Mother Sekhmet: Rising Up

mother sekhmet eraoflightdotcomDear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for being on the call tonight. Yes, we feel that we have some work to do, as always, with bringing our Mission another step toward completion. Because, yes, we have been on this Mission a long time. And Now, each and every moment in this Now, this present feeling, this breath in the Now Moment allows us to feel more centered, and that it is easier for us to be in higher vibration, than it has been before. And yes, a big part of this is that the veil is almost non-existent.

And it used to be just certain days of the year, certain gateways like the Lion’s Gate where it would feel that the veil was dismantled pretty much and that you could have much more of a free flow up into the higher dimensions. Well, we see that it’s happening, it’s transpiring continuously in your Now Moment.

And this is something that all of us, together, have been working on in the completion, as a stage to the completion of our Mission together. So, it is a wondrous feeling for us to see it manifesting, and that we are magnetizing higher and higher vibrations coming into the planet that are being measured as your Schumann Resonance.

And yes, we’ve been talking about this quite a lot. And you are in this cycle that is producing very high levels of energy spikes that represent the patterns of this photon energy that are coming into your planet to bolster the effects of the LoveLight into the consciousness, into the Collective Consciousness of all of you Beloved Beings and the Kingdoms on your planet. So, it is a marvelous feeling for us, that we see so many on your Beloved Planet getting primed for their, we would say, Awakening Moment, their Initiation into the Wonders of Interdimensionality.

So, Beloveds, let us form our circle and me bi-locating my paw to you and you reaching out with your other hand to somebody else on the call. And, ah yes, sending this LoveLight energy out through the palm of your left hand, around the circle, and back in through the palm of your right hand, and into your Heart Center. And with the Power and the Speed of Thought, let us raise ourselves off of the surface of your Beloved Planet up into the atmospheres.

And rising up ever so quickly and steadily through the layers of the ships, and approaching my ship, the Beloved Nibiru. And yes, just breathing into the energies. And now I’m opening up the landing deck in the bottom of the ship. And now, we are making our way up into the hover lock, and closing the landing deck beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down.

And we’re walking on back to the elevators and we’re getting in the middle one here tonight. And we are just rising up very, very quickly through all of the different floors in my Beloved Ship. And here we are opening it up and walking on through. And yes, we are the focus of this celebration here right now because, well, the party’s not going to start without us. Let’s put it that way.

And yes, you can feel some of the ancestors approaching you, and maybe you feel a tingle, or the hair on the back of your neck standing up a little bit, or even hearing a song. And perhaps one or two of these ancestors is an incarnation of your Beloved Self in a previous lifetime.

So, let us assemble around the altar in the middle of this Crystal Healing Room, where the Master Crystal sets on it. And forming our circle once again, me bi-locating my paw, and reaching out with your other hand to someone on the call, and sending it around the circle, from heart to heart, and all around the outer circles, the Mentors assembling around us, all of the Beloved Beings from the ships, angels and Ascended Masters joining the call tonight.

And transmitting it, this LoveLight energy, from the floor to the wall to the ceiling, up, down, around and through absorbing these high-vibrational energies that represent all of the higher dimensions all throughout all of Creation. And just breathing into it, sending it around one more time from the center circle to the outer circles, from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, spiraling this energy up, down and around and through.

And now, we ask you to make your own personal Intentional Requirements, for what you want to create with the energy and the focus of this LoveLight tonight on the Meditation. And yes, it could be for yourself, or for your Beloveds in your family or people you work with.

And it could be about a number of different things that you are being challenged with, that you want to see some changes with, such as relationships, or you know, being able to connect with the higher aspects of your being, with your Guidance Team, your I AM Presence or financial abundance in the Now Moment to take care of a bill, or a certain financial challenge. Whatever it is, just breathe into it, and direct it into the heart of this Beloved Master Crystal.

And our Intentional Requirement is for Peace on your Beloved Planet, for Unity to reign supreme from heart to heart on your Beloved Planet, where people will really understand who they are, and allow themselves to be so firmly centered in the 5th Dimension from this moment on that it changes their outward, material reality in a very high-vibe beautiful way. Just breathing into it, energizing this Master Crystal with this LoveLight energy, and the focus of our Intentional Requirements.

