Heavenletters: Human Evolution Part 2

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, the same as in life, Godwriting isn’t about filling in the blanks.

The world seems to like to use outlines to fill in. This is not the case for Me. Not God! Not I! I am spontaneous and extemporaneous. I am Infinite. I am also instant. This is how Godwriting occurs. It arrives as it arrives as it happens to. You are not usually offered a preview is what I mean. The stream of My heart flows to you and enters you This is a great blessing given to you on Earth, this gift of life. Avail yourself of it.

Godwriting arises as it arises. An instance of Godwriting may arrive in steps of installments. One word leads to another, one sentence to another, one paragraph to another and so on. You do not necessarily know what what an incipient Heavenletter is going to say before it is set down in front of you. Even then, Godwriting may not be set in stone. Godwriting is a fluid carefree thing on its own.

As it is, you are My stenographer. You play a significant role, yet you do not play an all-powerful role, rather, a side-role. Beloved, you may not be so keen to take on much more responsibility anyway, true?

Some Godwriters may receive the heart of Me in short snatches. Some receive Me in long extensions. Beloved, you are not the decider. You are a modest receiver. What comes, comes. You are blessed with My vibration as you catch on to it.

It is interesting to Me that Mike, the asker of the question who had prompted an earlier Heavenletter, saw the topic of Godwriting as related to Human Evolution. Yes, there is a connection, although I had not thought of this connection until just now.

Of course, evolution is ongoing. Evolution has been taking place right along. A burst of energy blazes forth. Evolution is not cut and dried. Perhaps no one can affirm that human evolution will complete itself. Evolution rather simply moseys as it happens to.

Of course, evolution goes beyond the physical. Physical evolution is one slice of life.

It is no surprise to you that Our beloved animals also communicate on deeper layers. You have known the sweet day to day essences of canines. You have read about how elephants ascend high and stir and coalesce or exceed your beautiful human heart.

It is no surprise to hear that blessed sensate animals hear God and have a keen sense of respect for the Higher Power called God.

What can Godwriting be but greater awareness? Certainly a sensitivity of a subtler nature. All the physical senses merit more appreciation than you may give them day in and day out. Life, as it is, may be taken too much for granted. It is a great thing to be alive on Earth. Hold life high, yes, will you? How you become like a lit torch.

What can there be that hasn’t already been going on here on Earth to Our delight?

There is Infinity. We spend Infinity together. There is nothing like life in the world than what you are in the midst of at this very moment, is there?

Life is a high-stepper. Thank God for life as it occurs in the world. You access life on Earth as a blessing given to you unto you fresh from God at this very moment. Think well of life as it comes to you. What an enterprise you are on! Hallelujah!


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff