The Ascended Masters: Give Up Personal Claims to Power

collective masters eraoflightdotcomTo everyone to whom their own healing truly matters!

Give up your claims to power! Don’t expect this of those in power before you have done it in your own microcosm.

Give off control over people, situations and things. There is great suppression, and the pressure is passed on top-down – and so even the most impotent individual manages to exert power somewhere, subtly or offensively: in their family, in friendships, at work, or wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Starting in 2019, new particles of light are coming to earth from the center of the universe, and they reach each individual. Anyone who rejects this because they want to keep their old life by all means won’t be able to stay on earth much longer. This cosmic light has to be integrated so that an individual can follow the shift in consciousness in line with the planet and humanity.

This means, it is high time to say goodbye to old beliefs and behavioral patterns. It is necessary now that you break old mental structures and develop new approaches to life.

The issue of power is playing the lead role in this. It goes deep and acts subtly – and this needs to be perceived and dealt with now.

Where and over whom do you exert power? Examine yourself closely and you will make wonderful discoveries.

Your liberation is only possible through releasing your claims to power. There is no different kind of freedom.

God is with you, the angels of light and the masters from the light are ready – for everyone to whom their own healing truly matters.

We love you endlessly



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl