Three Points

The Comments issue we had has been fixed. All is working now.


1. I will be sharing a Q & A post on the site in a few days to answer some questions I have received from readers. If you have questions about anything, or this process of ascension in particular, email us

2. I’ve been thinking about changing the layout of the page, to give it more of a magazine look perhaps. But I think I’m going to leave it alone, it is much easier to navigate the way it is now.

3. This one is regarding some readers’ complaints about certain articles being left or right wing. I am neither. I share what I share on the site for our visitors, it is what the readers want to see, and allow them to use their own discernment. What I share does not mean I may agree or disagree with what is said in the article. Since this site is more spirituality oriented, I have made a small change. All channelings and subjects related to spirituality will appear first, at the top of the site. Other content, such as alternative news, health, politics, science, will appear below that as you have noticed by now.

More information may be shared later.

That is all for now! Kejraj!