Message from Starlight the Unicorn: Your Lessons

cloud love eraoflightdotcomI am Starlight of the unicorn race. I bid you greetings, human friend. We in the realms of the unseen are very much seen on your inner earth panes of existence, where many of you may be shortly as Creator deems best and most appropriate. We unicorns are wise, our intentions are pure, our thoughts are clear, our hearts are strong. It is time for you to become more of these things, human. We see you as wise, loving, strong. Clear your thoughts, your intentions that they may steer you in the most loving direction possible. For thoughts become energy, this you know, for you are becoming more awakened masters of the realm. Be wise with what you ruminate upon for you are powerful beings of light and your thoughts, your intentions are swords and spears if thoughtlessly made.

On your ascension journey you have learned much. Are you pondering your lessons? See how we unicorns are at peace, one within our environments, one with Mother Gaia, totally unified in our own unique collective consciousness of purity, of light, of rainbow bliss. You can find this own bliss within your heart space. You can find peace there. See the totality of the marvelous, enormous you that you are and love all of it. Love your painful lessons too, for they have taught you the most and have propelled you to where you are standing here today. Feel the tingling of your scalp as these light encoded words and truth begin to literally sink into you. Draw them in. Invite your highest, wisest part of yourself, your higher self, to enter you. Ask for understanding. Ask for strength and it shall be provided to you. You are the warriors of Gaia’s ascension. You are her defenders from the dark ones who would overtake and abuse. It is indeed true you are from a future time-stream, trajectory, here in this Now to infuse this Now moment with more light, more love, more bliss, to allow and anchor yet more light into dear Mother Gaia’s body.

And so now let us do this together. I, Starlight, touch my horn to your third eye. See it open, glow and spin. See the rainbow energy connect us, connect us all. Look around you. See Mother Gaia’s body bathed, pulsing in rainbow light of the Christed consciousness flame, and look closely at it. It dances, it sparkles, it is alive. The light is alive. The light is you. Breathe it into you. Infuse it, will it into your lifestream, into your joy, your thoughts, your families, your days of work and toil, that they may be lighter and your smile brighter, as you transcend this earthly life experience into the ascended master that you are.

Extend your right hand towards my horn. Together we form a pillar. We lovingly direct this pillar downward towards the crystals that pulse and spin with this ascended light and although they are already turned on, we connect to their energy and infuse them with yet more light, more love. For your energy from the surface in ascended master form, will greatly super-charge them. We extend the beam upwards towards Mother / Father God, Creator of all, anchoring the sky to the crust, to the heartbeat of the planet. All is bathed in light. All is encased, embraced in this light of pulsing, rainbow consciousness that beams and spins and laughs, lighting up the darkness. There is no darkness here. Only light. There is only love here. Only peace. We of the unicorn race lend our light, extend our horns to the third eye of the collective of humanity, turning up the heat in your morphing DNA, your cells that are coming online such that your kundalini will be blessed, affected positively and your load lightened.

Read (messages) with great intention for clarity, for wisdom – for there are many half truths spoken in the shadow world. Take heart, the shadows are being dissolved into the light and the light has won. The light and love of the Creator are carefully infusing all with its light, love and fortitude for the days ahead. You are and will be protected. You are not (and never have been) truly alone. You are and always have been greatly loved. And so human friend, dear one, gaze into my warm brown eyes and what do you see? Do you see galaxies? Do you see yourself? If you answer yes to either you are right. For we are the same. We are of the same out-breath of the Mother, of creation’s intention.

We unicorns are very particular about our vibration and will not be sullied. We offer our assistance to purify your own, for you have been tainted, sullied, and it is time to be clean, really clean, purified by the fire of the Christ Consciousness, purified by the flame of eternal truth and love, by the breath of the Mother. And so human friend, I breathe upon your forehead in blessing. In my breath is peace, love, strength for whatever the day may bring and I would say tenacity for whatever comes but I know that you already have that. You are the strongest, the bravest. Now, will you be the wisest? That remains to be seen. I, Starlight, encourage you to go within, for therein lies your answer; your true self, your true wisdom that is not to be worshiped or interpreted but simply to be found again, for it is within your heart. Remember. Whatever you find there, purify it and intend for the lessons to be retained, and the pain released. Remember who you are. You are the creators of this experiment, many of you.

We unicorns have seen much. We work with the dragons on occasion, and we would like to announce our new and developing alliance with the ascended dragon kingdom and offer a meditation of our combined powers to you ascending ones now. I, Starlight, still stand beside you in solidarity and oneness. The pillar still extends above and below. The ascended dragons now surround us, breathing their fire of purity, of change, of the Christed light blasting into you, through you, above you, below you, into Gaia and above Gaia, surrounding all with the Christed flame. Now you, human, add your own violet flame. Extend your hands upward, sideways, below. Cover us all in the violet flame of purity, of love, of transmutation.

Welcome these healing, transformational energies of the unicorns, the dragons, and of St. Germaine’s violet flame into all time-streams that Gaia has ever existed in. Send it to the dark ones who are now running in fear. Encase them in light, and send them to the Great Central Sun. They can run no longer. Send the violet fire to Gaia’s once-beautiful oceans and make them healthy and whole again. Send it to her creatures, renewing them. Send it to her kingdoms, restoring them, reviving them. Send it to the elementals who have worked tirelessly, invisibly without much notoriety for so long – send this love to them such that all of Gaia is now enveloped in these powerful flames; the rainbow flame of the Unicorn consciousness, the Christed flame of the dragons and the violet flame, so that ALL IS LIGHT and ALL IS LOVE and feel the peace of these words. Soak them in. Allow them into you and become them. Send these codes of energetic change and metamorphosis into your ascending clay form and transform into the crystalline light. Send it to all of your myriad of lives, of experiences and be healed. Now claim your healing. Claim your power. Claim your ascension.

I am Starlight of the unicorn race with my friends of the ascended dragon kingdom. We surround you in a bubble of infinite love and light. You are well insulated, friends. Be the light. I am Starlight, ever-ready should you need to call on me. I am your friend, Starlight. Be at peace, human friend, and be the light that is within you.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl