Ashira: Emanating the Stability of the Equinox

pleiadians eraoflightdotcomHello Divine One,

We greet you in love. Heaven and earth are in a splendid state of balance today. Can you feel that within you? It is good to have these moments of conscious connection with you. We appreciate you, and take great pleasure in observing and participating with you, in this embodied experience.

When you turn your attention to us, you empower our participation. It is natural for us to co-create with you, for we are you, in a vaster expression and part of you is non-physical still and in essence, is One with Us.

Today is the Equinox.

You may be feeling within you a lull. A kind of pause. This often happens at moments of completion. The Equinox could be described as a fulfillment. A full alignment of energies, equipoise made manifest… and then movement forward, in a way. It is a fulfillment of potential and as such there is a natural kind of pause to this energy that you feel because of the incredible equilibrium of this energy.

We notice that mentally, and in thought, you often approach a day like this differently from the part of you that feels the energy within intuitively and with ease.

Mentally, and informed by many different ideas of what life is all about, we see that some humans feel the inclination to gear up for days like this. Some feel there is some need to do something specific – to leverage or take advantage of the potential of this day, and yet, the truth is, the possibilities of everything are already yours, always.

All possibilities lie within you for you are All Life, expressing and flowing into this specific form you know as your life, your sense of self.

There is nothing to do today, or any other day in the sense of their being something in particular that you need to do.

What do you think and feel about that?

How would you respond to our suggestion here that you’re perfect and exactly where you need to be right now?

Do you feel the ease and gentleness of that? How true and real that is?

So often in your humanness, you feel a sense of needing to strive, to reach, to create, to expand. To be deliberate about life and yet, the truth is, you can relax and let go and enjoy it all more and doing so will serve you.

Nothing is going on here that requires your up in arms attention. Nothing is wrong. Nothing need change and all is dynamically unfolding. You are powerful, creative and free, as you are, now. Nothing need change about you, for that capacity is intrinsic to your being, to how you are here and to the way it all works.

What you treat as real, you make real. What you feel shows you how much resonance you have presently with all you have become. Emotions indicate alignment with your own wholeness and learning to interpret them this way takes practice and so we repeat this message to you often.

Most of you still feel uneasy when you don’t like how you feel emotionally. You still think it means something is wrong or that you’ve done something wrong. You’re so used to thinking this way it takes conscious awareness – repeatedly – to remember that feelings and less than happy feelings are just an indication that you’re presently focused on what you don’t want or prefer and in doing so, limiting yourself and seeing and feeling life in less pleasing ways. That’s all. Nothing more.

This is of course, something that will happen, to greater or lesser degrees, throughout a life here, and yet is nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, if you were not concerned about it, it wouldn’t last that long!

When you noticed your feelings in this way you would realize/remember, “Oh – I’m out of alignment, that’s all…” and then, just like noticing you were about to step in a puddle, you would simply adjust your next move in focus, or action, or both, accordingly. Feeling for what feels better.

And of course, you’re free to step right in the puddle and savor it! If you wish.

Life, beloveds, is going beautifully! For you, for the planet, for All That Is.

All messages to the contrary are simply a point of view, and optional. This does not mean that pain isn’t made real, or suffering doesn’t happen. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t what you would label as injustice, or even disaster, manifesting in your world. But what it does mean is this: you are each and every one of you creative and capable of shaping life and that includes creating that which you will not like, and feeling that. And then? Changing it or perpetuating it, and life is reliably responding to you so there is this steadiness in the way it works that you can try out and learn, first hand – can be reliably used for your JOY!

Nothing about your innate powers is ever changed by anything that takes place here. You cannot create another’s life, but you can create your own, and how you do so may inspire or uplift another, and that too can be a very beautiful creation. A natural and most lovely vibrational emanation, or energetic by-product of your own creative lives.

So, the Equinox. You’re here, and the world is spinning round in perfect balance. This planet – always where you expect it to be, in the universe, in this precession, so much so that you can map out when this takes place, well in advance. Isn’t that reassuring to you? Doesn’t that connotate an immense level of stability in your lives? In this world? In how life is?

We invite you to consider this stability, feel it, feel it within you too, and stand in this stability – own it.

Feel your own steadiness as real and stable, too. For you are life and One with Life and as above, so below – so claim it! It’s wonderful to feel steady and strong. Make that real if you like. We suggest you do!

Dare to trust life and trust yourself. Dare to lean into it more, letting pleasure and curiosity guide you, letting what really interests you take precedent over what you think you should do, or ought to do. Daring to stand steady in your inner knowing.

Daring, to be bold and creative and let life gradually extend into new forms through the presence that is you!

How fun is that?

It is good for us that you come here and play around – we are very stimulated and excited by all you are shaping. It is what you wanted – this creative expressive life – and we remind you of the freedom you have because we promised we’d do that and that we’d come and join you whenever you call.

We’re a steady and stable part of your life here, too!

Just like the sunrise and the days end. Just like your breathing. Just like the sky and the air you breathe.

There is tremendous, stable well-being here! For you, for everyone.

Feel into that.

Hold that notion and let it emanate out from you vibrationally.

Stand in the knowing of All Is Well and radiate wholeness!

Radiate Oneness and Confidence in YourSelf, and in Life!

Feel the freedom and joy of that!

Tune your very presence into this exquisite balance and amplify this stability, this harmonic of truth.

Reclaim the truth of you, here, now.

This is easy to do for you are powerful and always creating an energy broadcast, so you can do this simply by focusing in this way, on this perspective: All is well and life is steadily flowing, unfolding as radiant well-being and I am too! For I AM LIFE!!

Feel the ease and spaciousness of that! Feel from within your inner knowing of the truth of that!

Then, Beloveds, Let yourselves be light! It’s who you are!

Light is power, capacity, expressive elaboration and it is YOU!

It’s a very good feeling to feel the ease and naturalness of that.

Well being abounds. Merge with that ascending energy and feel the natural lift and joy of being.

Happy Equinox Beloved Friends,

We love seeing you shine.



» Source » Channel: Ailia Mira