Mary Magdalene: You Are Aligned to the I Am Presence

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcom new.jpgGreetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say thank you Dearest Children of the Light for awakening to the beautiful energy of Divine, Sacred Union. It is of great importance that each soul return to balance and awaken to the energy of Sacred Union within their own individual beings, within their own individual essent selves. To begin to awaken this frequency within their own soul, simply to return to love. It is the love and the light from the Great Creator that Yeshua and I hold this frequency of Divine, Sacred Union for this planet and all of life to return to Divine, Sacred balance.

It is why we came to this earthplane over 2,000 years ago, it is that which we brought forth onto the earth, anchored the frequency of harmony and balance, Divine Love and Divine Grace onto the earth. As if we were truly seeding this energy for the earth and all inhabitants to return to love. It is why the energy of my beloved Yeshua, his beautiful frequency of Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace has filled the hearts of so many upon the earth. For he holds the powerful Divine Union, that powerful frequency of Divine Love and Holy Grace, the Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ. So today we ask you to begin to receive this frequency, of Divine, Holy Sacred Union, and the energy of my beloved Yeshua’s frequency of Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace within your being.

Simply take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to draw into your body the essence of the Light of God that is held within your frequency. At the inception of your incarnation, at the very time of your birth, as you took your first breath, you were breathing in the essence and the presence of the God essence. So I ask you now to take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this frequency of the God essence, of the I AM presence within your physicality, within all aspects of your being, and simply breathe. Breathing in the Cosmic Grace and Cosmic Love of the Divine, Holy, Sacred Union. Of the essence of Father/Mother God. I ask you Dearest Children of the Light to begin to prepare yourself so that you can now begin to expand in consciousness and allow yourself to return to balance. To be the way showers, the messengers, and the bearers of light who are holding this sacred balance within your being. It is why Yeshua and I brought forth our book, Divine Union. It was our primary mission 2,000 years, it is our primary mission now, and the world is ready to receive this. The world is ready to return to balance, the world is ready to feel the joy, the Cosmic Love and Grace once again.

As you know, the separation that has been held in the human consciousness from the time of the Great Separation has caused much chaos and fear. And yet now, there are so many beings of light who are ready to unify, and we thank you for awakening to the Cosmic Grace and Love of the Great I AM presence and of my Yeshua’s energy. For it is time, it is time, it is time for the union within the soul to be reunited with your beautiful spirit essence. It is time that the soul, the personality, reunite with the spirit essence. Today, Dearest Children of the Light, begin to breathe in this energy of Sacred Union, Divine balance and Holy Grace, feeling the presence of God’s Love and Light within your being. Feeling the energy of God’s Holy Grace within your being. Now Dearest Children of the Light, I ask you to breathe and invoke the beautiful energy of the resurrected flame once again, so that you can begin to resurrect the energy of Sacred, Divine, Holy balance. Sacred Union within your being. Beginning to feel a peace come over you, a sense of tranquility and harmony, that truly all is in order and all is as it should be. That regardless of what appears to be, you remain centered and balanced within your own spirit essence, within your own soul, and within your own personality. As you call in this frequency of Divine Union, all of your essent selves shall return to balance. Yes, Dearest Children, all aspects that you have ever been, that is now within your own Akashic records, are able to return to balance. You are simply aligning yourself with your over soul, into your conscious state of being.

