Archangel Michael: Your Sacrifice

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomBeloved one, please communicate my message to the twin collective.

Divine feminines and divine masculines, I need to remind you of your light mission.

I come here in complete divine love and support for you.

I come from source, to share with you the complete gratitude and eternal love source has for you for your dedication, losses suffered, traumas, and finally, utmost commitment and tenacity through the twin flame journey on earth.

We have watched every part of it and it has gone on for eons, and it has most certainly not been easy.

But of course you knew it would not be, that was your sacrifice, but you have forgotten, in the veil of forgetting that is necessary to accept when you descend through the dimensions in order to be able to incarnate on Gaia, the full nature of your sacrifice for this mission.

You have forgotten the immensity of your sacrifice and I mean here to remind you of the nature of the immensity of this sacrifice so that you, dear beloved twin soul lightworkers, can forgive yourselves and release yourselves of any failure you feel in yourself, that you may have somehow been guilty of failing to deliver on a contract with source, that you are somehow guilty of failing to deliver the union that source wanted for you.

You must release any such self-loathing or criticism and that is why I am here, to remind you you are perfect in every way, you are doing all that you can, and this is being acknowledged up here, and know this:  your sacrifices and your pains, your despair, is acknowledged, and we send you healing energy whenever we are asked to, so please do ask.

We are always here to send this energy.

But know this too, dear beloved lightworker twin flames, but do not fear this message:  the light is winning but there is still much dark on earth. As your guardian and protector, I will not allow unions where the health of the parties may be in danger.

This may be a danger as a result of dark forces, and know they will act if light beings of high frequency are brought together too early.

This may also be a danger that results when two vessels who are not strong enough to contain the light power and polarity of the twin flame relationship are brought together too early. That is, before the vessels have been cleared and strengthened in a sustained manner with the pure love and light of divine source energy.

So please twin soul beings, believe and trust in this process, that everything is as it should be, everything in divine timing for the greatest and highest good of all, and that you are eternally loved and protected, that you are energetic beings of divine love and light that exist outside of the limited time and beliefs you have been led to adopt on Gaia.

In eternal gratitude and love,

Archangel Michael.


» Source » Channel: Beti Kotevski