war material that has already been ordered, we do not need rolling or flying scrap for a future in peace, so will the MIC leave a spring that only wish to profit on death and destruction against humanity.

By these few actions and actions, the stock market will further collapse, and the old Elite will be dethroned from their power.

I am open to further ideas and elaborations that can help shape this.

This is a manual for a gentle death blow to the corrupt Cabal branches EU and European governments accomplices.

Warm Regards



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