Q: March Countdown

its time eraoflightKejraj: The messages coming from the Galactics, and information from independent media sources, including Q, seems to coincide. March is the month of immense change and disclosure, something of great significance will “spring” this month.

A Q drop on 26th February featured a 21 day countdown – Zero Day is 19th March…


Numerous new Q drops indicate that March will bring the major developments we have long awaited, such as the FISA document declassification.

Spring Solstice is on 21st March. It is a significant spiritual celebration, heralding the new beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere. It seems that major events are set to coincide with the powerful energies which take effect several days before and after the Solstice.

Lisa Mei Crowley wrote a tweet about a Q drop that proves the irrefutable connection between Q and POTUS…


‘Anon notes POTUS tweet was 7′ 34″:51 and Q drop was 22 seconds prior at 7′ 34″:29. Q reply: Those still questioning the statistically irrefutable FACT that Q and POTUS co-ordinate these tweets and drops, we are far beyond that point.’ (Lisa Mei Crowley tweet).

Finally here is short video from Jordan Sather. He discusses an interesting tweet from President Trump which features the words ‘bye Crooked Hillary’ (from 3′ 27″)…


An Anon wrote a short post on 8 Chan which simply said: ‘MARCH MADNESS!!!’ Q confirmed this message by posting it.

Is everything moving ahead with the speed of a D5 avalanche hurtling down the mountainside? You bet! Our prayers are with President Trump and the Alliance team.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


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