Monthly Astrology Forecast For March 2019

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February was certainly a month of shifting landscapes, both within us and around us. It was a month of challenge for a great many of us: a month of confusion, grief, pain and heartache. The ‘collision of moments’ written about in February continues, as we shift from where we were to where we’re heading but remaining straddled betwixt the two. It’s as though we are in-between two chapters of our lives, but the in-between space contains more oomph and emotion than we ever considered possible. Despite the confusion, the light finds a way through and it’s time to set the pain free that’s been lodged deep within our hearts and souls. It’s a potent and intense process, but intuitively we know it’s the only way now.

Many of us have felt lost and alone, as though our in-built compass has gone haywire. Knowing which way is north is often difficult, but when our inner compass is spinning, it’s easy to become adrift and disoriented. Yet, is this a ‘bad’ thing, or is it simply an inevitable part of our evolution? Sometimes we have to reach a critical mass before we can erupt, release and make peace with the bigger picture of our lives. Of course, even though we may intuitively sense the inevitability of this process, it doesn’t make it any easier to experience.

Chaos continues to gleefully run amok within the depths of our souls, and whilst we have moments of pain and confusion, we also touch on joy as well. It’s easy to overlook these fleeting glimpses of joy, but it’s important to acknowledge them in order to give them compassion and the room to flourish and thrive. This isn’t to say that focusing on the joy will eradicate the pain, but it changes the impact of our experiences and helps us shift perspective.

March is a time for coming together, for reaching out to others and to step beyond the boundaries of the walls of our lives in order to breathe more deeply once again. It’s time to reverse the trend of increasing isolation and begin the process of unification. As the treadmills we have created for ourselves start to shatter and fall away, we begin to explore what lies beneath. We realise that routines have, over time, become distractions, and slowly they have grown into our comfort blankets of security. Yet, we know that there’s more to life than keeping on keeping on, and so we long for the freedom we know is our birth right. Of course, life often prevents us from claiming such freedom, but when we intuitively sense its presence in our lives, it’s hard not to want to explore ways of making it happen.

As the darkness within begins to disperse, we are undergoing profound shifts in consciousness. It’s time to embrace our strengths, to spend time resting in the present moment, and to finally allow ourselves the freedom to live the lives we were born to live. Once again, now is the time to accept the amazing, confounding and bewildering beauty of life…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



Re-shaping and re-defining your sense of self looks set to continue throughout March as you start to dig a little deeper in order to understand the things that nourish you and the things that don’t. This includes the many different aspects of your life, including the paths you walk and the people around you. It’s easy to get into a routine when it comes to bending yourself out of shape to accommodate the needs and wishes of others, and whilst there is inevitably always some flexing and bending in interacting with others, you have become a champion contortionist! Whilst this makes for a more peaceful existence, there’s a sense that your somewhat fiery and feisty inner sprite is less than contented with the current state of play, creating a deep level of restlessness and inner fidgeting.

It has been hard to put your finger on exactly what’s been going on, as although you can sense the restlessness, you’ve had less success locating its source. However, over the days and weeks ahead, you’re beginning to realise that you spend a great deal of your time doing things that you feel you ought to do or should do, rather than the things you truly want to do. Of course, it’s rare to have the freedom to fly completely free without the inevitability of at least some ought’s and should’s, but you seem to have almost closed the door on your feisty inner sprite as it’s been easier to contain and ignore it, than try to manage it alongside your contortionist tendencies. It’s time now to open up the door once again, to give your inner sprite a hug and to take a big deep breath of freedom…


You would be forgiven for feeling as though your life has been on fast forward lately as there has barely been time to take a breath, let alone take stock of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re heading! There has been so much to do, so many people to see and so many places to be, that you have started spinning as a result. Whilst you thrive under pressure and love to be at the heart of the buzz and mêlée of life, there is a sense that you have started wilting slightly under the intensity of it all. Although you are usually robust and extremely determined, even you have buckled at the busy nature of being you. Yet, why? Why is your life so busy and intense? Why don’t you have time to pause, breathe and reflect? Yes, you may be in demand and genuinely have lots to do (be and see), but there is also a sense that the busy-ness is a distraction as it keeps your time fully occupied, preventing you from using that expansive mind of yours more.

March looks set to begin a new chapter of discovery when you start to look beneath the distraction in order to re-connect to what lies within. There is a sense of trepidation about this as you wonder that if you’ve been avoiding looking at something, then there is obviously good reason. However, try not to pre-shape what may, or may not, be underneath the distractions. Instead, open up your heart and soul towards living your life in more enriching and fulfilling ways, allowing for the possibility that some of the distraction is likely to fall away as you begin to focus on your true priorities..


March looks set to highlight the theme of breathing space as you begin to find ways of simplifying and enriching your life. It’s important to accept that breathing space isn’t only about doing less, it’s actually about thinking less. As a world-class over-thinker it’s easy for you to over-ponder life events and to get lodged in procrastination as you have an in-built need to find the answers to the many unanswered questions in your life. Although you intuitively know that many of these questions don’t have answers, you keep pushing, like a moth to a light. It’s as though you simply cannot accept the idea that you can’t know what you think you need to know. At the same time, you feel a sense of indignation that it’s not possible to find answers, as surely everything has an answer somewhere, in some time or place.

Disappointingly for you, regardless of your indignation, if the answers don’t want finding, then they can’t be found! This doesn’t mean ‘giving up’, it means accepting that, in this moment, you don’t know the answer. This isn’t to say you need to spend your whole life chasing answers, although, in many ways, life is one long question chase as that’s how we grow and evolve! However, trying not to complicate this further with philosophical ponderings, there is a sense that you need to pause for a while in order to find new foci away from ‘moth mode’, where you try continually to push to know all you feel you need to know. Let go for a while, stop trying to get ‘it’ right all the time and relax. Sometimes, the answers appear when you stop looking, so maybe it’s time to test the theory…


Life is a collection of moments that collide together in order to form the bigger picture of your life. These moments are experiences and happenings, often well-defined, but frequently they merge into one another making it hard to know where one ends, and another begins. Many of these moments are seemingly random and incongruent, often incomprehensible and nebulous, but together they come together to form the story of your life. You’ve had times when it feels as though lots of moments are crashing in at the same time, making it hard to breathe and stay afloat. Yet, there are other times when you happily dive beneath the waves, opening up your heart and soul towards the unknowable nature of being human. Whilst you accept all of this metaphor and intangibility, there is a part of you that snaps back to ‘well, back in the real world…’.

You often try to see the story of your life in black and white as you can find it hard to see the more nebulous shades of grey, and kaleidoscope of colours, creating a more romantic, metaphor driven image of moments drifting along with the tides, coming together to form your life. Yet, intuitively you know it helps to step back a little from the cold light of day as it brings you some much needed perspective. You are a vibrant and passionate soul, but you’ve often pushed this away in order to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the business of keeping on keeping on. It’s time now for you to let your intuitive gifts merge back into your life again and to realise that life is unknowable, but wonderful, enriching and energising at the same time. Stop pigeon-holing black and white, and see the colours dance once again…


March looks set to be a month of release, renewal and revitalisation for you as you continue to consciously step into the present moment, gently allowing yourself to let go of being shaped and defined by both the past and the future, and instead rooting yourself more firmly into the here and now. Although you are usually very aware of the present moment, over recent months you have drifted away from this as your focus has been on keeping on keeping on and trying to do everything for everyone else. This has diverted your attention away from the here and now, and whilst this has been necessary, it has left you feeling rather discombobulated as a result. It’s time now to feel your feet once again, and to re-connect to the passion and fire within as your creativity begins to awaken and stir.

You’ve spent a long time trying to get yourself from where you are to where you want to be, but this has left you feeling a deep sense of lack as your focus has been on the gap rather than feeling a sense of achievement for the things you have accomplished. It’s easy to walk along a pathway of self-judgement, of not feeling like you’re doing, being or achieving enough, but it’s important to change this now to something more self-compassionate and self-enriching. Don’t put yourself under so much pressure! Relax a little, take some deep breaths and know that whilst you may not be exactly where you’d like to be, there is still much to be thankful for. Try to rest in the present moment, feel it’s enveloping you like a warm hug. You’re ready now to accept that the present is the only truly defining moment you can have…


The theme of change looks set to take centre stage throughout March as you begin to dive deeply within in order to ascertain what you wholeheartedly want from life. Intuitively you already know that life is about being yourself and living the best life possible, yet it’s often hard to connect to this because of so many things to do, people to see and places to go. However, this partly seems driven by an ingrained belief that you need to be busy all of the time. Standing still or pausing suggests immobility and inertia, and whilst there is clearly logic to this, it overlooks the need for pause in order for the mind and spirit to flourish and thrive. Movement is good, but it’s not always necessary, and it’s time to accept this now in order to rest more consciously in the present moment.

