KaRa of the Pleiades and Shoshanna: The “Prime Directive”, And Now “Prime Interference”

kara of pleiades eraoflightdotcom.jpgI am KaRa.

I appreciate again these moments that I can be here and share with you, and continue to move along this process now that has begun, this new phase that I have spoken of, as well as many of our brethren have spoken of.  For there are many changes occurring at this time.  You are beginning to feel them yourselves more and more.  You’re experiencing them in your waking state, as well as your dream state.

Many of you are realizing now your dream states are much more than what you had come to believe.  They are so much more.  As you continue to experience these altered states of consciousness, I will call them, you are realizing that you are so much more, have always been, always will be.

For you, I, all of us are a part of the great oneness of all things.  We are all here now, all of us.  We, the Pleiadians, the Syrians, the Andromedans, the Antarians, and so on are all here now to bring this process, this ascension process, to a culmination.

And along the way, we have certain operations that we have been attending to.  I spoke once before about the Prime Directive, and how we have to follow that Prime Directive.  But now we have been given the go-ahead to move the Prime Directive along, and call it now “Prime Interference.”  For we can, more and more to interfere.  We are doing so by showing ourselves to many, many more of you across the entire planet, uncloaking our ships.

In many respects, though, only those who do have the eyes to see can view us.  For many times there will be those who will look at the sky and see us in our ships, and there will be others around who will not see what you are seeing.  They will be looking in the same direction.  They will not see.  Because you are seeing beyond the veil.  You are seeing into the higher dimensions, getting those glimpses that have been spoken of many times.  This is the process now that is happening.

And we, in our ships, are watching all of the proceedings here on the planet, and able more and more to interfere whenever it is possible, whenever it does not interfere with your freedom of choice.  We cannot do that.  But if your choice is that we would interfere, then we can now more and more.

So we ask now, all of you, not only those of you in this group on this call, but all of those who would read and hear these words:  we ask you now to ask for our interference, ask for us to make ourselves more and more known.  Ask even for us to land when that is possible. Those times are coming when that will be more and more possible.

I have spoken of first contact, as others are also speaking of first contact.  But I want you to understand that first contact is not so much beaming you up or landing our ships and taking you aboard.  First contact is even what we are doing at this time now.  We are making contact with you now.  And more and more we shall do so.  We shall continue to make contact with you in many different ways, this being one of those ways.

But very shortly, first contact, as you are knowing it now, will proceed into a more physical interaction and a reunion of those of us with those of you.  Those of you who are ready for this.

And you must understand that those of the Ascended Masters who have been working diligently with you through this one I speak through now, and through many others, we have been preparing you for those times when we can reunite.  And we long for reunification,long to come together again with those of our brothers and sisters who left long ago, left from the stars and came to this planet to become a part of this evolution here and see the light returning to the planet, and see the light now you are, and feel the light now you are.

For as the light continues to come into this planet and into your bodies, your bodies are taking this light in, anchoring it for others to be able to hold and share.  But as this light comes in, it is changing your very molecular structure in ways that you are not yet fully aware of.  But even science, now, is beginning to become aware of these changes in your DNA as these downloads continue to come in, and continue to alter your DNA, bringing it back to the pristine 12 strands that it once was.  Now, of course, that will not happen overnight, for your bodies would not be able to withstand it.  You would have to leave your body for that to be.  But your bodies are altering and changing slowly enough so that you can go through these miraculous changes, and your carbon body is shifting to a more complex crystalline form.  Not that you will no longer have your physical body, you will.  And it will be as if seemingly nothing has changed.  But your physical body itself will be altered through this process.  But do not have any fear whatsoever of this process, because all is being monitored constantly.  You, each one, have those who are monitoring your progress and are making sure that it is not too much for your central nervous system to handle at any given time, unless, of course, it is within your contract to do so.  That is so for some.  But for most of you now, that is not the case.  You are preparing the way, not only for others, but for yourselves as well, for yourselves to merge back in once again with your multi-dimensional selves, and therefore your higher God-self.  And that, my friends, is ascension.

Be ready for it because, as your saying goes, things are going to ramp up quite a bit now.

Questions with KaRa:

I am KaRa, and I am going to, with the permission of those who work through this group, I am now going to take questions if you have questions.  And also, Shoshanna, we believe, is standing by, is she not?

Shoshanna:  (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell)  Yes.

KaRa:   Very good.

We will take questions if you have.  The One Who Serves will return certainly at another time to work through this process.  But as I say, I have been given permission to do this now.  Would there be any questions?

Guest:   Yes, beautiful KaRa.  Thank you for being here with us.  We feel your beautiful presence.   I have been given that I am somehow connected in some way to Archangel Gichiani.  I was wondering if you happen to know of her, know much of her, or if you could say something about her?

KaRa:   What I can tell you here is that there are many angels and archangels, many more than you have yet come to understand.  You have those, what you would call the “regular ones” who are associated more with this evolution here, have stayed on here, you might say, and have been a part of this expression on this earth with Gaia and with all of you, the human condition, we will say here.  This one that you are speaking of is one that has not been a part of this particular evolution, but she has come forward now, as well as others will also.

For there is much attention now toward this small little planet, here, your home for this time.  And much attention has been brought here where there are those coming not only from this solar system, but this entire galaxy, and even galaxies beyond to witness this amazing transformation that is happening here on this planet and with all of you.  This has never been done before in this way.  And many are watching to see how this process will continue to transpire, and use it as a template for those who come after.  For there are many worlds, many, many more than you can even imagine at this time that are in this three-dimensional state also and are going to be able to go through this process just as you have, but in a way that is more streamlined than you have had to do.  You are the template.  You are the Wayshowers who are paving the way not only here on this planet for your brothers and sisters here, but for your brothers and sisters across the galaxy.

Guest:   Thank you, thank you so much.

KaRa:   Yes.  Would there be any other questions?

Guest:   I have a question.  There was a transmission that I came across this past week, and they were referring to Lemuria and Atlantis.  With Gaia shifting, and all of these beautiful islands that had sunk, that will be coming up from the oceans, and many more islands besides those, but also that there were some amethyst crystals, many crystals, even the quartz crystals throughout the world also would be rising, but that these particular ones were under Lake Tahoe, and there was another portion of it right next to it, maybe about another mile over, and that some of us were the keepers of this, and that we will be moved to go to these locations and tend to these crystals once more as they come up.  Any input on that at all?

KaRa:   As you are saying, the islands or the lands that were once above the surface of the planet and had submerged, as happened with Atlantis and Lemuria, they shall rise again, along with the crystalline states across the planet as well.  For just as your carbon-based body is changing now from the carbon to crystalline state, so too is the earth herself changing from a carbon-based state to a crystalline state as well, also to be able to hold more and more of the light.  She is going before you, though.  She is changing much more rapidly than your bodies are at this time.  And the crystals that you speak of are everywhere across the planet, and will begin to rise also.

And there will be a need for those of you, those who are prepared for this at the time, and many of you that will be called for this were those who were in Atlantis and worked closely with the crystals at those times.  So that is correct, as you are saying.

Shoshanna, do you have something to add?

Shoshanna:   I do not have anything to share with this one who asked the question.

What we would say at this time is that we bow to you, and we are grateful for your presence here, by Dear Sister, KaRa.  Thank you.

KaRa:   Wonderful.   And we of the Pleiadian fleet feel the same about you and your connection as Shoshanna, and also as JoAnna.  That is for another time to speak more of.

Shoshanna:   Thank you.

KaRa:   Did this answer your question Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes.  Thank you very much.  Much appreciated.

KaRa:   Is there another question?

Guest:   Yes.  Greetings, KaRa.  Last evening, in the transmission they related to me that the cloud craft that was hovering over my home at about 200 feet was in fact Cerean, and that it had to do with the past life, Akhenaten.  What I would like to do is frame the question.  I am making the statement because I have to frame it with that reference before I ask the question.  The first thing is yes, I give the Pleiadians, I give your people, our people, and the Cereans, again my people also, full permission to interfere and assisting with knowing.  Knowing that, I came back and started researching.  Having gone through a Ph.D., there is a 3-D way we go through, the scientific method.  However, I am out there trying to gather information and I am coming to a road block.  I worked until 4 a.m.  I took it as far as I could take it, finding the information, to thread everything together with the Cereans, Akhenaten, me, what’s going on, and the Pleiadians.