And now shooting it through the tip of the Master Crystal, through the opening in the ceiling of this Crystal Healing Room, the Nibiru. And focusing it down, spiraling it onto your Beloved Planet up, down, and around and through from the atmosphere to the surface, underneath the surface affecting all of the subatomic particles and having this spiral work very fast, very effectively, reaching into the hearts and minds of all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, affecting all of the kingdoms with this high-vibe energy, with these Intentional Requirements of Unconditional, Universal Love for all of the Beloved Beings on your planet, for everyone in this Now Moment to feel the Love and Light that they are and know that they can empower themselves no matter what their beliefs are. But that from this moment onward, that they are living their reality in the Now Moment, breath by breath, to raise the level of the vibration on this Beloved Planet, to bring about these changes for the betterment of Beloved Mother Gaia and all of her inhabitants.

And this means rising on up into the 5th Dimension where there will be no more wars; no low vibrations can exist in the 5th Dimension. And if you could resonate with the fact that when you are born, this is the dimension that you are born into. And ain’t that a wondrous occurrence to be born in this high, high-vibe vibration?

And once again, let us focus our Intention on Beloved London, England, because this is the financial capital of the Cabal. And yes, part of the Mission right now is for the Cabal to be unseated in power as the financial dominator, that it has been, by controlling the financial system for so, so many years. And this means the dismantling of the European Union, which has been called BREXIT, an exit from the European Union, and from the Fed and from the cabal having power over the financial institutions of this Beloved Planet.

So just breathing into it in a vertical spiral from the atmosphere, to the surface, and underneath the surface, affecting the underground networks, that are part of this Beloved City. And up, down, and around and through sending this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy into the hearts and the minds of all of the players in this financial institution that really is this Beloved City’s Government, and the institutions that it was founded upon.

Up, down and around and through vertically here, and bringing more and more of this LoveLight in to raise the level of consciousness of all of the Beloved Beings; not just the players in this financial institutional city, that is the capital of the cabal’s domination over the money supply on your Beloved Planet, but into the hearts and the minds of all of the Beloved Beings, who are going to be so deeply affected in the positive way to have their governments remove themselves from being dominated by the Federal Reserve Board and its Central Banks.

And now breathing into the Heart Center once more; and sending our energies, our focus, into the elevators in Mexico, and going underneath, accessing this underground network, the tunnels that connect all of the underground installations, starting in Mexico through that Beloved Country, through the United States and up into Beloved Canada.

And focusing it now horizontally through the tunnels; this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, all up, down, and around and through. And reaching into the honeycomb chambers of all of these installations and sending it from Mexico, through the United States, through Canada, up, down and around and through, breathing into it, feeling the sparkle and shine penetrate all of the deep, dastardly secrets, that have been hidden from us of their heinous acts, that have been against the imperatives of our DNA, and that they have used us in this type of slavery for thousands and thousands of years, by controlling us with their matrix, fueled by the artificial intelligence, that they brought with them from other planets.

So, this phenomenon of control, that has given them the leverage over us for thousands of years, has been around for billions of years. And this is very important for all of us to understand and take to heart at this time because this is a monumental step. And we’re talking about the Ascension Process on your Beloved Planet.

So shining this LoveLight in this spiral, horizontally through all of the tunnels up, down, around, and through to expand the range, the frequency and the high vibration of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, to render all of the manipulations, the lies, and deceptions of the artificial intelligence, that these minions of the cabal have been using for so, so many years to hide their secrets away from us in these underground installations, in this vast network of this tunnel complex.

And yes, feeling the energy of all of the Beloveds who have been held captive, and have been enslaved by the cabal, some of them are very young. Some of them are quite old. And we say to all of them,

“We honor you. We love you so very much. We see the sacrifices that you have made in this Beloved Lifetime. And to us, you are Stars of Great LoveLight and such Compassion and Understanding of what needed to be done. And you had the Resolve and the Will and the Focus to honor your Soul Contracts ,and play it on through the way that you have.

“And yes, and we see some of you, and your energy being disembodied at this time. And we’re sending over your I AM Presence, your Guidance Teams to help you with the transition to the other side, because we don’t want you to have to wallow in any more fear or uncertainty or any of the lower vibrations ever again. You’ve done your work. You have been most successful. We love you so very much.”

And we say to all of you Beloved Beings on the call, we thank you for all of your efforts, all of your meditations, your prayers, your exercises, all of the things that you do, to let go in the Now Moment, to raise the level of the LoveLight. We say to you Namaste and good night. And thank you so very much.


» Source » Channel: Eli Galla