The Heart of True Integration

cloud love eraoflightdotcomWhile it’s our greatest desire to be fulfilled, there’s often a belief suggesting that only through our specific personal desires can fulfillment come to be. This can create a tendency to chase after the fulfillment of each desire, not knowing that it’s the constant pursuit of desire blocking our ability to receive fulfillment. When too much seeking isn’t balanced with moments of gratitude and reflection, it creates aversions to circumstances where anything other than evidence of our personal desires are judged, overlooked, and denied.
Along a heart-centered path, desires may come and go and whether fulfilled or not. True fulfillment is not measured by how many personal desires are realized.

Instead, fulfillment is honored as an awareness of grace, or how deeply we’re willing to receive the gift of each miraculous moment. When attached to desires, we’re likely to be only looking for evidence of new things coming our way. If such proof isn’t found, we’re likely to perceive another unfulfilling day engaging with the boredom of the same old things.

As we learn to separate the reality of fulfillment with the fantasy of personal desire, we’re able to be nourished, sustained, and rejuvenated by our own vibration of light throughout each passing breath.

While this doesn’t mean we won’t or shouldn’t live out the fantasy of any desire, we no longer rely on it as our imagined gateway to fulfillment. Instead, it’s our willingness to receive all that’s given, while daring to view the same old things from new and exciting perspectives that allow a depth of fulfillment beyond our most insatiable desires to blossom into being.

This is the heart of true integration.

All For Love,


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