Commander CM: Ascension Update

et galactic fleet eraoflightdotcomTR: It gives me more than great pleasure to introduce you to one of the most brilliant and hard working beings of Light that I know of. He is a big part of our Team of Ascension Mentors and Masters of Light, assisting and sometimes heading up the orchestration of our Planetary Clearing and Ascension preparation.

Those of you that have done our Clear to the Core work, and sometimes past-life clearings, have met and participated with the Commander (CW) of the Galactic Federation (GF). He is a big part of our Team that assists in tracking, netting, freezing and removal of nefarious contraptions that are around an individual, on this planet and others, the Inner Earth and out in space. He has such a high level of compassion, insight, heart and awareness for this planet, the people and all living creatures, and enjoys learning from “Team Earth,” as we do from him.

He is the ultimate diplomat in our Universe, teaching peace, understanding and compassion everywhere he goes. Earth and Gaia, and Her inhabitants are his assignment, with the Sub-commander and their crew at this auspicious time. He works closely with the ArcAngelic Realm and other Ascended Masters, along with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Goddesses and Dragons.

I have quietly worked with the Commander for many years, and have always wanted the latest pulse on Ascension Updates. We are now offering the Updates to you, and suggest that you send them to everyone. Let them decide if they are ready or not! I think you will be surprised!

Meeting the Commander I met the Commander when Metatron introduced us to him, when we were trying to figure out how to deal with a huge situation I had discovered. CW felt it was time to meet and offer first hand assistance, which then made everyone’s job so much easier, giving us many more options to work and play with.

As our relationship unfolded, I asked CW to give us some ideas of what we as humans can expect for this Ascension, and how many will be participating in the first round, since I had been told it would happen in rounds. I was working with another woman at that time, and she was able to bring them in for conversations and work, which was ever-so informative.

Several Years Ago

At that time it looked like 200,000 people could possibly be in the first round for Ascension, and there were many possibilities as to what that would look like. It was not set in stone, since there are so many variables to consider. We were told, people needed to do much more clearing to raise their frequencies, to be prepared for the Light coming onto the planet, and the Light that Gaia is bringing forth as well, since she too is ascending. Then there is the tremendous Light that the Light-ships will be bringing onto the planet when they light down for First Contact – “The Welcoming.”

Crysta showed up in my life again, after many years, and was able to bring in the Stellar Skulls, the Commander and Metatron, along with some of the Ascended Masters. “Oh yippee!” Once she started addressing the Stellar Skulls, I saw all kinds of possibilities to explore and work with. We kept CW very busy and he started to refer to us as “Team Earth” and we have not stopped working together since.

Present Time

TR: I wanted to know how the Ascension Plan was looking, since “Team Earth” has participated in so many planetary changes since our meeting. I reminded him of what was said back then. So, we asked him if he had time for an update.

CW: Yes, this is a good time for one!

Right now we see a lot more than 200,000 people who are ready. More like 500K will be coming forth, and we see them lighting onto Light-ships first.

Some will indeed be helping others on Earth to move upwards into higher dimensions. And this is a service task which many of these light-workers are choosing to do.

So, it will be a greater group effort with the light received from the Light-ship visit. Others will notice how the change has affected so many who are coming back to Earth to help others. This gives others incentive, because they see the changes.

TR: Will those on the first round that go to the Light-ships, be put through the Crystalline Light Chambers?

CW: Some will – and others will have done so much youthifying on planet Earth, as the frequency will be rising – as Gaia is often continuing to assist in raising the vibration. So, many will be at a younger level already, and feeling the high levels of light from food, movement and meditation. So it is not everyone – no. Only those who have not been on a healing path for such a long time. They may choose to be receiving the Light Chambers, and this depends on many things.

Others will be staying on the Light-ships to assist different areas of the planet, into elevating the level of light.

So, using more Light-ships to light down and give others a glimpse of just what can be, is part of the process. Most of the movement into the New Earth is part of the “Welcoming” energy, to the healing Light-ships — which is a big change from now.

We are gravitating to open up hearts, so people know there is something of such tremendous opening and light, with incredible potential. This is part of bringing out our message even more. When others are sharing information of ships and Light Beings, it all serves to help the purpose. So, it is not negative, it is truly positive, that others are choosing to bring forth (channeling) many beings from Light-ships, and create an anticipatory level of excitement. Or, stated more positively, the more the better, to have messages from Light-ships everywhere. And this is important information to come forth!

TR: Has the process started to bring individuals onto the Light-ships?

CW: We have not begun this process yet. When the time is right it will be noticeable that many are leaving, for a curious amount of time – and just out of the blue. Some may be back within an earth day, as this is not a spa, as you can imagine. ( The Galactic Team is on a totally different timeline from 3D time, depending on where in the galaxy they are. One of the Motherships, for example: one of their days is 5 days here on Earth, and could be a month in their time, so a day gone from home, could be like one of our weeks.)

TR: Are the Light-Ships and Mother Ships ready for our arrival?

CW: We have a lot to do to prepare the planet, the Earth people, Earth leaders, Inner Earth and Gaia. We have a lot yet to do!

TR: Will people be in 5D on the Light-ships?

CW: Most will have felt the movement to the 5th dimension already. We can not bring ourselves down to 3D. It is rather a quick process, as many will be needed to assist their associates, friends, relatives, light-workers, and change leaders. Many communities will need assistance raising the frequency — which will help so many create heart connections in communities. These are the ones that will be able to elevate the frequency of the planet – and change minds and hearts alike.

Have you gotten Cleared to the Core?

TR: I had asked the Commander here if certain people that are working with Ascension ideas will be brought up onto the Light-ships?

CW: They can not come up until they have done much more clearing work.

CW: We are only able to move forward as the planetary influences allow. So there is so much of “Team Earth” that is ready, however we are not ready here. Nor are the influences, around regarding safety, understanding, keeping the peace among the lower frequency beings. So there has to be quite an adjustment.

Right now there are so many who are looking to be a part of the Trump leadership, listening on all levels and following like sheep. So this will take some undoing.

We had great hopes until The Trump leadership began. It does feel like things have had a reversal on many levels. And yes, I agree, that there are some positive changes that are in the works.

So “Team Earth” and numerous of your cleared clients will be coming along initially, and be a part of the start of great change.

TR: Any timeline for us here?

CW: So no set due date right now. We wish we could however. We can carry on this discussion more, this is a good start – right?

We have more to say and will.

Right now there are some pending duties.

TR: One more question? How is it looking for the financial Reval?

CW: This is so interrelated, we have a difficult time using the 2-dimensional calendar and time regarding this, with all of the convoluted snares and entrapments happening. So, a lot of obstacles are being put in the way.

TR: I thought that was the case! Thank You so much!

CW: Blessings to all of you, and you are so very welcome!


Note: The Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Goddesses and Dragons do protect the Light-ships. They have made it very clear that they do not protect any dark ships, including dark triangular ships.


» Source » Channel: Terra Rae