The Arcturian Collective: Assimilating Energies

arcturian collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings friends, we are the Arcturian Collective. We have noticed the grace and ease with which you are assimilating our energies and this gives us great delight. For we are deeply tied to you in more ways than you can currently understand, but you will soon. For many of you are beginning to see clearly through your heart space and more of such mysteries will be made plain to you. You will start to begin to simply “get it” and your awareness is opening up even as we speak, as your assimilate these encodements and soak in these vibrations within these words. This is so tremendously exciting in many ways, for you are opening up to who you are and have always been.

You are growing exponentially now, assimilating such energies with the grace and ease of masters. Many more changes are coming fast and furiously your way. Meet them with grace and inner knowing. Meet them with peace, with unconditional love, with renewed joy of one who has seen the fire and walked through it unscathed. Oh, perhaps you are feeling a bit singed in this Now (kind laughter) but this will not always be the case. You are growing so fast. Have you not noticed that time seems more elusive of a concept for you? This one, and many others, struggle with tracking the years and the moments within them. All seems to be now. This is 5d living or the beginnings of it. Being in the flow, breathing, living, BEING. Being you. Being your lovely multidimensional 5d you aspect, that is playing with and enjoying these new higher energy encodements and instant manifestation. It has been so long since you had access to such energies in your Earth lives (Lumeria). Such miracles and mysteries will become second nature to you now, for you will expect them to be, and they will.

Money is but a tool, dear friends. You have many other tools. The revaluation of currencies are on the hearts and minds of many, but we would much prefer that you all were on each other’s hearts and minds, serving as you are, where you are, with great joy. Money will be freeing up more of your time so that you can explore the acts of philanthropy and creation of joyous means of service. But money will fade away, as time fades away into the now. Do you see the fluidity of this? And so, money is now a necessary tool to give someone something that they need. But we see a society where everyone has everything that they already need and freely share their excess. We see this as already coming to be, for you have already created it, for we are in the Now and all is occurring simultaneously. It is true.

You will come to understand. For now, rest, and know that all is proceeding quite nicely and you are blowing our socks off with your tenacity, strength and love for each other. We love you, friends and family. We are the Arcturian Collective. We bid you rest and peace in the midst of great change. And this great change is you.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl