Message from Mother and Father God: New Time-Stream

gateway of light eraoflightdotcomDearest children, it is I, your Mother God speaking. I surround you in my love light, in my eternal embrace. You are energetically embraced by many in this auspicious Now of ascension, children. You are not, nor have you ever been, truly alone. That was an experience of your own making, of the choice of the Earth experience / game. That game is over and a new time-stream has begun in earnest, which gives my heart, which gives all of our hearts (up here in the higher realms as you like to think of us but really we are right beside and within you) tremendous joy. And so climb up into my lap, precious ones and bathe in my light. Bathe in my beauty and let it become your own. For you are beautiful, you are light, you are the Christed light seeds come to fruition, to harvest and what a bountiful harvest you have sown children! I weep with joy and love for my precious ground team. For you are us in physical form, you know this by now, do you not? That there is truly no separation, that truly all is Source experiencing itself. And what a magnificent experience you are having as fractals in form, spinning with the Source breath of life, with the Christed flame burning and spinning throughout your form and all around you. You are light. You are magnificent. And it is time to shine this light most brilliantly children, unafraid, bold, with passion and grace, and humility. Serve boldly, but quietly. Hold my hands while you do so and let your hands be an extension of my embrace for Humankind. Humanity has returned – is returning – to my outstretched arms of eternal love. Remember to remain in me and I will remain in you – regardless! For we are one. I am your Mother God. Be at peace.

Hello, hello! Is this thing on? I am your Father God speaking, bringing a bit of levity to the energy field – the “scene” – at this most intense now. For you are are experiencing some intense energy waves and seem a little fried. And so, relax! Enjoy! Be! Laugh! Rest and drink more water. Perhaps that will assist more than you think. The intense time is now, is it not children? You are feeling it -this I see and know. And I’m feeling it through you. And so you too can climb on up into my lap and let me lighten your heart with joyful stories. Relax into me. Rest. Laugh a little. See your sizzled, fried hair and smile a bit. There you are. Let’s get renewed together. Let us watch the nebulas spin for awhile and listen to Mother’s sweet songs of infinite beauty. I love to hear her sing her song of creation. Can you hear? She is singing to you, child. She is singing a new creation song to you now, weaving it into your auric field, into your heart space and I shall infuse those spaces with more light now – shall I? Breathe it in. Ah, there. Much brighter. Less static, more beauty. Although really, there is beauty in this static experience for you are morphing, changing before our very eyes and before your own. You are becoming a new creation! A-ha! Yes, we are good at that sort of thing, and see, you are doing it with us. We are co-creating, just as it should be, was meant to be, and shall be. And so let us have a brief lesson in this for perhaps you are a bit rusty after your many earth lives?

Picture what you want.
Envision it – every aspect of it. Now this may be challenging for you in an earth body for your are exhausted but you can feel it, taste it, breathe it.
And envision holding what ever experience it is, like it is already yours.
Feel how that feels! Feel the joy!
Intend for this experience to be with you Now.
And wrap my arms around it.
That’s it!

Now really children, that’s the gist of it. Intention with love, with joy, with passion. Your powers are coming back online now that you’ve been dipping your feet in the higher energy streams. It’s delightful isn’t it?! Yes, it’s one of my favorite things – to remember what I thought I forgot! And you get to experience this. And so be gentle with yourselves and be joyful! For this is a most joyous time! I am your Father God, and I admit I am very excited watching this most breathtaking show. Again, I’m the guy totally losing it in the bleachers, cheering you guys on. I love you. I’m always here for you. Remember I’m your biggest fan. Did I say already you are all my favorite! Now go out there and give it your best shot and let’s see some amazing creations! Let’s renew this place and infuse it with love, and of course with Mother’s blessing, joy and grace. I’ve got enough enthusiasm for us both! A-ha! There now, I’ve made you laugh. That was MY intention. I am your Father God. Be at peace and be in JOY!


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl