The Federation of Light: The Miracle of What Is

federation of light eraoflightdotcomGood morning to you. Someone asked if you could talk to us a little about time? You are not in it/of it … yet, do you understand it … as we do?… Gracious greetings to each one who chooses to uplift their Beings through connecting with the Truths of their soul.

We would consider it correct to say that we do not ‘get’ time as you do. We perhaps are aware of its ‘tickings’ yet, it is a concept that we do not abide by or reside within.

From our position, we simply ‘are’ at all ‘times’. There, for us, is the movement from one moment of now to the next. We do not set clocks for appointments etc. Indeed, there is no need. For we do not reside in a regimented space where one allows … with respect … a ‘dial’ to conduct the pace of one’s everyday workings.

It is not that we are for or against it. It became a part of the ‘setup’ in/of/on your Planet in order to have some form of ‘regimentation’, as we say. It began with the rising of the sun and the setting of it and one would work ‘around’ that. Now you work around a circle of numbers. A divisional break up into segments of your minutes seconds etc.

This has been incredibly beneficial to the human race on the one hand, yet, on the other, very much to one’s detriment.

I think we understand that. Thank you. Yet, what about the past, present, future set up? From our point of view, it is in three different segments … Then, Now, Ahead. Yet, ‘apparently’ everything is going on at once. This is tricky for us to get our head around. You have just said that you move from one moment of now to the next … is that not also the passing of time?

No, Blossom. It is not the same. Naturally, we will do our utmost to explain the best we are able about this situation.

We ask that you accept that which we offer as a possibility and allow openness of thought to win through. If you ‘dig too deep’ the complexity of the explanation would only lead to confusion. So we ask you to ‘ride the wave’ so to speak.

Sure! Where did I put my surfboard? I just hope I can keep up!


It is taking place in this one space of time.

You’ve lost me already!

Nothing that is BEING is of a different space in time, because there is no different space in time.

You’re using the word ‘time’?

We would say ‘time’ as a moment … a movement. We would ask you to imagine a vast Globe and within that Globe is everything that is. Every possibility that can EVER be thought of. Every fragment of an imagination is within that Globe and yet, that Globe is infinite. It is so vast that one cannot see the entirety of it due to its ever-expanding nature.

One thought can trigger another and another etc. Yet, the thought and all other thoughts triggered by it, are within that ever-expanding Globe.

There … just waiting to be ‘picked up on’.

Try to imagine that … the complexity of such a phenomenon. Yet, this is the wonder … the Miracle of ‘what is’.

How are you doing on following this concept?

Yep … keep flowing …

So then, that leaves thought for the possibility that if EVERYTHING is ‘there within that Globe’ … then your past, present, and future are there too. All that ever was/is/ will be is ‘ticking along’ nicely in its own little space of that Globe.

At this point ‘in time’ and we use this word for use of explanation … your focus … you Blossom, and indeed those who are upon your Planet NOW … are … switched into/onto … this particular life-‘time’ that you believe YOU ARE. And you are! This is your ‘project’ that you have tuned into because … here we are talking to each other in this NOW of that which you FEEL IS WHO YOU ARE.

However … at the same ‘time’ … all in the same moment of NOW … the YOU that is perhaps selling apples in a market square a few hundred years ago … and the You that is conducting the process of mentally gliding your Light vessel around a star system is also, only aware of that YOU … because that is where the focus is within THAT aspect of you.

Ok. So, I don’t even know if I can express my question! Within ALL that is taking place in the ONE moment of NOW … (here we go down that rabbit hole … where’s my carrots?) … Am I able to sort of ‘look down upon it /into it’ … this Globe of all that is … and ‘choose’ which ‘figure’ I would like to Be? I mean how does one ‘become their role’ in ‘their’ supposed past, present, and future?

Are you ready for this?

I’ll try my best.

You don’t become your role. You only think you do because you believe yourself to be separate. Yet, if there is only the ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … expressing itself in infinite possibilities … YOU … EACH ONE OF YOU … ARE EVERY ROLE.

You are aware of the expression ‘That which you do to another you do unto yourself.” Do you see? You are ALL … EVERYTHING!

If you chose to … you could take your Energy thought to Being a dinosaur … to Being a blade of grass. Anything you can think of … you are it.


You, who you consider to be ‘Blossom Goodchild’ … are the Entirety of all that is. You, that you consider to be ‘confined’ within a human vessel are ALL THAT IS.

Take this into consideration …

EVERYTHING that has … ever gone on/is going on/will go on … is within that Globe and you are everything in that Globe.


Only this week, I did a reading for someone and it moved into the fact that this soul ‘in particular’, would be very adept at ‘time travel’. I am imagining we are all capable of this? Silly question really, yet, you know what I mean. Can you elaborate on that?

Within your human capacity, you believe you are restricted within a certain ‘possibility barrier’. You have been conditioned to accept this and therefore, it has become very much a ‘Truth’ for many at ‘this time’.

One feels that they are not capable of many things. ‘Travelling outside of the human confinements’ as a starter.

With respect, you ‘think/believe’ that unless you can go somewhere and take your human body with you, then whatever you are experiencing isn’t ‘really’ happening. We respect this is not the case for all yet, many are restricted by this ‘thought’.

By allowing yourself to KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT CONFINED TO YOUR BODY … by accepting that your ‘SoulSpirit’ can travel anywhere it desires … it can! Because IT IS EVERYWHERE AND WITHIN EVERYTHING.

So popping back to the ‘space in the Globe’ that is marked 1618, for instance, is just a matter of ‘focusing on that particular space’ … Yet, obviously a little more involved than that?

No, not really. You are just so deeply conditioned to thinking it is.

Yet, surely, one can’t just pop down into that space and into a random body of a passer-by and then ‘live that life’?

Why not?

Far out … My brain just blew up!!

If you accept this Blossom … this that we say … THIS STATEMENT THAT YOU ARE EVERYTHING … ONE ENERGY … why could this not be so?

It does make sense to the notion that many souls feel they have been Joan of Arc or King Alfred or Joseph … in fact Jesus, Mary, … etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum …


Yet, that would mean that one could ‘pop into’ the Energy of Jesus and experience ‘His lifetime’ when He was on Earth?

And when ‘He’ was not on Earth … and when HE just IS THE HIGHEST LIGHT.

Why couldn’t this be so … under this ‘possibility’ that we are offering you?

I see what you are saying. Struth Ruth, what Truth! I should have packed more carrots!


And what strong conditioning has been in place for so long that you TRULY believe you are ‘lesser than’?

IF you are all part of THE ONE ENERGY OF LOVE … why would anyone of you be a ‘lesser part’ of it?

The ocean would not be an ocean without every drop of water that makes it so.

Phew! I feel we are done for today … and yet, definitely keen to continue on from where we have left off … next ‘time’. Many thanks, my friends. Your wisdom is so very much part of our growth. In Gratitude, In Loving service, I AM



Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

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3 Replies to “The Federation of Light: The Miracle of What Is”

  1. iamadamcpam

    That’s the best way of Engagement that I May afford to quantify the Aspects of Illusion gained, garnered and cultivated that (May I Be Polite)?!! Shall Progress Humanity to meet Her Most Admiral Role within the Concept of Quantum Intelligence Inebriation with the Entire Universe which She Now Extends to Conciliate Her Measure By Full: You Heard IT, did you not!!? In Words of Appreciation to Harness The Complex Language of Music…with no trail of evidence but that of Sweet Sweet Prowess!!? O??! And Passion?, of the Essence of Christ…

  2. Cheri Lawrence

    I think indeed what they are relaying to us is called “omnipresence”. One with all and everything. I can think of nothing more exciting than understanding and interacting with all realms of organic creation!

  3. Cheri Lawrence

    This topic is so interesting to me! My inner voices call it quantum immersion. I describe it as awareness moving like “I am here now”, and then “I am here now” but my team says it’s more complicated than that hahaha! Linear thinking has been part of the mind control as well as intense focus. Disconnected DNA stuck in dystopian timelines created through the hijacking of our lucid dreaming in the brainwave states of delta mostly (deep sleep) and then the memories are wiped and we are just left with the emotion of the horrors in these falsely created potentials of consciousness units.

    But all this is changing as we heal, these timelines of potential hell collapse to our cellular memory. This happened to the planet as well. She was part of the fall of the Nephilim (the archangels and celestial bodies). Her Torus field of timelines were filled with biblical horrors (floods and cataclysm), cloned soldiers, and secret space wars. The dark ones created this using humanities consciousness through brainwave manipulation and soul fragmentation. It’s why they target the children as pedophelia, SRA, severe abuse and torture fragments the consciousness and the soul withdrawls but the consciousness can be used to fuel the demonic timelines. I have witnessed a lot of these in this work I do on the grid. Sick, sick stuff using innocent, beautiful children filled with imagination and creator essense. Some are waking up to these memories now to heal them. Some aspects were bound to astral alters where fragments stayed and suffered unbeknownst to them in a waking state as memories were wiped. Some are used to travel to these timelines of secret space programs, mining slaves, fighting insect beings and so called off world encampments in dreamtime. The whole grid was MK Ultra inorganic false timelines. They are not organic nor created with consent. They are hijacked.

    Oops long subject but fascinating topic! It is why we all came from the higher dimensions to heal this nightmare that humanity was trapped in. Offered in love from my mission (grid worker/clearer) as my part of the divine plan.