Osiris: The Great Unification

galaxy eraoflightdotcomSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with Heru and he has come through in Spirit Form of Osiris – He tells me that his life time as Horus he was the Fulfillment… We are in the tide of Fulfillment… Horus often these days shows his Spirit as Osiris as the Ancient reminder that we are all rising Souls…..in this grand tide of awakening..

Dear Souls….

It gives me great pleasure to come forth at this hour to grant every blessing.

In this tide of glorious Ascension you have come to a greater understanding of the Truths unfolding.

For dear ones you have stepped into the Light of Enlightenment and Illumination.

I come through the Heart of my Beloved to the Hearts of you all to share in this tide of Cosmic Celebration for your Planet is now shifting it is now rising…

The Shifts within this System of Worlds is now unfolding and we are now radiating Light and Truth to the Hearts of you all as you raise into Higher Consciousness and Light.

For the Truth is a Simple One – It is one of Love… it is one of Service…. it is one of Light…. it is one of Healing…

For there is this Cosmos, the atoms of Light are now shifting as we are bringing forth a New Light, New Hope and Unity of all….

I come from a space not far from your thinking for many of you have known me in different names and lifetimes upon your planet.

I come to you in many names forms and vibrations in this Collective Energy of Light and Love…. but today I come forth in Spirit Form to commune in the Light and Love to share with you all that my radiant light lives on through the Dimensions of Light and of Love but more importantly to share with you all the Divine Truth.

Today I shine my Light as Osiris for it is with this vibration of Light I come forth to remind you all of the Great Rising… the Great Unification…the Great Binding together of all the Dimensions of Light and Love – to set a reminder to you all….There is NO death but only Life Eternal.

For the Atoms of light that come forth into your understanding as the Truth ignites and enlights as your raise your vibration and light to a greater understanding…

The path of the Souls now coming forth in Service to the Light… are enlightening to their Sacred I AM. For it has been said of Ancient Times “Know Thyself…Know thyself….and all is given true…” Be true to yourself and to your hearts… for your eye shall be opened wide to see the Truth within thee…

Release dear Souls and eradicate all traces of fear from your hearts in this tide of Ascension… embrace the love and purity of your hearts………..

The Atoms within this System of Worlds is rising and we are forming a Higher Light and in this the Truth of this System of Worlds shall unfold to the Purity of Heart…

The Polarity of this System of Worlds is now integrating coming together ….forming…. We are birthing in this tide of great rising an abundance of New Light and Energy.

We are shifting and aligning the Belt…for the Belt in this system of Worlds is Birthing all manners new… The Belt and the Belt of the Orion and of the Asteroid Belt will be faced with a major shift.

The Planetary and Galactic Karmic History is now coming to the forefront now to be released shifted and healed in the rise of of Higher Light and Truth.

There is in this now an inner struggle with the Hearts that are coming into the knowing and releasing of past traumas from their cellular memory and Mind Body and Spirit Complex.

All must be released in the grander state of Healing – for dear Souls your are now rising to a greater light.

All is well and all will be well….

I AM Osiris and I speak through Elaine this day.


» Source » Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio