The Collective of Guides: New Form of Thought

collective masters eraoflightdotcomThe latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings, friends! We are happy to have this time to speak with you.

In the midst of the seemingly unending chaos you are seeing in your world, please know that we are with you at every moment.

You have come in at this time to anchor Light, calm, Peace, and a new form of thought into your Earth, which has not existed on this planet for a very long time.

That form of thought, once it becomes the norm, will change everything, because it is a language of the high heart, not merely the left-brain ego-mind.

And so you will see people trading ideas and information more and more via what you have called telepathy, which is really just a form of energy transfer.

This is a form of communication that is pure, and does not allow for misunderstandings of meaning or intent.

You will also see people increasingly going to healers who work with sound and vibration, or with color and Light — which is how people were healed for thousands of years on the Earth, before those forms of healing became outlawed.

You will also increasingly realize that you can live your Earth life noticing, of course, when things are not going perfectly for you or others, but not being affected by those events or situations as you once were.

You will sense and experience new forms of objectivity which have to do with a neutrality that is a nonjudgment in the heart-mind.

You will experience some difficult outer circumstances perhaps, but you will respond with Love, not defensive reaction.

So that even when you choose to respond to something you may have once judged as difficult, you will do so with kindness and patience.

And so, be aware that so many changes are occurring now, and that the seemingly tumultuous situations you see around you now are only the birth pains of a new Earth experience.

We have spoken of this often.

Yet we see within you now the spark of recognition, the belief that things can vibrate at a far higher level than they have for millennia, without a wishful thinking element, or a feeling that “it’s too far away to call real.”

There is nothing you cannot create, once your focus is aligned with your existence.

And by that we mean, once your intent is clear and held steadily, and your overall self — your heart, mind, and physical body — are all relaxed, yet concentrating on not the “need” for what you are creating, but glorying in the fact of it.

This includes the beautiful images you hold of what you are creating, the feeling of its presence in your life.

Loving something before it appears counts as it already being in your life, because it is already there energetically.

This includes your Love of the Creation process, and of what you are creating, so that you desire it only to appear when the time is Divinely right for it to do so.

This is the crux of manifestation.

Not the grit-toothed determination to outsmart the Universe if necessary to create what you need or want, but the Joy of knowing you are a co-Creator.

The Joy of walking through the process of planning for what you are creating — creating a space for it to appear and to be — and welcoming it with open arms.

In this way, you Love the process by which it comes to you as much as the outcome, for they are the same.

You are not taught this, we realize.

You are taught that visible results are all that matters, and that until that moment arrives, you are encouraged to feel as if you have failed your vision in some way, and missed the most important steps to creating it outwardly.

We can tell you that none of that is so.

And that deep within your soul life, and deep in your heart-mind, you know that the process can only ever be about Joy and fulfillment, and knowing your own beauty and power.

So look upon your Earth now as a new planet, rebirthing and re-forming so as to exist on a much higher level.

And look upon your Life as a new Life, registering at a far higher frequency than the old one.

Stay a bit separate from all you see now that is difficult for you to process.

Allow the Creation process, with all its rumblings and tossing about, and release judgment of yourself and others.

This will assist you in not losing your life energies to situations that you do not directly influence.

Your Light is in fact powerfully influencing all life on the planet on many levels, though in ways you cannot yet see.

Remain calm in your energies at every possible moment, and know that you and your journey are sacred, irreplaceable, and greatly admired by all of us who are assisting from our places on Earth and in the higher realms.

Concentrate on the Joy of co-Creating that which you envision, and let that Joy beam out from you to all you whom you send your Light and compassion to now.

They will feel your presence, and know they are not alone.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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