Archangel Michael: Mercury Retrograde is in Truth ‘The Mercury Gateway of Oneness and Love’

archangel michael eraoflightdotcom newMercury retrograde is in Truth the pure communication Gateway to all we love and all that love us!

Good Morning everyone. There is ancient knowledge erased from our collective memory of The Mercury Gateway of Oneness and Love.

Archangel Michael shared this with me some years ago. The truth of Mercury for ancient ones before predators came and erased it from our memories.

The Mercury movement was a gateway that opened several times a year when we could be fully present with God and our loved ones we left in higher dimensions.

It was a pure, fully open communication portal so we were in direct communication and interaction with God, our higher selves, and our loved ones.

Mercury Gateway was a time of great celebration and joy — not the fear-based retrograde concept programming we had after the true memory was erased.

The Gateway still opens we just forgot how to connect.

And it is simple to do so, just request to be lifted above the retrograde into the Gateway above it.

The retrograde is a 4d shimmer that is duality and serves a purpose but was put in place to hide the reunion with Home Gateway that is just above it.

When we came here the Gateway was created so we could always be with Home, too. We were never meant to be or feel alone.

It was one of the first things the negatives disconnected us from, as they knew they could not succeed if we remembered the Mercury Gateway. It is a little hard to share because the negative does not want the Gateway revealed. The retrograde shimmer was placed just below the Gateway entry so we would not feel the Gateway.

That is why I was asked to share it today. It is time for the world to remember.

Yeshua and Michael are very close right now … they nudged me to speak this. It feels they want us to lift this RV also through the retro shimmer into the Gateway. No interference can penetrate the Gateway. I feel Michael and Yeshua are here to help us with this. But our intent is needed.

First, since the Gateway’s entry is blocked by intense fear and dread programming, request that you be protected by AA Michael and the Angels as you open to the Gateway. Know that you ARE protected as you move through the retrograde shimmer. It is filled with fear and dread programming to stop any from coming close to the Gateway’s entry. It is safe. You are simply opening to the Home Mercury Gateway of Oneness and Love, as you were always meant to do.

Then I simply request: Michael please hold me and lift me through the retrograde into the Gateway.

He then surrounds me in protection as we move through the retrograde shimmer. And anchors me in the Gateway. There I will receive information and love that the shimmer blocks from reaching here.

When the retrograde hits you hard ask Michael or Yeshua to lift you above it and hold you in the Gateway.

We can all ask for the RV to be lifted there, into the Gateway, also.

And we all hold it there with them.

Many Blessings!

Anonymous Channel for AA Michael.


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