James Gilliland: Occasional Cortex’s Green New Deal, Qanon, Taking Down the Masks

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomThere is the red pill, the blue pill and now the green pill. The green pill comes with a 93 trillion dollar, price tag the hardest pill to swallow. It was voted down 57 to 0 not one vote was cast in favor. Is it the rotting carcass of the green new deal or the fearless farting cows after their reprieve? Something smells and it is called fear generated socialism. Her junk science rants have no basis in reality. Let’s look at the real science. There are two sets of data, adjusted data and real data. Global warming is based on adjusted data fudged by those who stand to profit. The real data according to NASA actually show the poles have gained the ice fields back, the oceans are cooling. The global temperatures are going down. We are entering what is called the Munder Minimum which often results in a major increase in earth changes. The sun cycles are the major drive behind climate change. The carbon footprint does not play a major role. In fact a greenhouse effect would mitigate some of the climate change which in fact is cooling. Without CO2 you would have no plants. Volcanoes have the best ecosystems. Reason this all the planets are going through climate change. Do we have SUVs on the moon and mars? We do have vehicles up there but they don’t run on gas. Long off topic story. Or is it? This is the real science. This is why the cofounder of Greenpeace, the majority of independent scientists all saying Global Warming is a farce, a perpetuated hoax by people trying to capitalize on carbon credits, government sponsored projects, some deadly like geoengineering,”Chemtrails”. I think stopping cows from farting is highly overrated as far as a solution to the problem.

Now as far as solving these problems it needs to be done by the private sector. The shackles have to be taken off restructured water for fuel, magnetic and zero-point energies. Many of these patents have already been released through executive order. This includes taking care of the health care needs. Suppressed safe organic natural cures, energy medicine, growing organic foods free of pesticides and herbicides, educating people that food should be their medicine will drastically lower the costs and increase the health of the nation. Considering the condition of our government why put them in charge of your prosperity, health and wellbeing? Many falsely be lie ve centralizing the power and wealth, putting it in the hands of government will solve the problem. How did that work out in the past? Do they teach real science, real history in the schools? Most push junk science and socialism. If you take the money from the rich, destroy the incentive eventually you run out of money. When the money runs out the prosperity, health and safety of the people rapidly decline. Historically economic collapse and genocide usually follow. Promises made on the backs of others is another form of slavery.

Those calling for socialism, making promises that are not sustainable from a sense of entitlement are the shortsighted narcissists that want to control your power and wealth. Can you see where this is going, did the light click on? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you think capitalism is corrupt wait till you try socialism, it is a breeding pool for narcistic, entitled tyrants ending in genocide. They will say all the right things, use all the right memes, tug at your heart strings saying they are the solution. They are not.

There is extreme abuses of power and corruption with the present system yet that is because the Republic was usurped by the global elites. They created USA Inc. Substituted it as the foundation taking over the laws and positions of power in America. America is a republic, governed by common law, the people, The Constitution and Bill of Rights. USA Inc. the global elites system is the problem. They are the war and disease profiteers, created the manufactured lack and have been responsible for the suppression of the cures for disease and clean earth friendly technologies. There is a war going on to free humanity from this global elite cabal which finds socialism as the perfect government. They fund wolves in sheep’s clothing to carry out their agenda. Centralizing the power and wealth with them, ultimately at the controls, fits into their globalist agenda of total control. They claim to have the solutions, as do their political puppets, yet they are the problem. Order out of chaos and the Hegelian Dialect, problem, reaction, solution is their modes operandi. They create the chaos, the problem. They generate public opinion the reaction, then charge you for the solution. The solution always means giving up some of your rights, your power and wealth. Hmmmm, sounds like socialist regimes.

What is the enemy of the globalist and their deep state? Those who want to decentralize power and wealth, return it to the people. Those who want to reduce big government, end the waste and corruption. It is really that simple. The globalist, the deep state along with politicians and their controlled, “Fake News”, media will do everything possible to smear, dethrone, and in many cases terminate anyone standing up against their tyranny on behalf of the people. Your President Elect is doing just that. He is not one of them. He is not part of the club. There are top people in the military, high level officials, news reporters of integrity and people in all walks of life who have banned together to fight the global elite, deep state and the narcistic pathological liars in the main stream media.

If you really want to know what is going on follow the Q. It is legit. FOX News is the watered down version. I was told years ago while in meditation asking for help to turn this planet around and end the tyranny, corruption, senseless pain, suffering, and ignorance, watch the Q. At the time Qanon was not even publicly known. I thought Q was some Star Trek like character, an omnipresent omnipotent being that was coming to save the world. This is against Universal Law and self-determination so it did not make sense at the time. I did not know it was a gathering of likeminded patriotic people some on very high levels who had enough of the tyranny, corruption, lies and deceptions perpetrated on the masses. Watch the lame stream, global elite corporate sponsored main stream media, corrupt deep state agencies do all they can to attack your “Duly elected President” and dismiss Qanon. That alone should tell you something. There you will find the conspiracy.

After several NDEs, near death experiences I had contact with what some call Ascended Masters, Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off World Visitors some call the Galactic Federation. According to recent archeological findings some are our ancient ancestors. It is time to grow up and learn the real history of Earth. We are undergoing a multidimensional planetary liberation. There are forces seen and unseen in this process, some enlightened, some neutral, some very nasty. The nasties have deeply infiltrated our political, business, music, movie, even religious institutions. The depths of which and their deeds are too dark for most to comprehend. It is as if God/Creator/Great Spirit has said enough, it is finished. The clean up will accelerate at a rapid pace and many will be shocked to learn the true nature of their icons and heroes. When you worship outside of self you are giving away your power. You are like a leaking battery. You diminish your own individual greatness and connection to Source. The masters have all said do not worship us for you diminish your own personal God connection. It is time for the power and wealth to return to the people, time to decentralize not centralize power and wealth. Those who have amassed power and wealth need to be more generous with those less fortunate, especially if that power and wealth was gained at the expense of others. Less government, not more government wasting billions, is the answer along with educating the people to live according to Universal Law.

Advanced civilizations are governed by councils comprised of spiritually advanced leaders with a track record of service to their people seeing the big picture, the Creator in all Creation. They live according to Universal Law which is taught to their children at a very young age. They do not compete, they do not divide themselves from God or Nature. They know the unique soul purpose of each child and provide all they need to reach their highest potential. They give in service back to the whole. In doing so they took a quantum leap in evolution. What a novel idea and far cry from our present civilization. You want solutions? There it is.

Don’t settle for less and don’t be fooled by the giveaways creating dependencies. Do not depend on others to create Heaven on Earth. The others making the grandiose promises are usually the ones that want to take it from you. Sovereign, educated people with their own personal God connection create from within and respect the creations of others. They lead by example. What is a sad reality is we are seeing a lot of people telling other people how they should live and want to govern them when they are spiritually and morally bankrupt not having their own lives in order. Do as I say, not as I do and pay me for my self-serving agendas masked as beneficial to the people. Self-serving narcissism and entitlement have become epidemic. How do you debate a pathological liar and narcissist? You just walk away. They are self-destructive and would love to take you with them. The definition of we, although brandished about is not in their vocabulary. Learn to trust your feelings. Step out of the matrix and social engineering. The herd is headed for the cliff. Food for thought

Pass it far and wide.

James Gilliland.


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