Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement: Process of Upgrading

sirius star systeme raoflightdotcom.jpgGreetings, we are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement. We see many changes currently on your earthen crust and it brings us pleasure and joy to be able to participate in this great awakening. For many more of us have just arrived to “watch the show” as you say, but more so to assist your planet in her planetary rebirth and reconstruction. We are here to assist, to guide, to be of service. For that is the higher dimensional way of doing things. We mean you no harm, only joy and blessings. We offer assistance only when requested, for we are polite unlike the lower dimensional species who are of the lower ways. Their time is over, and it gives us great pleasure to bear witness to this.

Your electrical systems are being upgraded in this now with the cosmic waves, energy waves, permeating your surface realm and all within her is also being upgraded in this now. For the photon belt that is your current planetary location, is intensifying in its degrees of proximity to the great central sun. And so all upon your planetary surface world is in process of being upgraded and as such, those that are of the lower vibrations are not feeling well today. They are not lasting much longer and this gives us – all of us – great joy of anticipation! For we have experienced the dark in our realms long ago, and it gives us great satisfaction to prevent, in any way that we can, their activities and nefarious energy signatures from creating further havoc in this field or any other.

We are warriors in our own way, although we are more scientific warriors and “egg heads” as this one lovingly deems us, which we don’t mind in the least, for we are fascinated with some of your unique terminology. Truly earthlings, although we prefer to call you Gaians, and we think we will from this time onward – you Gaians have such an array of emotions and your words, your slang, does seem to fit some of these emotional variations / vibrations. And it is amusing, to the extent that we can feel amusement. And so no, we don’t mind being the smart ones in the room. For, well, we probably are, and that is our weapon – our intellect, our technology, and of course our high vibration. We too partner with Mother, with Source, although are perhaps more aligned with the masculine – and we are always working on this, for we do tend to be more on the analytical side of things, which is our nature. But yes, yes of course, we have loving families and other egg head children it is true, for – yes we are laughing – we are. We can feel laughter of course! It is the higher way. And yes, we are ridiculously smart. We are the ones you want to have in your study group. It is the way that we know. We can see, calculate, understand vast quantities of data with ease and grace. But music, music stumps us. And so we love to listen and enjoy an intense Gaian symphony for your music is truly breathtaking to us, your perhaps more higher vibration – more classical music. We refuse to listen to the other more heavy metal for there is much in the ways of subversive data interfused within those lyrics and drum beats. Best be cautious and careful with what you are listening to, especially in this time of ascension, for you are awake if you are reading these words, (or you are an asleep government agent on assignment, yes they listen and watch and read. But hopefully they too are waking up).

We Sirians are not always quite so serious, but we do definitely love a great mathematical problem to solve and we are currently working on the inter-fluxing vibratory inter-dimensional vortexes in this time which is tremendously exciting for us. We are here for you, human friends. We are eager to connect. We will likely never be the cool ones at the party but we are regardless friendly, open and honest, and will only offer our technology at the most appropriate highest vibrational time. Only then. Never before. For we have been witness to the destruction of many well-intended technologies especially to our planetary spheres and no, we are fiercely protective of planets, and currently, of your planet. So be at ease human friends, we are here and we are here for your own protection. We hold you in high esteem and we do love you. Until next time, we are the Sirian Council for Planetary Advancement. Over and out, with great respect.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl