The Council: Are We There Yet?

council of light eraoflightdotcomOnce again we are asked to address the question “Are we there yet?” Perhaps we should approach the topic from a different angle. Here is the question as it was asked. “During the entire last decade, we have constantly been told from our esoteric sources that we are so close to the Shift, the Changeover, the Event, our Ascension, – yet it seems today we are still so very far away from any of that. – How come?”

You are impatient for what you perceive will be massive and instantaneous change to occur. You have expectations of those things that you assume will be the changes that you imagine. You also are unable to perceive the changes that are, and have been, happening to and for you. For instance, the make up of the body’s cells has changed quite a bit in the past six years. The changes to your DNA itself are not being reported to you. And most of you are still quite incapable of perceiving the changes that are happening in the energetic field that you are immersed in.

You are deciding that change is not occurring because what you expect is not being seen. What if the changes that are happening are far beyond your expectations? What if, in fact, your expectations, and your insistence upon them, are acting like a sea anchor on the change that is happening?

It would be far better to look forward to the amazing than to dwell on your perceived stagnation. Notice, please, that we said ‘perceived’. We assure you that there is no stagnation.

Also, please understand that we see and describe your current state as compared to the amount of change made and the amount that remains to be made, and in that light, we can truly say that the tipping point has been passed.

You also have decided ideas of what Shift, Changeover, Event, and Ascension mean. These are mostly based on personal and collective assumptions. When those assumptions are challenged, when we have described things differently at times, you generally disregard the message and search for one you like better.

The instant, massive change that you want, when it is looked back upon, will be seen to have happened, but you will have acquired a totally different frame of reference, one that is far less based on the passage of hours and days and more on a scale of evolution. Fifty years of changes of this magnitude, when viewed against your history will be seen to be the blink of an eye, as you say.

There is also the fact that we see humanity. And you see yourselves, your friends, and your families. So some of you see changes, and some of you do not. “I have not changed. Frank has not, nor has Maria.” Well, they have. But as we have said, not, perhaps, in the ways you expect. There are even those who say, “Oh my God! What is happening to me?”

The change in your outer world is picking up pace. Soon you may wish it to slow down. We promise you that each of you are getting what you are prepared for.

Once again, we thank the reader for the question.

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