You are a wise and intuitive soul, and as you approach a potent time of breakthrough, it’s time to re-shape and re-define your true goals and priorities in life. This is a time of change and shift for you, but it’s not necessarily a time for lots of movement and action. Change happens on many different levels and whilst you’re keen to grab life with both hands and get the ball rolling when it comes to embracing your goals and dreams, it’s often those times of quiet reflection and stillness where the true wisdom resides. Whilst you are used to constant movement and shift, try to rest more now and know that even in stillness there is always constant shift going on. This is more of a silent revolution than a ‘flags waving, trumpet playing’ celebration, but enjoy the gentleness of this as it affords you plenty of space to breathe…


March looks set to be a month for regaining some centre ground when it comes to your hopes, dreams, thoughts and beliefs. You have spent a great deal of time trying to do your best for everyone, trying to maintain those gently balanced apples in the apple cart of your life as you’ve bent and flexed yourself in all directions and at all angles. In short, you’ve tried to be the best ‘you’ that you can be. As a result, you’ve skewed away from your usually well-balanced centre ground, often oscillating back and forth, unable to find stability. Yet, it’s time for you to ask yourself why you try so hard to be everything to everyone? What drives your quest to keep those apples polished and in perfect alignment? Whilst there’s much to be said for presenting the best possible you in the best possible way, this can also be a sign of a resistance towards looking at something in yourself (or in your life) more closely.

The bright, shiny apples can sometimes be a façade, covering over the truth of what lies beneath. It’s something you have gained expertise in over the years, not as a deliberate way to hide or deny things, but a way of coping with the frequently confusing and bewildering world in which you live. Presenting the façade enabled you to roll up your sleeves and get on with the business of living even during those times when you felt broken, lost and alone. You are probably the strongest and most resilient person you know, but you are the last person to recognise this! It’s time to honour your strengths now and to realise that it really is okay to let the façade fall away as you truly are amazing just the way you are…


Seeking out inner peace and developing wholehearted acceptance of your true nature may sound like an idyllic focus for March, but it certainly seems to be high up your agenda now as you’ve had enough of trying to be the person you’ve felt you’ve ought to be. You’ve spent much, if not all, of your life, trying so hard to keep everyone happy, to walk the paths that other’s have wanted you to walk and to be the version of you that seems the most socially acceptable, but the cost has been a deep sense of discord within your heart and soul, where you’ve felt almost torn in two trying to be someone you’re not. Whilst you’ve managed to keep a lid on this discord for a long time, it’s found ways of seeping out and you simply can’t ignore it anymore.

Of course, you’ve only been ignoring it because you’ve been so focused on trying to maintain the person you felt you ought to be and you couldn’t entertain the idea of lettings others down. Perhaps the biggest person you haven’t wanted to let down though is yourself. This may sound odd, but you’ve tried so hard to be the best version of you possible and you don’t want to feel like you’ve given up. Yet, you’re not giving up, you’re turning to face the truth of your being and finally allowing your true essence to step out from the shadows. This has been a long time coming and although adjusting to this may take some time, you intuitively know that you’re ready now to honour yourself more and to place your own needs much higher up your agenda. This is your moment to write a new chapter in your life, so pick up a pen and set yourself free


Your soul has always radiated and shone brightly. During those times when you’ve felt lost and alone in the darkness of challenging times, when you’ve taken a deep breath and looked within, your inner light has illuminated the path ahead. You’re a wise, vibrant and compassionate soul, but you often fail to see just how much you illuminate the world! You have an amazing gift of presence and although you often try to blend in, your sparkle twinkles for all to see. It’s unquestionably complicated being you, as you intuitively know you have a gift, but struggle to love it or own it. This is a complex issue as it’s not just about being bashful about being gifted, it’s actually more about a resistance to having a label and a fear of being tethered to something (even a gift/talent). You are a free spirit at heart and long to roam without hindrance through life.

As a result, anything that could restrict you in any way can present you with a challenge as you would rather remain free than risk restraint. Now, there’s nothing to say that embracing your gifts will restrain you but if there is a whiff of possibility that being your true self might pigeon-hole you somehow then you’d rather err on the side of caution. Of course, this isn’t to say that you haven’t embraced your gifts, because you have. However, you haven’t, as yet, wholeheartedly grabbed hold of them, punched the air and whooped for joy. In essence it seems to be time for you to stop holding yourself back based on educated guesses as to what may, or may not, happen, and instead start to live your life wholeheartedly and with the courage you were born with…


Life has been feeling rather heavy and awkward recently, like trying to wear a soggy and ill-fitting jumper. You’ve had times when you’ve felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, and you’ve also had times when you’ve lost the peg completely and wondered how on earth you fit into the world. You have always been one for existential pondering, but this seems to have reached new heights (and depths) lately as you’ve felt a keen urge to make sense of your life and to find reason as to why things are the way they are. Life is rarely straightforward, and you accept this, but you do like to have at least a general sense of direction, reason and purpose. Without this, you can find it hard to focus on anything other than the business of keeping on keeping on. Whilst there’s nowt wrong with this, it denies you the magic, sparkle, creativity and passion that usually wafts through your soul.

You may be skilled at getting things done and ticking off that ever-growing ‘to do list’ of yours, but the lack of magic can feel rather lacklustre and dull, and this, in turn, can leave you feeling lost and bewildered with this thing called life. It’s important for you to have the room to stretch, wiggle, wriggle and dance if you so choose as your passion needs breathing space, not containment. You are a vibrant and compassionate soul, and whilst you would do anything for anyone, it’s time to see the extent of the disconnection that doing this without much thought for your own needs has created within your heart and soul. In short, it’s time now for you to think about living more wholeheartedly in ways that enrich and nourish you…


As you continue to let go of the distraction in your life, you’re beginning to realise just how much ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated over the years: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Of course, this in an inevitable part of being alive, but there’s also a sense that you have become something of a ‘magpie’ collector, picking up shiny things, not because you need them, but because you might someday. Whilst being prepared is a good thing, when you start collecting things to do, people to see, stuff to achieve, ideas to explore, places to go etc, over time this can become more of a burden than a blessing as it weighs you down. You have always been a lover of learning, and thrive when exploring the unknown and new, but you have reached a turning point in your life where ‘less is more’.

You are already well aware of the concept of decluttering, but it’s time to apply this to your heart, soul and head in order to live your life in a freer and more enriching way. It’s time now to have a spring clean of somewhat epic proportion in order to travel more lightly through life. It’s not always easy to let go of ‘stuff’ as it can become comfortable and familiar, immersing you in ‘busy-ness’ rather than in the quiet solitude of reflection. However, it’s only when you step back from this ‘stuff’ a little that you start to realise just how much of your life is taken up with re-shaping and re-defining your list of ‘stuff’ rather than getting on with the business of living. You seem ready to let go of a great deal of burden in your life in order to live more freely, so take a deep breath and set yourself free…


As you continue to embrace a new way of living and being there is a sense that you are beginning to feel the stirrings of balance rising up from deep within. This balance seems to be stemming from your willingness to look at your life with honesty and acceptance, not in a resigned way, but in an empowered way of seeing life as it is, rather than as you would want it to be. Rose-tinted glasses have their uses, but you have realised just how much they can colour out the truth when life gets too much. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or discombobulated, it’s easy not to notice that you’re even wearing rose-tinted spectacles, so your willingness to remove them to see life exactly as it is, is likely to prove hard-going at times, but ultimately it will set you free and enable you to live more in accordance with your phenomenal intuition.

It’s time to stop pushing yourself so hard, trying to do everything for everyone and trying to get from where you are to where you feel you need to be. Even when you pause, your boundaries will continue to expand and evolve, but it’s important to focus more on where you are now in order to ground yourself more wholeheartedly in the present moment as this will help you to focus more on living the best life possible, rather than on trying to live the life you feel you ought to be living. Let go of the immense pressure you place on your own shoulders and offer yourself some of your own compassion and love; be gentle with yourself. You are a vibrant and loving soul, so give your true essence the room to flow freely and without hindrance. It’s time to let that inner twinkle shine once again…


» Source » By Sarah-Jane Grace