Message from the Angelic Collective and Mother God: Connect With the New Earth

angelic beings eraoflightdotcomHello blessed ones, we are the Angelic Collective. We serve Mother – Father with our whole hearts and are greatly anticipating this next phase of ascension, where more serve than wait to be served. For these energies from the Great Central Sun, from the Breath of the Mother of All Things, these energies are energies in motion. They are waves. Waves move. We see Christed light waves embracing you, and then embracing the next, and the next, and the next, covering the entire planetary realm in light. We see Mother Gaia glowing with light. We see you glow a bit more brightly when you connect with Gaia, with intention. We encourage you to do so more often, to connect with the New Earth with great love and intention and remember New Earth is within you. For just as you store the codes of Gaia within you, as your ascending form, you also store the codes of the new within you. That is why you have been told that you are the change you are looking for. These waves of light of energy of love are changing you from deep within, reprogramming you to be what you were originally intended to be – guardians of the realm, of this realm, of Gaia, to caretake and nurture and love her kingdoms in perfect balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, in complete harmony and joyful union. This is what awaits you. This is what you true template was to be.

Lock in and lock onto Gaia. Serve Gaia, and love her as yourself. We see more earlier vacancies of love being filled to overflowing. We see many of our grounded angels of service exhausted as you integrate these dynamic moving light codes. We see many more of you open and eager for yet more encodements to unlock and more DNA to recombine such that you become the Christed beings of Crystalline light that we see you all already becoming. We see many of these events as already occurred and occurring because we are outside of your time matrix and yet we are able to infiltrate with such messages every day. We interact with you angels on the ground moment by moment, protecting, loving and nurturing you, encouraging you onward. It is ok to need these things. It is wise to accept our gentle natures to surround your own and to become yet more filled with light, with the Christed light. We serve you. Whom do you serve? This is the time for self love to not be self-serving love, but all encompassing love, for there is plenty of love to go around. Now is the time of more love and service. Now is the moment to love yourself and others that surround you more completely and to embrace more fully this new lifestream that stands before your becoming, welcoming you home to the higher embodiments of energy.

We are assisting you, the whole universe is, in so many ways, we cry with the joy of the sheer volume of love that surrounds you and how much more there is and will be when you are ready to receive it. Come home. Home is within, where peace resides like Mother’s thickest softest pink blanket of pure love and light. Rest there. We are the Angelic Collective. We surround you with the pure Christed light, wrapping our feathery kisses around you with pure intention of healing.

Children, this is your Mother God speaking. These energies are very high today. Rest. Ground to your planetary mother and feel her life pulse beneath your body as your rest upon her. Great changes are coming and you are they. Look within and feel your connection to Gaia, to me, to your higher self and become more confident and sure in this connection. We are but a thought away. We are all around you, exploding love beams of pure joy all around you. I am your Mother God. Rest today and be at peace. You are so loved, dear hearts. Can you feel my embrace? I am breathing the Christed breath of divine light upon you, I am breathing on your heart, your crown now. Breathe my breath in. See? We are one. Rest today dear ones, and the heaviness that you feel will be lighter in the new few days. Remember I am always with you. I am your Mother God. Every breath you breathe in is my own. Feel my breath intermingle with great love with your own. Feel my Christed breath dance and spin throughout your cells, spinning all into yet more light. Rest in my arms today, they are wide open waiting for you. I am your Mother God.
» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl