Kryon: Your Contract

galactic logos eraoflightdotcomThe spirituality of your contract said that you could hardly wait to come back into this planetary energy to finish the test that so many of you, as Lemurians, started long ago! It is so that many of you here, and reading this, will help to balance the very fiber of the earth to the end of the test of the planet.

You are here in this new energy to “get the ball rolling,” as you say. We spoke earlier to you about those family members who are back again. Some of you could hardly wait to get back here, even though you knew that the potential of the planet was to have you in turmoil—to even have some of you gone by now through death.

But none of that happened! Instead, we celebrate a group who is hearing and reading, who changed the reality of old Earth and is going to be a part of this creating a new planet!


» Source » Channel: Lee Carrol