Adama of Telos: A More Powerful Wave Of Energy Is About To Befall You

adama of telos eraoflightdotcom.jpgI am Adama.

I have not spoken through this one for some time but, as others have said now, it is time.  It is time to bring to you the next part of your journey, the next understanding of where you are going, here, and what is happening.

You hear from many of those that you call “the Galactics,” that we also call “the Galactics.”  But you have not heard from us from deep down within the earth, that of Inner Earth, or Hollow Earth.  We are here, and have been, yes, watching for some time, watching the experiences on the planet, those things which you all are going through, and understanding somewhat what you are experiencing.

But the vibrations, the vibrations of change that are moving across the planet now are something that we have been anticipating for quite some time, for we knew at some point this would begin.  Just as we went through a similar type of experience some time ago when the vibrations increased for us, not to the point that you have gone from a three-dimensional consciousness to a fifth-dimensional, as we started more in a fourth-dimensional basis and moved into fifth-dimensional consciousness.  So for you to move all the way from a three-dimensional illusion to a fifth-dimensional understanding is quite a feat.

And we have been watching and waiting for those moments that are very close now, where we can once again emerge from our, what you would call a sanctuary, deep within the earth.  I, myself, hail from that which is Telos, the city within Mount Shasta.  And from time to time we do come to the surface and mix in with those of you.  Sometimes you do not even know that we are there, do not even know that we are from below the surface.  But we are here, and we are preparing to open up many of the entrances to our hollowed ground.  But, of course, we, as those from above also, have to wait until we are no longer interfering in your affairs, where it would not be considered that, would not be considered an interference, it would be considered a helpfulness.

We are here to continue to reach out to you in every opportunity that we have, as we have been doing whenever we can, to share with you, to help you to work with these vibrations as they continue to increase.  And increase they are, more and more.  And all of you are feeling this intense energy that is moving across the planet now, awakening many, many from their long slumber, just as you awakened either shortly, or some time ago.  And many are preparing now to become awakened, for their so-called alarm clocks are about to go off.  And there are many even beyond that, that do not have that wake-up call, but will rely on you, those of you, to assist and help in the awakening process.  And for many of you, that is part of your mission now, in the moment now, is to continue to help those who are ready to awaken, just as you did or have.

Let yourselves now continue to embrace the light, feel the light, share the light, as it continues to come in with these, wave after wave after wave as you have been experiencing.  And a much more powerful wave of energy of higher vibration is about to befall you, here.  So as it comes in, let it move through you.  And as it does, feel the higher vibration within it, the higher consciousness within it, and let it take you upward.

But always remember to continue to keep yourself grounded here.  Ground with the earth.  Feel the earth.  Feel her beneath your feet.  Go barefoot more often.  Feel the energy from her.  For we are her, and she is us.  We are ONE with the planet. Allow her to continue to sustain you, to continue to raise you up as you raise up more and more to meet those of us as well as those from above and the many Ascended Masters who stand ready to assist even more and more as the energies, the vibrations, continue to rise to allow them to do so with you.

I am Adama.  I leave you now knowing that our time of reunion is drawing closer and closer, and many of you have been here with us before deep within the earth.  And many will be returning to us, even as we come forward and return to you.

Peace and love be with all of you.


Channel: James McConnell

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