Message from the Angelic Collective: Christed Perspective

angelic beings eraoflightdotcomHello lovely humans, we are the Angelic Collective, singing songs of praise for the ascension of Earth is nigh, is here. And you human friends are in the midst of it, of the great and mighty changeover from darkness into light. We of the Angelic Collective reside higher, very high, and it is difficult to truly understand and see things through your eyes, which is why it is so critical that you experience it and inform your future selves of your experiences. For we are surrounding you, we surround you, but you offer your own unique Christed perspective of this changeover of the ages, that was long foretold in days past. Those days are here now. We have come full circle. For Earth, Gaia, was originally intended to be a paradise, and indeed she was. She was the jewel of this universe and is to become this once again in her mighty splendor of exquisite beauty. With ease and grace we see her preparations of her final adornments as a bride primps and fusses just before leaving to walk down the isle. For you see, you and Gaia are inextricably linked and the excitement you feel is your own soul returning home, returning to our beloved self, for this experiment is over.

We angels see many things, may timelines. We have known you through the ages. We have seen you on the battlefields offering your fellow soldiers your own water. We have seen your heroics as parents leading your children and your day to day patience as you experience the doldrums of Earth, and we see your humor and sparkle to make the day a bit lighter. You are our heroes, warriors of Gaia.

We angels wish to surround you with our love light, our breath of the new, of the new day that is dawning here within the hearts of men and womenkind. You are experiencing in this time-space the breath, the final push, as a women in labor, the final push is the most intense and yes the most rewarding. This final push is here dear friends, warriors of the light. We see many of you reading these words with tears streaming down you faces for you have fought for so long, so hard and so valiantly you have kept the light. Keep your light high. Keep your love strong. Keep your feet firm on the path of the rainbow bridge that spreads before you as if by magic out of thin air. Just as a rainbow seems to shift and move, ethereal in its beauty, so too the rainbow bridge is elusive, or has been. But with the light waves coming in, they are affecting your vibratory rate such that you will be light enough to match it, to cross it, to jump, skip and fly across it should you want. And don’t forget dancing! For this is a joyous time. The dark are being swept up and put into the dustbin. They are no more. They are not to be feared. There are just noise, background noise.

Listen to your heart. Listen to the crystals hum within you as you become crystalline. Listen to the inner space, the inner heartbeat of your own music and feel the delight in knowing that you are rediscovering your own magnificence, and there is nothing shameful or blasphemous about this. It is rather blasphemous to say that you are without the glory of God within you. For God made you. God is within you, is within us, the energy of God of the creator is all that you see. We are all part of the most glorious dance of life, energies that sparkle and spin, laughing, surrounding you, infiltrating all breath, they are everything. The All surrounds you. The All is you! Feel this a moment and breathe this in.

We are the Angelic Collective. We have seen so much growth in you, dear human friends, friends of each other and friends of Gaia and now friends of your own higher selves again. Welcome home, welcome back. Your mission has been intense, painful, arduous and you have the scars to prove it. But you have expanded into yet more love and light because of these lessons. We wish to please bestow you our blessing in these end times of the new beginning. For all is being made new! All is a new creation, quite literally! For you will see this and you will experience this and you will become this. The angels have spoken. We are the servants of Mother God. You are our current charge. We are always watching over you, always loving you, always taking care of you. We whisper in your ear, we surround you with love and peace in the midst of it. If you but tune in to us you will feel and see.

We are the Angelic Collective. Many of you are us embodied, offering a unique experience, eyes and ears to the whole. This is invaluable information. You are invaluable to the whole. We wish for you to picture yourself siting cross legged peacefully in a grassy meadow. It is about 11 o’clock and the sun is high in the sky. The sky is blue, you are surrounded by friends and family from the other dimensions now fully in form relaxing with you. Fairies buzz and spin by on the wings of the wind. Magnificent flowers of all colors surround you. You have been in lovely Earth meadows before but there is no fear here. There is nothing to be wary of. The animals are your friends, should they meander by. This time it is different. Here it is safe. Tremendous peace blasts through you, grounding you. You feel connected to the earth, for it is New Earth, your true home that you have been longing for – for so long. Your bare feet tingle on the ground beneath your sitting form. You feel Gaia’s heartbeat beneath you as you sit on her belly, her lap. You tune into her heartbeat and you realize it is your heartbeat too. You listen. You hear the wind and its magical whisperings. You feel the love as it tousles your hair. The sun is warm, welcoming on your features, lighting them up. You feel lit from within. Here we walk with you as equals, as friends. We sit around you now, gazing at our own fiery sun within, getting to know our own heart whisperings along with you. Our heart longs to serve the Mother. This is the choice of humanity at this final juncture – whom will they serve, self or others? Picture this peaceful meadow. Come here and be with us as often as you wish. These little jaunts into meditation function as bridges to the New Earth, to the new expanding heart space of the glorious multidimensional you! It is time friends to come home. Home is within you, just as Mother said. We of the Angelic Collective offer rose petals of love and eternal sunshine to you. We are your friends, the angels.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl