Commander Ashira: Life Is With You and For You, Always

et galactic fleet eraoflightdotcomHello Dear One,

We are here for you, always.

We want to start out today, with that – with you considering how you feel in relationship to considering our ever-present support, love and comraderie.

We want you to know that we are always aware of you. What you are feeling, what you are thinking, how you think things are going and how much you are aware of the vaster you.

Whether or not you think of the vaster you, when you are feeling good, you and the vastness you are merge in consciousness and this serves you.

In this merged state, you experience unity, while embodied, with all that you are.

Doing this is extremely beneficial to you. It feels good. It furthers the good feeling that brings it about and takes you into more of the same. It is always you, allowing you to come forth, that empowers whenever you feel good. The mood follows the alignment and then extends it into more moments of joy, beauty, love, appreciation – benevolence, unconditional benevolence, in expression, through you and you experience this emotionally.

When life causes you to want more, the fullness you are becomes more. Always expressing your vibrational choices in form, and becoming a continually up-to-speed frequency expression for you to use to navigate and feel your way home.

This is how Life works.

Life, is with you, for you, always

We remind you of these things that we know you’ve heard, or may even know. May even live from regularly. Consistently. We do that because that is who we are.

We are the vastness of being. We speak as One for we are One and we know we are One.

We are you in a broader expression – you, as in all that you are.

We are the fullness of being emanating into your life in a way you feel as joy, upliftment, ease, expansion, spaciousness, love, warmth even.

When we are being allowed you feel good and your feeling good allows us to be perceived.

When you are feeling good that state connects with streams of energy in form, in expression and translates those streams into what you perceive. This is how your life comes about.

Do you believe this?

These two questions – how do you feel about the notion that we are ever-present and aware of you, and with you, fully supporting your life? And how do you feel when we articulate that your life comes about by the translation of vibration that is determined by your prevailing mood? These two questions and your practiced response to them, matters.

Do you see how simple it is to live here, if you know these things? Trust them? Believe in them and know them, from experience, to be real and reliable?

If they feel real, it is because you’ve made them real. What you give your attention to is what will feel real, feel like a fact to you – this is how beliefs come about – through your repeated attention to thought-forms.

We offer these thoughts to you, to give you a pathway that is based on how life works and to remind you of this. Tuning to these thought-forms and allowing them to take root within you can generate amazing experiences, beginning with tremendous and steady peace of mind.

We want to remind you that Life is FOR YOU.

Life is WITH YOU.

You, beloved One, are One with us.

And we, together, as One, are in an ever expanding affirmative experience.

Life is all-inclusive and what comes about does so as a result of your focus and attention. Everything you give attention to, you make more of in your experience. You say, “Yes,” to that which you treat as real and important, that which you pay attention to.

Your embodied experience is an experience of life expanding by Life generously and without hesitation answering YES to everything that is given your attention.

This is how it is with Life. With you. With each of you.

Life says YES to everything you give your attention to. How you’re feeling when you give it your attention tells you what you’re amplifying, making real for you – making more of. This sensation based approach to discernment is really helpful. Do you feel that? Have you let yourself consider that and allow it to be real for you?

If you haven’t, yet, are you willing?
Being willing to do so, matters in terms of joy, a feeling of confidence and capacity in life, a feeling of well-being.

Daring to make real these principles, in your embodied consciousness, lines you up with Life. Empowers you. When you know this, your life is easier, more graceful, more fun, feels more free.

Your sensation-based capacity for navigating and discernment, when used, means you don’t have to figure out the details.

That’s what your feeling capacity gives to you. Because you always know – “Do I like how I feel right now? Pretty much yes? Pretty much not so much?”

Because you can always easily answer a question about, “Am I feeling good,” or “Does this thought feel good,” you are always able to navigate life – once you understand how life works.

The thing we see, and we would like to merge with you and share with you now, is this: Life does not require of you more clarity than that. And you haven’t really allowed that yet to be real, in a steady way. Most of you have had moments when you intuitively know this, but the conscious grasping of this as a principle you can rely on? That hasn’t taken root yet, and as a result, life feels harder and less satisfying to you, than it needs to.

Recently we’ve been expressing to you, that the vastness you are, the vastness we are, is more general in focus. This is true. Even while holding, vibrationally as a state of expression all that is and continually expressing all that is coming about, as you – the collective you- continually refine and choose, even with that…

Nonetheless, our focus is rather broad.

As an analogy – think of how your focus would be if you were to see this beautiful planet, from space. You would be aware, in some ways, of the fact that there is tremendous detail in your world and yet from a distance, although one can acknowledge that the detail is there, you would not necessarily experience consciously looking at each and every detail all at once, or even, ever. This does not deny the specificity of expression.

This is our attempt to provide a way of imagining this more general way of living for you, so you might begin to explore being easier, lighter, more general about LIFE. Your Life.

If you would, Oh – beloved friends…how good it could be for you. Right here, right now!

Life is giving to you all you’ve said YES to, and in fact, we know what you mean when you say things. So even though you pay attention and focus on what you don’t want, WE, as LIFE, know what you really mean. And we say, YES to that.

That then, comes about. Vibrationally.  Is in-formed by you – by the focus you are living and continually expressing.

You will always continue to choose and prefer, and find new things you like and have a preference about the things you experience – like them? Or – not so much.

Yet, in living, in navigating, in choosing your focus in general, throughout the day, if you were more general and less concerned with thinking there was a precise way to live…

If you played around a bit with feelings. With feeling for feelings you like. And making the experience of playing around for feelings you like, a much bigger part of your life.

Interestingly, you will see, if you pay attention in these ways, that you can feel happier – happier perhaps and with more consistency than ever before.

This will happen, even if you do nothing but this. Meaning – no action is required for this more wonderful experience to come about.

Isn’t that nice? Isn’t the realization that ease can come about and happiness can come about, really regardless of what is going on, quite liberating?

Just you, feeling around more for good feelings. Moving towards the thoughts, the things, the sensations, the places, the choices, that feel good, feel easy – that then naturally, perpetuate that good feeling.

Valuing pleasure, valuing your own preferences, giving attention to thought for the purpose of using thought in it’s truly intended way – to feel good!

And when you notice thoughts don’t feel good – of any kind – discovering you can, and then learning to be willing to drop them, and return to a thought, to give your attention to something that does feel good.

And – even more amazing? Discovering you can do this, change things in this way without figuring it out. Without labeling things good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse – except for knowing what feels better – and moving toward that. Being more general about it.

Day in day out, becoming a pleasure seeker. A savorer. A blissful person who is light, seemingly perhaps out of touch, but happy.

Perhaps a person who others think should be doing something else, something more, but, in fact, a person who has discovered (drum roll) the steadiness of JOY.

You came here to use your beautiful senses and your mind, to think thoughts that feel good and to notice things that feel good when you put your attention on them and choose them to think about and notice, to talk about and enjoy your life.

You came here for joy and we, beloved ones, are with you! We’re with you in the joy!

In the joy, you can feel us!

What you may feel, that will tip you off that we are with you, is WELL BEING.

Immense radiant spacious hilarious THIS IS HOW IT’S MEANT TO BE feelings…feelings, dear friend, of the perfection of life and the largesse of Being.

Life is handing out treats and lavishing you with good things every instant.

You, when you’re present in joy, feel this in abundance.

And in those moments, you are who you really are, while here – in a body, on a planet. You being the real you: an unconditionally joyful presence, of eternal and infinite expression, pleased with Life and joyfully appreciating it all.

This is flowing with Life with a capital “L,” Life as in All Life.

This is riding the ascending energy by letting it express directly through you. This is you allowing higher consciousness to flow and Life to be One with you, here and now.

This truth, this way, once you connect the dots and feel it for yourself seems obvious. That’s because it’s obvious when you are in alignment with you! When you are feeling it. When you’re One with Life, clarity is yours. It simply IS.

That it eludes you sometimes is not about availability, it’s about what you’re tuned to. What your aim is and how you feel – this is how you create, determine “what,” of the infinite possibilities gets translated into this moment and the next as your experience.

When you lose your focus, when you cannot feel us as clearly, just relax. Let go.

Remind yourself that nothing is wrong. Remind yourself of what your feelings mean – they’re always telling you how you’re tuned. What your relationships is, in focus, right now, relative to All You Are. That’s all. Learn to not scare yourself when you don’t like how you feel. Learn to remember what your feelings mean so you don’t take a less than wonderful feeling and then turn it into some idea you’ve done something wrong, or there is something wrong with you – because that is not what it means, even if you’ve practiced that into feeling like that is what it means.

We’d like to invite you, too, to play with us. To call upon us – we are always here. We are beings of light; we work with light. We can attune you with light, to who you truly are. We’d love that if you’re willing and it interests you. We respect your sovereignty, so you are in charge here – we play and come into your energy field when you openly call, or willingly pay attention to us.

So Life is for you, and always with you.

What if that were so? What if you dared to experiment with that?

What if you cared more about how you felt, dared to stop trying so hard, and gave up practicing and acting as if you weren’t One with Infinite Intelligence?

What if you started to let Life give you more and really, just practiced thinking you are innately worthy, deserving, supportive and loved?

That, dear friend, would feel mighty good, because that is how WE see and know you. So thinking that and believing it, bring you into harmony with Us, with Life, with All That Is, with the Vastness of Being – with the real you. With wholeness.

Let go and let all that you are give to you, dear friend.

Let your way be light, easy, fresh. Relaxed. Pleasurably. Full of joy.

Let yourselves come home.

Anytime. Every moment. It – your life – can feel like this.

Take it to heart.

Put it to the test.

We love you very much.

We are complete. I AM ASHIRA, with the Vastness of Being.


» Source » Channel: Ailia Mira