So, that information is not in libraries.  So I am stating in my power, and I have the power and the abilities to channel and download information.  But I feel it is at a slow pace.  I need assistance with the downloading of information so I can access information that the libraries don’t have.  I know this is way out there, but it is the help that I need right now in putting together and accessing this information.

KaRa:   It is not so much that it is way out there, it is that you are focused much more on the doing rather than the being right now.  You are worried about the information.  You have mentioned that term several times here:  “the information, the information.”  And the information that you are receiving at a download level, we will say here, is not what you are thinking it to be, in terms of it is not something you need to understand, you just need to simple be.

You will not understand at your three-dimensional level.  You will constantly be asking “what does this mean, and what does this mean, and how does this come together, and how does it all tie in together.”  And you cannot go about it from that point of view, not from where you are looking at it now.  But as you rise up in consciousness, higher and higher, you will begin to understand how it all comes together without having to follow the information part of it.  Does this make sense to you?

Guest:   Yes, it makes total sense.  So basically what I need to do is remain in my heart and let it be, and let the information blossom.

KaRa:   Yes.  Let it be.  Yes.

Guest:   Got ya.  Thank you, KaRa.  Much love.

KaRa:   Shoshanna, anything?

Shoshanna:   Well, Shoshanna wishes to agree completely.  And what we see in the human mind that has moved forward to this Ph.D. level did so with a great analytical ability, and a great ability to analyze and put things together so that they could progress in the 3-D realm.  And I believe that the one that is speaking referred to that.

What is important here for all to hear and consider is that analysis will slow us down.  Analysis will make us think in 3-D terms.  What is important here is that we put aside speed, we put aside the idea that we must hurry through this, and we must get this information quickly, because that, again, is a 3-D concept, as KaRa has alluded to here.  So for all who have analytical minds, which is a gift in the 3-D realm, it is not so much a gift at the higher levels.   Namaste.

KaRa:   Yes.  Very beautifully said, Sister.

Shoshanna:   Thank you.

Guest:   I have a question.  I just want to say I love you, Sister KaRa, and I feel very close to you.   I have been feeling that many of us will have joint missions with you when you all land.  Can you speak a little bit about that?

KaRa:   Dear Sister, you have yet no idea of your particular connection, and those of your loved ones around you, and the connection that you have with us.  This is why I have been chosen to be the emissary to those of you in this group.  And at this point, it is strictly this group where I am coming to.  But know that these words that come through myself, as well as Shoshanna, are meant for many, many more beyond this group.  But you yourself are in process, Dear One, for all that is coming through you as this ascension process continues on.  That is all I am allowed to say at this time about this.  For you will continue to have those downloads, those dreams, those waking experiences that you have been having, and they are going to increase many times over.  Because you are the angelic expression, just as you have believed you are.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you so much.  I love you.  And I look forward to sharing these experiences with everyone.

KaRa:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   I must share with this the One Sister.  I must share for all to hear, and this is the most important aspect of becoming the ascension process, becoming the ascended being:  and that is, to know the mission is here, it has begun, and the One Sister, and many of you who are on this call are integral parts of this mission.  What we hear and what we hear through the JoAnna, because she is relentless about this, is that the mission, the thought that you will be joining in a mission, is not so much the truth, because you ARE the mission.  And the one known as this One Sister must understand her great significance to all that would listen to her experiences in the dream state which is not truly a dream state, but in the reality that she enters when her conscious third-dimensional mind leaves, and she enters these realms is so significant to all that she is not going to have a mission in the future, she is having the mission now.   Namaste.

KaRa:   Wonderful, and we wish to add here that it is not only for this one who has asked this question, but for many of you who are on this call, that you are all in an expression of the NOW moment of your missions.  So it is not so much a future event, it is a NOW event.

Guest:   Thank you both.

Another Guest:   I have a question, KaRa.  I received a message that you have a personal message to me, and I was debating should I ask or not.  I was hesitant to ask you about it, if you will have message for me.

KaRa:   Yes, and I can say that I myself, as KaRa, do not have a message for you, but there is one here on our ships and our fleets who does have a message for you.  I cannot tell you the name.  That must come to you on your own.  But ask, ask within your waking state, or even your dream state, and ask for these messages to come.  There is one who is waiting to begin to work through you and with you here.

Guest:   I know who he is.  But is was confirmation.  Thank you.  I appreciate that.

KaRa:   Yes.  You are quite welcome.  Yes.  Any further questions here?

Guest:   Yes, hi.  I had a very profound synchronicity experience.  I have been very attracted to music for quite some time, but there is this one instrumental song that just hits me in such a profound way, as I feel like I am being held by the universe when I hear it.  I sort of followed this composer who created that sound, and I was reading about him, and I found that this one particular piece is on a movie, and it is a movie that I had been wanting to watch, so this encouraged me to go ahead and watch it.  That movie is “Arrival” which was done two years ago.  This song was at the beginning and at the end of this movie.  This movie is about extraterrestrial beings coming to earth to assist humans to basically form unity with each other.  I was so struck by the movie and so emotional about the movie, and I was just on such a high with it, I am wondering if there is anything more you can tell me about this experience?

KaRa:   Are you speaking of the movie itself, or are you speaking of the music from the movie?

Guest:   Well, it is all connected in my mind:  because of the song, I was drawn to the movie, the song even said, “ok, you need to see the movie now because this song is in the movie.”  So it is really the connection of everything, as well as the message of the movie.

KaRa:   Yes, and as you may already be aware, this particular movie was brought about by those forces of the Light that would bring these messages forward that the extraterrestrials, as you know them, are not what you had been led to believe for so long now in all of your various movies.

There are those movies, of course, that have been brought forth by the Light Forces, and these movies tell a different story.  These movies speak of those of us here in our ships that are benevolent, that are here to help, to assist, to bring the light to you rather than the darkness.  And this particular movie you speak of is one such movie as this.

Shoshanna:   I must share.

KaRa:   Yes, Shoshanna wishes to share here.

Guest:   Yes, thank you.

Shoshanna:   My Dear Sister, well, congratulations, your higher self is knocking on your head.  Your higher self is knocking at your door.  Your higher self is speaking to you clearly.  Often we think it is going to be a conversation, but in your case the message is through the music.  The message is through the movie.  You must pay close attention to these messages that are being given to you in a seemingly subtle way, but it is actually not so subtle that you would listen to the music, that you would find the movie, that you would watch the movie.  It is clearly for you and your consciousness and your awakening process to pay close attention to these things, because they are part of your awakening process.  It is very important for you to listen again, listen to the nuances of the music, watch closely the messages that are given in the movie, as this is clearly part of your specific awakening process.

Much love to you, Dear Sister.   Namaste.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you very much.

Another Guest:   I have a question.  There is a little girl about seven years old who has been missing since February 3.  Her name is Serenity Dennard.   She was at the Black Hills Children’s Home in Rockerville, South Dakota.  I have been in touch with the group before.  What I think happened is she just walked away, and people saw her go, and they have had people from all over, helicopters, hundreds of people in between snow storms, looking around with dogs, and all kinds of things.

So my theory is that she has transcended, that she did her life’s work.  She might have been an angel, I don’t know, but I think they are never going to find her, because when I went to my higher self, it was like she brought attention to the Black Hills Children’s Home and what is going on there in the sense that it is the old 3-D way of doing things.  I found out about it a few years ago, I thought maybe I would go there and do some work somehow, but never did.

So with my intuition, I decided to do what they call “ETR” (Energy Transfer Reset) with the place.  I was very careful because it had to be my higher self, it was not my lower self at all.  Anybody that went there, anybody that worked there, anybody that visited there had a choice, and their higher self, to change, and somehow this little girl had brought attention to this type of place and to bring the new in so that people could actually be helped there, the children.

My question is, what happened to her?  Are they going to find her, or has she transcended and she has already done her purpose?

KaRa:   At this point, we, those of us who are working here, it is not just myself, KaRa, but those of us here in this league who are participating in this process, and we asked those who mentor to us whether we could answer this question or not directly as you were asking it.  The answer at this time is “no.”  Because it is up to you and all of those who are working in this process to find this little girl, to find what happened to her, and to bring an end to the suffering that those who are her loved ones are going through.  And it is not for us to be able to share this information at this time.  But, with that understanding, it is up to those who are continuing, or we find now that there is no continuing search going on at this time, is that correct?