You are aligned to the I AM presence. So I say to your Dearest Children, breathe in the light of God, breathe in this powerful frequency of peace and tranquility upon your soul. Simply breathe, growing more beautiful and radiant with each breath, and allowing the beautiful light of your I AM presence and the energy of your oversoul to be at peace. So, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, prepare yourself to be at peace, feel the energy and the essence of the love, feel the energy and the essence of the love. Once again I ask you to call in the beautiful energy of the resurrected flame, simply begin to breathe in this frequency as you restore yourself to Divine, Holy, Sacred balance and union. It is truly the energy in which you were created, it is the energy of your beautiful spirit essence. Harmony, balance, tranquility, peace, grace, holiness. Can you feel this energy even if it is momentarily present within your conscious field? Can you feel the exquisite nature of the love that you are, of the peace that you are, of the tranquility that you are? Letting go of the concerns of the earthly life, and allowing the energy of Divine Balance to be the calling card, to be the energy of what you call the signature vibration, Divine, Holy, Sacred Union. I am at one with myself, I am at peace with myself, I have come home again, I have united the energy of the flame of Mother God with the flame of Father God. Divine Mother, Divine Father, the aspects of the God essence that is held within each soul, with every spirit, the God aspect is now returning to Sacred Union.

Can you feel the silence in this moment as you return with your breath to the silence of merging into your oversoul, into the still, quiet moment of your I AM presence. The stillness, feeling the energy of Divine Union, allowing your physical body to return to this holy, sacred state, as it now begins to allow your body to begin to heal, and to be rejuvenated, and to be restored to balance. Any aspect of your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your energetic frequency that is not in balance is now returning to sacred balance. Anything that is not in harmony within your own personal life, your relationships, your finances, your surroundings, your environment that is not in balance, you as an energetic being will begin to draw to you balance. So you Dearest Children can change, not only your physical health, you can change the energy around you. You are able to change the environmental frequencies that are not in balance. Literally. You are able to call upon the resurrection flame, the use of the electrons that we have spoken of, and begin to use this energy to harmonize your surroundings, your environment, the earth, your physical body, all energies that are disharmonic, you are literally able to bring it to Divine, Sacred, Holy balance. This is truth. This may seem implausible, but if you are in touch and attuned and aligned to the Sacred Union within yourself, to the energy of Father/Mother God, you have the power to manifest, you have the power to create, you have the power to heal, you have the power to restore.

So, Dear Ones, can you allow yourself to breathe in this energy. Are you able to place your attention upon your I AM presence? And allow this energy to be recharged within you, allow this frequency of Divine Love to enter into your being. Allowing your heart now to begin to open, begin to feel the presence of the energy of all that is. And so as you feel this energy and presence within your soul, you begin to awaken to the power that you hold, for you are the energy and the essence of Father/Mother God. You are in sacred balance with the energy of Father/Mother God. It is that which runs through your veins, the energy of Mother God, Father God. It is why, Dearest Children, you have what is called a right brain and a left brain, including what is the energy of Father energy, Mother energy. It is why you have two arms, two eyes, two legs. So that you can remain in balance. Perhaps you have never thought of this before, but just as you physically have two eyes, two arms, two ears, two legs, you literally are holding and carrying Sacred Balance by your birthright. Have you forgotten your true nature, your I AM Presence, that you are a God and a Goddess? A powerful creator and manifestor? This is why Yeshua and I came, because I represent the energy of the Mother, and Yeshua represents the energy of the Father, the masculine energy. The two of us were in need of balancing our own frequencies in order to come together in our Sacred Union, our mission. We had our own individual missions, and we had a collective mission. It is the story of our love story, that brought us together, but it is a greater picture of how we got through our earthly challenges, to master ourselves, to reunite in Sacred Union with ourselves, and then we could come together and collectively we are the template, the energy of Sacred Union. We are the twin flame essence of this energy. As you seek this balance within yourself, and as you find the energy of the twin flame essence in your physical form, you will come together to bring forth your collective mission on the earth. Despite not finding your twin flame essence, you still have an individual mission, your own pathway, Divine Sacred union with yourself. So do not become discouraged, or do not focus, as they say, on the twin flame reunion. Focus on the twin flame reunion within yourself. And then if it is to be, you will find your physical twin flame, but it is a twin flame reunification within yourself. That is what we speak of in our book, it is that which is to be brought forth onto humanity. So now this energy is being infused within the grid lines and the ley lines upon the earth. It is why we had asked Lea to write our book, to send it out to the world. That the energy that was held within the essence of that book is the Divine Union energy, the Sacred Balance energy, that was brought forth through the portal of Mt. Shasta, the beautiful mountain that holds the Sacred Union and balance for all the world to see and the all the world to know.

We’ve used the book as a portal to awaken people, to return to Sacred Balance, and the power of the mountain and the spirit of the mountain is activated within the energy of our book. So, Dearest Ones, as you feel this energy within your heart, it is your time to awaken to the truth of who you are. The essence of your being. We bow onto you, for receiving this and acknowledging it, and welcoming your frequency within your heart.

So today as you call forth the energy, as you are willing to be filled with the love of God, to be filled with the energy of Divine Grace, opening your heart to this eternal flame of love, this is the energy of the Sacred Union, it is the energy of Father/Mother God, as you breathe this energy of the Divine Flame, Divine Love to enter into your being. Can you feel the strength of this in this moment? Can you feel the peace that is radiating through your soul? You have come home to yourself again, you have come home to yourself again. You are renewed in the embrace of the eternal love, that you are renewed in the flame of Cosmic Love and Cosmic Grace. I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM. I am eternal peace and I am eternal love. So, Dear Ones, as you feel your heart opening to Divine Grace, as you feel yourself now beginning to emerge into Sacred Union, your body will begin to respond. You shall be returned to the greatness and the grandness and the magnificence of who you truly are. So begin to feel this within every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being, and allow the energy of the resurrection flame, with the beautiful electrons that are held within your body, to begin to spin and to purify any disharmonic frequencies that are not of love and peace. Your body, your energy field is in need of Sacred Union with yourself.

It is how my Yeshua brought forth his teachings, his healings and his miraculous ascension into his resurrected self, into Christ Consciousness. He used the power of Divine Power and Divine Love to restore himself into perfect union with the Divine. This is the ascension process, Dearest One, this is lifting the veil, this is the energy that you seek, lifting the veil from your limited eyes, from your limited consciousness, from your limited beliefs. This is the ascension you seek, returning to Divine, Holy, Sacred Union with yourself. This my children is the key to that which you seek, the kingdom of heaven. It is the energy of Divine Sacred Union within yourself, within your own conscious mind, as you live and embody the brilliance of your being, here on this earth. So, Dear Ones, hold this frequency within the purest of intentions, the purest of love, the purest heart, that you feel for yourself. I honor me. I love me. I embrace my magnificence. I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM. I am more powerful than I understand and more powerful than I recognize my energy to be. I say to you Dearest Ones, feel the love, feel the peace, and feel the joy as you return to Divine, Holy, Sacred Union. So, Dear Ones, as you long to be filled with the love of God, and open your heart to this presence, you shall return to the balance in which you so seek. So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, Yeshua and I stand with you as we infuse upon you this beautiful Sacred Flame of Divine Union and Holy Grace. Fill your heart now with this, and return to love. Fill your heart with this and return to love. Fill your heart with this and return to love. Divine, Cosmic Love knows no barriers, and so we send forth the beautiful pink ray of light to enfold you and the planet. Will you allow the conscious of Divine Love, and the pink ray to assist you, to become a magnet for love? And you radiate this love to all those around you. So as you allow your consciousness to unfold to the energy of Divine Love, bring forth the gratitude, the I AM presence that lives inside of you. Call this energy into your physicality. I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM.

So allow yourself now Dearest Children to return to energy and your focus now into your conscious awareness, as your electrons are spinning and every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being is filled with Cosmic Love and Grace. Now as you allow this frequency to return back into your heart, and you now open your eyes and feel this energy of peace and tranquility upon your soul. For truly, Dearest Ones, all is in order and all is as it should be. You are Divine by nature, and so shall you remain in this Sacred State of Divine Union and balance, for all the world to see and all the world to know. Go now my children and be at peace, as Yeshua and I stand with you holding the space of love for you to receive.


» Source » Channel: Lea Chapin