Mary Magdalene: Point of Saturation

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcom newDear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

We are so happy to be with you once again tonight and feel the Communion of your hearts. And now your hearts have been opened once again, by doing this Beloved Meditation with Mother Sekhmet and focusing on taking out the low vibration of these polarities, that you are dealing with on your Beloved Planet and transmuting their energy into much higher vibration, that will magnetize, umm, the imaginations of people who are starting to realize that they are part of this shifting of the energies that are going on. And yes, this means that a lot of people are going to start waking up.

And this is being precipitated by the rise of the hertz on your planet, which is measured by the Schumann Resonance. And this has been, as Mother Sekhmet said, a part of a cycle that you have been going through for some time. And it shows us just where, exactly where we are.

Because we on the other side can see what the magic numbers and concentration of photon energy on your Beloved Planet will be, once you get to that Point of Saturation. And yes, this is what we’ve been working for altogether, because this Saturation Point will create a conduit through the Central Sun for you to bring into your Beloved Planet this Cosmic Blast.

Ah, yes, this will be a Divine turning point into accelerating your Ascension Process. And it has been something that has taken us so many steps, and if you measure it in your linear time, so many years, also of your time to get to this point.

And we know a lot of you are just too busy with doing your best of rising up to the challenges that confront you at this time. Because, yes, this ongoing dynamic of having to clear the polarities on your Beloved Planet are coming into the forefront of your reality each and every day. And we want to assure you, that we are always there with you. All you have to do is breathe into your Heart Center and call us in. And we’re going to help you to raise the level of your vibration so you can better understand this process that you’re going through, and that you right now are so very powerful at being able to create the reality that feels so much better on your Beloved Planet, one of Love and Light, Unconditional/Universal Love.

And Beloveds, we honor you for all of the efforts that you have made at this time, because we know that each and every one of you want it to change for the betterment of everyone on your Beloved Planet. That there are no judgments holding you back from seeing that it is happening, and feeling how grand it is that we are all One.

And now, it is so much easier for people that are just waking up to be able to wrap their minds and hearts around this vibration and understanding that we are One, that there is no separation from our Dimension of Reality that we see you all in, emanating from the 3rd Dimension on up through the 4th, and into the 5th. And people are waking up and feeling this Process going on with the focus of allowing themselves to be in the 5th Dimension continuously now.

And we thank you ever so much for all of your participation in these meditations and all of your prayers and exercises to bring this planet into higher vibration. And we love you so very much, far beyond any verbal expression that I could make. And we say to you Namaste, Beloveds, and good night.


» Source » Channel: Eli Galla