Saint Germain, Father and Mother God: Freedom of Spirit

soul awakening era of light dot comGreetings dear friends, torch bearers of the light! I am your St. Germaine, here to bolster up your confidence, although I see the faith of many burning strong tonight. I’m not sure that a pep talk is what is needed. For indeed all is of course proceeding, and now that we have passed through the 3/21/19 portal, your powers of manifestation are becoming a formidable force to recon with. You are playing with 5D now, figuring it out, and I assure you, you will get the hang of it. For most of you already have and all of your 5D aspects and higher up aspects are cheering you on from the rafters with vim and vigor.

You can do this and you are, and we see that you already have. And so, with manifestation, perhaps a brief lesson is in order, appropriately with this higher vibe time. It is incredibly wise to be intentional. You don’t want to just create willy nilly. What are you wishing to create? Abundance of what, exactly? Surely not abundance of more work, for you have had piles of that for eons. No! Now is the time for freedom of spirit, for the lightness of step that accompanies the gait of one embodied who knows what they are capable of and offers their hands outstretched in service, in love. My heart swells with love, joy and pride for you all, ground team. You have done the heavy lifting and are doing a mighty job of it. Operation Ascension Gaia has been arduous on both sides, but we are winning, the light has won. Now is the manifestation, the realization of this long process of victory, of winning back a world to the light that was once lost in shadow. You have been trained to call it sin in your religious institutions. I do not like that word. It holds low vibration. Let us just call it lack of illumination of spirit. No more lack. Now is the time of light, of rejoicing in your own magnificence and of course in the mighty power of the light and love of Mother Father God, of Source Creator, of our friends, the Company of Heaven, of our galactic friends and family.

We are a mighty beautiful family of light. You are not alone, friends. You have never been alone. The abundance of reunion is here. You are working with us as you sleep, many of you, and now you are more deliberately, with great intention, connecting with us as you wake. The veil has been torn just as the curtain was torn in the temple from top to bottom in Sananda’s day. The energies are shifting, many of you empaths feel them so much that it is exhausting to hold the light and the love, and yet, you do it anyway. Great applause to you! Can you hear us cheering you on with great joy and encouragement? We love you so. You are an integral part of our team. We could not do this without you and yet here we are doing it together as one team fully realized, even with the illusion of separation. No, we are one.

Many wonderful things are coming you way, friends. Be at peace in the midst of the joy of the great unveiling of yet more light. These energies are rocky – hold on tight to us, to your higher self, to Mother and Father. Let us ride this magnificent wave of light and love as one. In many ways the wave is already here, for you are an integral part of it and we literally see you holding more light. Yes, it ebbs and flows a bit as your mood changes, but more and more of you are more acutely aware of your vibration and are intolerant of much of a dip anymore, which is fantastic. That is a key part of being a master at manifestation – you must be aware of your vibration, of your energy so that you can wield what you want with great finesse.

I am your St. Germaine. I am always here for you. There is much, much more going on than you see. Trust this. Trust us. Trust yourself. You are strong enough or you would not be here. Take more time for integration, meditation, fasting, as it will benefit you greatly as this shift approaches and as you internally shift, which you re doing currently in leaps and bounds. I am your St. Germaine. Thank you for your service to the light and love. Be the light and love and more will flow to you. We are doing it friends. Operation Ascension Gaia is tremendously successful already and the great unfolding is yet to be revealed! Enjoy the revealing. Enjoy the revaluation not only of your currencies but the revaluation of your societies, of yourselves, of your true worth as a spiritual being. You are tremendously loved. You are tremendously valued for your service and for the sweet selves that you are.

Children this is your Mother God speaking. Bathe in my light. Bathe in my love. Breathe in my essence and it will greatly support you in these coming days of chaos and tumultuous energies. Find the calm in the storm, for you are in the eye of it. Remember the peace is within you. Remember I am within you. Remember all is well, all is most well children, for you are coming home. I am reclaiming my own. Ask me to enwrap you in my shroud of grace and peace. All is most well.

Children, this if Father God and I too am here tonight listening in on this most fantastic message. Manifestation is a truly exciting adventure! And you are doing it it! I love manifesting! It is so exciting to create beauty, love and more joy! It is high time that you New Gaians experience more of these things and we the Company of Heaven are excited to roll up our sleeves and dive in to provide you with more opportunities for joy. But we see that YOU are the ones that are blowing our socks off with your acts of love and service! I won’t say that it will get easier, but it will get more fun. That I can promise you! And we, your Mother and I, will be with you every step of the way, every moment of your creative process if you invite us along for the ride. We love you children! We are ever so proud of you. Take it, St. Germaine.

What else is there to say? You friends are tremendously loved! Supported! Valued! All hands on deck. The fun begins. Ground team, we see you as the super heroes of the faith. Until next time, I am your St. Germaine.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl