Heavenletters: Love is Always in Style

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, remind yourself that you are My Beloved. Remind yourself of this more than you remind yourself of anything else – most assuredly of anything sodden passed around in a world that may not take its full due of pleasure.

I assure you, no matter what the world tells you right and left, I tell you what is most important for you to remember with joy. You are made for joy. Joy is your due.

Whatever the world may say to cut your heart down in size is beside the point, for I speak accolades to you. You may make what you call error, even grievous error, yet you yourself are not an error. I am utterly opposed to your putting yourself down. I won’t have it.

Furthermore, I erase any errors you may be accused of. Tell Me, why would I keep errors? I refuse to listen to anything said against you. Whatever the highest court in the land may say about you, I do not credit it one whit. What for? I, God, do not put up with God-unbidden errors. I have a higher vibration, and so do you. You must know what piece of pie you choose for all time.

The world is here for a higher purpose than to put you down. The world is intended to sing your praises. Anyone can be expert at finding fault in the world. This is not an assignment I give. Absolutely not. Not at all. Who has not already been put down more than enough already? I, God, do not put anyone down. For God’s sake, I know better, and so do you.

When the day comes that you receive Godwriting directly from Me, you will pick up the accolades I send to you. You will be powdered in gold dust. No longer will you stutter one disparaging thought.

Beloved, what does the world need now? Answer Me.

Tread softly on Earth. You are not to wipe your feet on Earth. Door mats are for wiping your feet on. Never ever are you to step on another person. Other people are yours to inspire. Who is going to inspire the world if you don’t?

You are not here to depress anyone, including yourself. I do not tell you to be pressed down by this or that or anything at all. If you acquiesce too easily to discouragement, I most loudly suggest that you cut it out. Go ahead and dance a jig. Do not divest yourself from all joy as if somehow this is what you are for.

My desire for you is all-encompassing joy. Love alone makes sense in this world that too many see as an errant lover. Oh, yes, joy to the world. Another chorus of joy to the world. Is there a possibly greater joy than love? What are you here for but to love? You have My backing.

Love the world. What else would I ask of you? If you are to submit to anything, submit to the joy of your love and nothing less. Love has been around for a long time. Love will never go out of style. Love is coming back big time all over the world.

See love expanding over the horizon now, love enough to spill, love enough to beckon all over the land and the sea, enough love for all and never less. This is how it is with love’s influence now. I created you for love forever and a day.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff