Ascension and Symptoms with Lisa Renee, Rosie Neal, and David Wilcock

spirit free eraoflightdotcomI hadn’t been able to account for how I’ve been feeling physically and emotionally until I checked in with my chums and Healer friends. But since so many of us are feeling similar symptoms, we’re putting them down to “Ascension shifts and Light Upgrades.”

Has anyone been feeling the following: Exhaustion, fuzzy head, physical aches and pains, intermittent weeping but not necessarily having a sad reason to weep, wooziness, weariness, diet shifts or digestion issues? Or just generally feeling whack?

I’d been worried I was getting sick again. I’d dealt with issues of debilitating exhaustion for many years but had, after seeing a great Chinese doctor for three years, recovered some of my energy and health.

Good news is I now know many of us are feeling what I’m feeling, so I’m not alone, which is a relief.

Here is a portion of a Lisa Renee blog that helps explain ‘what’s going on:’

“…In this phase, our physical body seems to require even more stillness and quiet, the need to conserve in order to gather the vital forces it requires to integrate the new instruction set into the cells. The intensity and pressure that many of us are feeling is deeply physical as there are energetic re-alignments and adjustments into a new Krystal architecture, in the larger timelines, in the larger fields.

Thus, a reminder that if things are feeling like your life is coming apart at the seams, or your cells feel like they are more fluid, the reality around you is dissolving or morphing in front of your eyes, many of us are experiencing these ranges of unusual to surreal to bizarre experiences and strange symptoms. We are undergoing deep cellular shifts and changes, which are shifting the nature of the reality. It seems that this event does signify another push towards more disclosure related information, and many of us are hoping that the full disclosure event evolves and moves forward into the masses more quickly now.

Since the first week of March, there have been ongoing intergalactic liquid rainbow plasmas entering the higher to mid-level creation fields, in which Starseeds and awakened people are acting as the energy conduits of the rainbow synthesis embodiment. In this activation phase leading into the March Equinox, it can be extremely uncomfortable in the physical experience, as the body must work hard to integrate these plasma frequencies into the body layers, and these are new rainbow intergalactic plasmas that have never been previously available.

Many awakening people are experiencing intense lightbody integration symptoms, the primary focus has been the purging of viral loads used for alien hybrid genetic engineering, and the electromagnetic weaponry.” ~ Lisa Renee

Here is a link to the whole Lisa Renee blog:

Virus in Genetic Engineering – Energetic Synthesis

A Healer friend sent me this video, which I loved:

Humanity is Going Through Upgrades!! From Carbon To Crystalline:

I also recommend this video from David Wilcock, because in it he answers questions about the Ascension process.

I’ve reached a place where I can’t read much “out there” anymore; certainly not the illusory chatter of the MSM, which I stopped listening to years ago, or the endless predictions from all sorts of “light” INTEL gurus. There’s far too much noise and deception coming from all sides.

If I begin to read something, I immediately check in with my heart. If it feels good, I’ll read on. If not, I move on.

For me this is a positive growth thing—to let go of 90% of outside chatter and remain centered in my own life, as well as keeping vigil for Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity.

To hold the vision for an eternal Golden Age, an Earth in peace, harmony, kindness, beauty, health, abundance, happiness, creativity, innovation, celebration, communication, Cities of Light, sparkling waters, clean air, lush forests and majestic mountain ranges. A divinely restored planet where all darkness and dark technologies are gone forever, in all directions, timelines, dimensions and multiverses.

If a few aches and pains are the small price to pay for such a glorious result—a beautiful, pristine Nova Gaia and her Kingdoms, and Humanity, all restored to our Divine lightbody multidimensional blueprints, who are each Goddess, Sovereign and Free, then I’m in. Always was. I’m just coming to know it more deeply every day.

xo, Kat


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