Goddess of Creation: The Vibration of Forgiveness

divine mother eraoflightdotcomForgiveness can bring up different emotions in people. Sometimes people get resentful and believe that forgiveness is ‘saying’ that something is ‘okay’. The truth is that forgiveness is a vibration that creates change in you that transforms your realities.

During this journey, the Goddess of Creation spoke at the beginning about how the collective consciousness is transforming with more people able to live in the 5th dimension. Once we arrived in the All That Is she took this further with us by speaking about the energies that keep us out of the 5th dimension. Most often it is any 3rd dimensional emotion such as anger, fear, resentment, frustration or anything else that holds you in a rut.

As the Goddess infused forgiveness into our energy it began to do amazing things! Forgiveness will neutralize the emotions that have held you back. Forgiveness will go in a peal away layer upon layer of the old stuck energies. Forgiveness is not about saying ‘I forgive you, what you did was okay’. It’s about clear out the vibrations of old hurts so that you can vibrate at a higher level. As people cleared there energies it was as if sparkling, 5th dimensional energies were infusing everyone.

As soon as forgiveness worked on your energy; love immediately followed giving your energy fields an alternative in which exist. This is a powerful transformation!

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with love, with light, with joy, with excitement! I am happy, of course, I’m always happy!

However, I am happy that so much transition has taken place upon the earth. It’s very interesting to look at it from the detached perspective of the All That Is and other higher vibrations because this tipping point actually took place about four-five years ago and now that tipping point is finally moving into the collective consciousness of the earth. You, the lightworkers of the world have done a phenomenal job of clearing out the old vibrations and manifesting the fifth dimension and higher into your everyday reality.

If you think, “It’s not working. It’s not working, what’s happening? When is it going to be here? When is my stuff going to be happening for me?” the time is now and the time is here. We’ve said this before and it has always been true before. When there is a massive transformation that is moving through society in the way that this is, there always going to be layers and layers and layers within one particular situation and then there might be a plateau and then layers and layers and layers and you are still in that same level of transformation but these are the very subtleties that are within any situation or any change or any transformation taking place upon the earth.

So I salute you. I salute you for hanging in there, I salute you for listening with your intuitive gifts to what is real for you, to what is right for you. I salute you for choosing to be upon the earth at this time. Indeed, amazing transformations are taking place.

So much is happening with the vibration of the earth, with the integration of the crystalline energies. So the crystalline energies are frequently associated with the fifth dimension. It’s a vibration that brings in the quad four physics. It’s a vibration that brings with it this new era that is taking place upon the earth. What’s important to understand about that is that it’s giving you potentials.

You will have the potential to live your life in a different way. I can hear some of you saying, “Well we’ve always had that potential, that’s nothing new.” Indeed, however one of the things that I am working with and many other Angels and Star beings are working with people is to help you to understand how you can move into new and different realities or new and different choices.

You may think to yourself, “Well this is what I’ve wanted. I haven’t changed my mind. I still want what I always wanted” and I would invite you to say if that is your truth, then let it go. It makes people so mad when I say that and I get it. When you have been in a place of seeking to manifest a change that seems like it’s always right there, right outside your reach, just beyond you and what your everyday reality is, it creates a rut in which you’re just going around and around and around. So in this journey tonight let‘s let all that go.

What you may find is that there is a higher vibration of the same thing they but you may find is that what you were seeking to manifest for so long is actually limited for you and it would just put you right back in this cycle. I would love to work with you in this channel this evening so that you may step outside the truth as it is for you. I would love for you to be able to recognize that reality manifest on many different levels and can be internalized or expressed in many different ways. This is a truth. It is a reality.

I, therefore, ask you to be very clear and honest with yourself during this journey tonight. That you may go as deeply within you as you need to so as to manifest that which you seek. And by that I mean it may not be what you always wanted but that which you seek which comes from your heart of hearts or it comes from that direct alignment with source or that comes from that space that feels you with unlimited joy, excitement, love or potential. Know it is not just for somebody else. This can be for you.

With that, I ask that you take stock of yourself in this now moment. As you allow your focus to go within you, while you’re still here very grounded in your everyday reality consider a few things, whatever that may be that seem like they’re perpetually repeating like, like something is just going around and around and around, just acknowledge it in this moment. And we’re just going to take that energy or that essence as you move into the All That Is.

Allow your focus and your energies to breathe all the way through you so that you send that beam of light into Gaia. You send it down into the earth. As you do so you link your vibration and your energy links with the earth, spreading out in different directions so that you may find that place where you can anchor and feel the essence and the vibration of the earth as it anchors and supports you. You then let that energy come back up through you and it goes out through the top of your head and you send that vibration up until you align with your higher self.

Some of you feel very distinctly what this is; others still just a generalized sensation. When you have the intention of linking with your higher self you link.

As you feel your energies expanding maybe some of those intentions or desires are still hanging around here in a place of creation. ~ Whew~ Clear the space out. I could feel a lot of you letting go of whatever was here within this space.

As you allow yourself to expand in the space of your higher self take a moment and just feel that flow as you move from here in your higher self into your human so that you may see how easy that flow is and how close you are.

I invite you to then follow that stream of light that went from you the human into your higher self, it moves even further until you find yourself connecting with your soul essence or your I AM Presence. As you feel yourself connect have that clear intention that you merge fully with your divinity.

As you align with your divinity you are opening up to past lives, to other experiences; you are opening up to that direct alignment with the Central Spiritual Sun which is the soul or the source of everything.

Feel this vibration, feel this essence and what it is for you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out merging my energies with yours so that as we merge it transforms or transcends until you find yourself within the All That Is.

The All That Is has many, many layers of vibrations and dimensions within it.

From within this group, you have ascended through many, many, many layers and then depending on wherever you are in your own life there may be a time when you shift into a different part of the All That Is. For us, we have created a space as a group in which we, meaning I the Goddess and God, the Angels, the Star Beings we are all here because we know this is a place of alignment with you or anybody else that is in that similar vibration or pattern.

We work with the energies of this space so as to keep it vibrant and dynamic and in a flow of movement.

We also work with this vibration so as to assist you by working through your own personal Angels and guides, by working with your divinity and allowing for all of that to flow into your everyday reality.

This is a space of love. This is a space of the limitless potential. This is a space for you to try on different hats or try on different opportunities of how to live your life.

In that regard, I spoke earlier of moving into this more consistent vibration. There are indeed some people that might get stuck in a pattern, where to just to give you a visual, where they get up, they live their lives, they might have frustrations, they might have some good stuff and then they go to bed and then they get up and live their lives and they’re constantly moving in this cycle. Some might say they are oblivious, they don’t think about anything else outside of that, some of them may be frustrated or unhappy and yet they’re still going around and around. However, this fifth dimension vibration is so anchored within the earth plane now that it’s as if within that ever revolving cycle there are these sparkles of light and these sparkles of light represent the higher vibration.

The individual that is stuck in that ever circling reality is unaware that all of these sparkles are around them than and that the change they keep asking to have is right there. This is the difference in vibration. When someone is at a particular vibration unless you make a conscious choice to clear out or to open up or to become in alignment with the higher vibration you are unaware that it is going on.

The things that might keep people in that endless cycle are lower vibrations and their ego, in most cases. Well, in all cases it is a lower vibration and in many, many cases it is your ego that is keeping you in that pattern frequently through the self talk or your belief systems or howsoever that relationship is between you as source and you as the human in this life.

Let us take a moment where I invite you to create a space. I would like it to feel very loving and nurturing to you. So perhaps you have those things around you that feel to you as if they love and support you, maybe people, maybe things. As you create this space for yourself I then ask you, what is something that just hurts inside of you? I saw such a broad spectrum with that, so let me speak of it as emotional. Are there certain emotions that you just feel like you cannot get beyond and those emotions keep pulling you back and pulling you back and pulling you back. Frequently it’s when you are critical or judgmental of yourself, if this is the case, I ask you to just be quiet for a moment, to just go within yourself and invite forgiveness to be a part of you in this now moment.

As I ask you about forgiveness, what within your life would ease off, transform, clear out if forgiveness was taken within you? Most everyone in their life at one point or another has been very mad at someone else, has been hurt by someone else; so often forgiveness is about reaching out to that individual as if to say, “I forgive you”. That is an old belief system and if that is anything at all within your belief system ~whew~ let it go, let it go.

There are many, many situations in which you can ask for forgiveness or say you forgive an individual and it creates a greater communication between you and that person and it releases old stuck energy and it can be extremely helpful to you. That is one path of forgiveness. However, another path of forgiveness is one in which you focus upon the vibration of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the vibration that is intended to come within you, be it here in the All That Is or in your everyday reality and forgiveness works with the vibration of love to transform your energy. Consider something within your life in which you’ve been carrying around a burden, maybe it was something you did to somebody else that created hurt both for you and that person, maybe it was something that somebody else did to you and you’ve carried around the pain, the sorrow, the anger of whatever that situation might be.

If you allow yourself to be in this moment, where you are here in this space, where you are surrounded by that which supports you and helps you to feel good and then you allow that situation to come up for you, in most cases immediately your vibration lowers because when you are in a place of anger it drops your vibration. When you are in a place of fear it drops your vibration. When you are in a place perhaps of vengeance it drops your vibration; so in other words, the results of what that situation may be is causing you to have this lower vibration because those emotions or perhaps the belief system continues to be dragging within you. Sometimes it’s a dull ache that just won’t go away. So for whatever reason, you have those or any other emotions that are pulling you down take a moment and just feel the vibration of forgiveness as it moves through you.

You could also right on the heels of that, bring through the vibration of love.

As these vibrations are working with you they can neutralize or clear out those old vibrations and I ask you if only for these few minutes to just let it all go. Allow yourself to focus on the love that comes hand-in-hand with forgiveness as a means of supporting you.

Be open allowing that vibration to transform moving through your emotions and into every part of your consciousness and then let it move into your unconsciousness. You feel the wash of forgiveness followed by the wash of love.

Allow them to just naturally transform anything that has been pulling you down.

You then move into your mental body. Those thoughts, those beliefs, those parts of you that are in that old stuck vibration, it knows what it knows and it thinks that is the only truth and that nothing can change that. There is a part of your ego or your belief system that just keeps eating away, like if it is eating away at you. So we, therefore, tap into the belief systems howsoever that may be for you and we just simply transform the beliefs with the vibration of forgiveness and love.

As you know, when it comes to your ego, there is that part that just wants to hang on, hang on, hang on even when it knows it’s not good for you; it just holds on to what it knows. So in place of those belief systems, let us create some new.

“I choose a life that is aligned with the fifth dimension and higher. As I vibrate at a level of the fifth dimension or higher, I release anything that no longer serves me. If there are old thoughts and old beliefs that I have been stuck within a particular pattern I ask them to clear out now ~whew~ and then even if they still come up, I simply love and embrace myself whenever that may be. There are times when I may choose a particular pattern or vibration and all these other things pull me out of that choice, therefore, I ask that my ego continue to work in this new vibration that allows for my new potentials to come in.”

Take a moment allowing for all of these things to readjust within you, rebalancing your emotions, rebalancing your thoughts, rebalancing your vibration.

There are powerful waves moving through each one of you and for many of you, it is as if that part of your soul or that part of your creation is standing here saying, “I’m ready. I’m here. I am ready to merge with you so that we may move forward in life.”; as we consciously sit in this flow of energy and love open up to those potentials that you have been creating allowing them to come into your energy field.

There we go. I invite you to put forth an intention that for as long as you need to do so anytime something comes up in your thoughts or your emotions that you simply bring in the vibration of forgiveness, followed immediately by love.

As I’m watching each one of you I can see that in some it’s like this instinct, just change, change, change, that just happens immediately. I can see for others, this is very patient, loving part of you that says. “I am here, I am ready whenever you allow me in”, therefore let us work with that vibration.

As you are living your life, I invite you to bring within and around you the vibration of allowing. Allow these gifts to come into your reality. Allow that sparkling light energy around you to come into your reality. Allow yourself that potential to change. Allow forgiveness. Allow love.

Another way of considering this is, surrender. Surrender to love, to the light vibration, to whatever is bringing you that which is in your highest and best interest. It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about love. It’s about expressing your life from a reality based in love.

Now I saw every one of you receiving your new potentials and receiving everything that is here for you. So take a moment and ask, “What is in my highest and best interest for this next phase of my life?”

Ask yourself, “As I am open to receive this potential, I ask that my human personality ego, howsoever you want to describe it, be open to surrender to this potential receiving and allowing for transformation to take place.”

Let us have a sense of just wiping clean the slate and let us ask again; “You know what I desire to have within my life that is yet has not manifested with clearing out, with releasing, with transforming, I now ask what is in my best interest moving forward?”

What I saw taking place for many of you is that some of these things that you held onto for so long are just simply gone and if it’s something that you wanted for a long, long time and it really is not in your best interest and therefore has not manifested then take away the desire, take away that vibration, take away anything at all that’s still stuck. Therefore, as you move forward, how is this going to look? What would you like to have? How should you live your life?

Take a deep breath in, let those potentials just flow through you, through your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, your consciousness, your unconsciousness, let all of these opportunities make themselves known to you on every level here in the All That Is and upon the earth. Transform so that you spend the vast majority of your time within the fifth dimension.

I invite everyone to gather back together coming together as a group. I invite you to recognize how deep, deep, deep, a transformation has taken place this evening and you may feel as you are imbalanced, wondering how is this going to manifest, what’s going to happen, do I have my foot in two different places? Let it all go but gather together as a group, feeling the support from one another and the support from all these Angels and light beings.

Coming up within that you see that hologram of the earth. Look at how the hologram has transformed. There’re new and different colors that emanate from it. This is a reflection of the change in vibration. So too as each one of you infuse your experience from this now moment into that hologram plus the millions of people that may not be consciously a part of this all of that energy is going in to transform the hologram and as that happens it’s as if it shoots and then a part goes out into the universe and the remainder of the hologram comes down into the earth.

As it moves through the energy field surrounding the earth, it’s clearing out the collective consciousness, clearing out even more of the lower vibrations so that it can then go down into the center of the earth and as it anchors within the center it’s as if it comes back. It comes back up through the earth, through the crystals, through the ground. It comes back up through your own cord of energy that you anchored with. It comes up through all the water, the trees, the flowers; clearing out the old energies, clearing out the collective consciousness and creating a balanced vibration that emanates throughout the earth plane.

You bring all of your consciousness back down within you. From the All That Is you have that sense of moving through the soul plane, your higher self and down into you the person.

As you anchor these energies take a moment to look around. Make that conscious choice that any old thoughts and beliefs ~whew~ are cleared out. Feel that integration of the emotions that are within your vibration. It’s almost like there’s a rhythm that moves through it feeling that as it moves into you and every cell within your physical body, through your emotions, your beliefs, through all that makes up you in this reality.

You anchor opening that door for a new potential, opening that door that allows that sprinkle of the fifth dimension and higher to become a part of your everyday life so that you are less and less and less in anything less than that.

As you continue to move down the pathway that is your life, have that clear intention that the vibration of forgiveness followed immediately by the vibration of love are two like step-step vibrations that move through you throughout your day. It may be that this is your focus right now and then you get to the point where it’s no longer needed. You need only have love because love is truly the foundation for everything and this integration of forgiveness is but allowing the love to go deeper and deeper within you.

You are amazing! You are transforming your own life and know that I am always with you and within you.



» Source » Channel: Shelly Dressel