Guest:   Right.

KaRa:   They ended the search?  Yes.  And it is likely that this one, as you are saying has completed her contract, you might say.  But that is not to say that she has left the body.  That is all we can say on this.

Anything you can add, Shoshanna?  You may not be under the same limits here.

Shoshanna:   Well, I can share with this one who is asking the question.  I can share that this is your path.  This is who you are, and you have done all that you can do.  We find in your consciousness, my Dear Sister, some doubt, some doubt that you did not do all that you could, some doubt that somehow you could have made things different.  But you have done all that you could, and you have with a loving heart, and the high consciousness that you are, helped this one to complete her mission.  And you must continue with your high heart and the love that you have in your heart to continue to send light and love and understanding, as you have the ability to change things just by your own consciousness and your heart.

This one that you speak of, this small little one that you speak of, as we find it, is safe.  She has sent us a message as you were speaking that she is safe.  We do not understand what that means, that she is safe in heaven, that she is safe with Source, that she is safe on the ground, we do not know, but she has given us a message that she is safe.  That is what we can share with you.  And we must tell you that you are an amazing being with so much love in your heart, and all that you do is appreciated at many levels.   Namaste.

Guest:  Thank you.

KaRa:   Very good.   Are there other questions here?

Guest:   I have a question.  It is more of a dream I had, and I am looking for the significance.  I dreamt that I saw 12 moons lined up in pairs.  One of the moons rolled off, and rolled toward me.  But when I got it, it was a soccer ball.  It had the black and white patches of a soccer ball.  I held the ball, and it was a little soft, it lost a little pressure.  I was asking myself should I take it back, or is this s souvenir.  I sat there debating with myself.  Then a being came and sat on a chair, and held the ball to the place where that ball should have been to balance the whole thing.  So then I said “oh, I’ll give it back.”  So I took it back and it was placed back where it came off of.  So I went inside and when I came out, there was a whole bunch of people.  I am just wondering.  It wasn’t a message for me since there were others that were involved.  What is the significance of the 12 moons appearing in the sky?

KaRa:   Is this a dream that you have had before?  In other words, is this a recurring dream, or one time only?

Guest:  No, I only had it last night.

KaRa:   Yes.  We would ask you here, Dear Sister, what is your understanding that comes from this?  It is not so much important that another, such as ourselves, or even Shoshanna, would give an interpretation of this, because it is our interpretation, not yours.  From your higher self it can be completely different from what another would give to you.  Do you understand this?  What is your interpretation here?  What did you receive already on this?

Guest:   I have just been thinking about the 12 chakras, that it may be connected to our 12 chakras.

Kara:   Very Good.   Shoshanna just did a “hmmm” here, and that means that she has something that she wishes to share.  Is that correct?

Shoshanna:   What we wish to share is, you are being given a very big message, here.  This is a very big message for you in this dream.  What we would suggest that you do and maybe you have already done this, is to write this down in great detail and read it over and over again, as there are many significant things in this dream.  And as KaRa has stated, you must interpret this for yourself.  And the idea that you have connected 12 chakras with 12 moons is very significant, my Dear Sister.  You must continue to ask your higher self to reveal more about this dream.  And as things are being revealed to you, they would be revealed to you perhaps in another dream, you must continue to write these things down and string this information along because this is part of your awakening process to learn to understand what the messages are for you.   Namaste.

Guest:   Thank you.  Thank you, Shoshanna.  Thank you, KaRa.

KaRa:   Yes.  Now we need to move to a point where we can let go of this channel here, release it as the saying goes, and we need to do this now.

But before I go, I wish for all of you, all of our brothers and sisters, all of you that are one with us and we one with you, continue to move in the direction that you are in being in the perfect now at all times.  Yes, it is wonderful to look toward the future and see all the wonderful things that are coming your way.  But also know that those things that are coming your way are already here.  If you would but believe that they are, and create that time line for yourselves.  That is all I have.

All of my love be with all of you, and that we would find our reunion very soon.

Guests:   Thank you.  We love you.  Thank you

Channel: James McConnell 



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