Archangel Uriel: Walk With Me Into The Future

archangel uriel eraoflightdotcom.jpgGreetings my beloved brothers and sisters! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and the Silver Flame, brother and companion of thee on this journey of bringing forth your brilliant future, and in anchoring Nova Earth. And what does that mean dear hearts? It means that I can take you with me and travel into your wonderful future. Or it means that I will overlight thee and assist you in visualizing, holding the Silver Flame up high so you can see the beautiful world that you have planned with the Mother and with all of us. Nevertheless, I will help you see it, I will walk with thee through it, and even live shortly in that reality ~ your Nova Earth ~ a world that you have created, for it is already in existence.

You do not have to think of it as a distant, far away world that might take many, many years, even decades, to become visible to the ones that cannot see beyond what they can see with human vision. It can be seen right now!

You see, you are at the forefront of the Council of Love, the way showers, the teachers of the love. But you are also the pillars of light, and the founders of the Nova Earth, each and every one of you holding within yourselves these beautiful and sparkling Cities of Light that are rooted within and can take form and shape only in a space of the purest love that there is.

When we travel into your beloved future creations you get to recognize and get closer to who you really are, to see clearly your purpose for this lifetime, that special soul signature that will shape and design your Cities according to your original plans and blueprints. You are master creators, specialized in many areas, who are meant to bring richness and diversity of love manifested in form. And yes, you remember there are infinite expressions of love, and that all have their rightful place in this new world based on kindness, equality, cooperation, and love.

It is imperative that you center yourselves and focus on maintaining the highest vibration possible. And at the same time, you must continue to clear the old and to expand, so that you can hold the energy and stamina needed to bring into form those magnificent creations.

Just take my hand, dear ones, and let’s explore these new worlds of wonder together.

I will leave you with sparkles of silver love! Farewell.


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle