Mother Sekhmet: Schumann Resonance Change and Compassion

mother sekhmet eraoflight.jpgDear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it is our very welcome pleasure to be with you and feel your hearts on this conference call. And, ah yes, we have had a bit of a question about how we would address this, what is seen as a problem, of — with where you all are at, the people on this call. And trying to get across to Beloved Ones in your life how to make some of the changes that you see that you’ve gone through and how they’ve helped you.

And how to get another person that you really care a lot about, to have them come to the realization, that if they try this modality or they consider a certain train of thought, or way of processing energy, or simply using gratitude and forgiveness more in their lives, that they would really be helped. And that they’ll have more clarity in their lives and thus be able to make better-feeling choices.

Well, we say that this comes back to this understanding really of what Compassion is, because the person has their own journey. Each of you have your own journeys, and this is a Free Will planet. And this is one of the main reasons, believe it or not, that you kept on coming back here.

And you have raised the level of the vibration on this Beloved Planet in such a high frequency that you are seeing your base frequency of the Schumann Resonance change. This base frequency was 7.83. Well, we’re really putting a dent in that right now. And it’s in this progression, where it’s even going to go further along and get into higher averages per day.

So, in effect what we are doing right now is changing the base frequency on your Beloved Planet to a much higher one. And of course, it has to be this way in order for you all to be letting go of the density of your 3rd Dimensional duality and making this bridge through the 4th and into the 5th Dimension.

Well, that brings us back to Compassion because there is no way that you’re going to make another person ready to have these high-vibrational thoughts that are going to allow them to liberate themselves into higher frequencies of the LoveLight.

And how liberating was it for certain of you to have these thoughts where everything clicked in with what we call an A-Ha Moment, because you got it. You got what the channels are saying. You got the purpose of doing certain modalities, of letting go, of being in the Now Moment and empowering yourself with these high-vibrational energies.

And we don’t judge any of your journeys. And we don’t judge the people in your families who are just starting to wake up, or anyone who hasn’t awoken yet. We just want you to know that collectively, we’re shining the LoveLight on your Beloved Planet all of the time, from the ships, just like we’re doing, when we go up and do this meditation that we’re about to do.

So, with that being said, let us join together, me bi-locating my paw to you, and you reaching out with your other hand to somebody else on this call. And just breathing into the Heart Center, slowing down, relaxing and sending this LoveLight energy from your Heart Center, down through your left arm, out through your palm, and around the circle, and into your right palm, and back into your heart, breathing into your Heart Centers.

And with the Power of our Thoughts raising ourselves up off the surface of your Beloved Planet into the atmospheres. And at the Speed of our Thoughts, raising up, through the layers of the ships, the upper atmospheres, and coming upon my ship, the Beloved Nibiru. And yes, I’m opening up the landing deck, that is the belly of this ship. Oh, it’s humongous and we’re rising on up through the open portal there and hovering in the air lock. And the landing deck is closing beneath us.

And now, it’s safe to touch down. So, we’re still intact in our circle, and we’re walking back to the elevator that we’re going to choose, to get in here. And we’re all getting in at the same time. And we’re in, and we push the button and we’re rising on up very, very quickly. And now, we’ve stopped our elevator car.

And we’re opening up the door, and seeing all of these Beloved Mentors, Ascended Masters, angels, Beloved Commanders that represent many of the different ships of the Ashtar Command. And yes, the place is packed. And yes, some of your ancestors, perhaps you in a previous lifetime or two are right here with us also. And perhaps you feel a touch, a song, the hair sticking up on the back of your neck. Because, yes, they want you to be very well aware of the Love that they send you continuously over from the other side.

And now, let us assemble around the Beloved Altar here where the Master Crystal sets. And holding my paw, bi-locating it to all of you, and reaching out to another person here. And let’s get started with sending it around the circle from the left hand, into the right hand, through our hearts.

And sending it into the outer circles, the Mentors, angels, and Ascended Masters, the Commanders of the ships, and to your ancestors, and from the floor to the walls, and the ceiling, in a spiral up, down, around and through. And feeling this LoveLight energy permeate every subatomic particle in the Crystal Healing Room now. And feeling ourselves beings raised in the level of our vibration, completely merging, with these high-vibrational energies.

And now, let us transmit these energies along with our personal Intentional Requirements for what each and every one of us want to accomplish personally with this meditation tonight. And yes, it may have to do with finances, with health and wellbeing, helping your Beloved Children or Grandchildren with the Intention of making their lives easier in many different ways. And sending this LoveLight with these Intentional Requirements into the Master Crystal.

And we say that tonight, we want this feeling of Unconditional, Universal Love to permeate your Beloved Planet whereby people can automatically tell when they are in Judgment and feel how bad that feels. Because when they project that out to themselves, they will feel this boomerang effect. Because that is what we see transpiring now, as you rise up into the higher dimensions here, into these higher vibrations of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

So, we require that they become very well aware of this, that they are creating this, and that all they have to do is to breathe into the Heart Center and let go of these Judgments, and allow themselves to see the reality of what they are creating in every Now Moment, and let themselves rise up into high vibrations with better feeling thoughts, and bringing in these feelings of Joy, Satisfaction, Illumination and truly treasuring each and every Now Moment as such a Quantum Leap in their Spiritual Evolution, and in being able to create their reality in the way that they truly desire.

And now, shining this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy through the tip of the Master Crystal, up through the opening in the Crystal Healing Room. And spiraling it down onto your Beloved Planet. And from the North Pole, going up, down, and around and through, from the atmosphere to the surface, underneath the surface, affecting every subatomic particle, every atom. And breathing into it, spiraling it up, down, and around and through, permeating each particle of your Beloved Planet with this Golden White Light of High Frequency, High Energy, Unconditional, Universal Love of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

And yes, we want to open up each and every Beloved Person’s heart on your Beloved Planet, and have them be shining beacons of this LoveLight and transmitters of their own inner Truth to permeate the consciousness of this Collective, to raise the level of the Conscious Awareness on your Beloved Planet to be more and more receptive to these high-vibrational energies that are coming in, multiplying exponentially now in waves, ah, we would say Joyous Energy because we are celebrating. It has been a long journey for all of us testing this Density of Duality.

And yes, I was on your Beloved Planet more towards the beginning of this epic journey in testing the Density of Duality in Egypt many, many years ago, thousands upon thousands of years ago. And now to see it progress the way that it has, with all of you Beloveds returning lifetime after lifetime, putting your lives on the line, staying in your integrity, and multiplying these high vibrational frequencies. That now you come to a place where we see the change already happened up in the higher dimensions.

So, we want to shine this LoveLight once again on London, because London is the seat of this cabal’s financial empire. And yes, it is all crumbling. But there’s certain choices that need to be made, before it can completely be disassembled. And although we see that these choices basically have been made to disassemble the whole structure, which is why we want to send this LoveLight there, so that the people, in their hearts, will feel that everything is fine.

Everything is in perfect Divine Timing on your Beloved Planet to carry this Mission of the Alliance to fulfilling all of the requirements that need to be made so that you can be firmly anchored into the 5th Dimension. And yes, we are taking a huge step each and every day now toward the completion of our Mission which, of course, won’t be complete until everyone on your Beloved Planet who wants to ascend does so.

So, this has been a monumental undertaking, and it continues to be that way. But as long as we stick together, and feel the LoveLight in each and every one of us, rising up and multiplying, it’s a piece of cake, a walk in the park. And nothing can stop us now; particularly now that we’re seeing that it has been over six years, since you all have passed the marker for Ascension. And the energies have multiplied, ratcheted up, and brought you to higher and higher levels, so that you are in this progression of the Schumann Resonance, rising in this cycle the way that it has. And it will continue to do so.

So, all you have to do is continue to breathe into your Heart Center and to be in alignment with the Love and Light that you are. So that means being in the Spirit of Celebration, being in the Spirit of Unconditional, Universal Love, and knowing that that is your Truth, and being a beacon of this shining Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

Ah, yes, umm, on your Beloved Planet, there have been so many advanced technologies that are still sequestered. So, we’re going to scan your Beloved Planet right now. And we see all of these places where these inventions have been shelved, sequestered, put out of sight, hiding some of them in underground bases, some of them in warehouses, and that aren’t really a part of the underground tunnel network.

And so, shining this LoveLight out to all of these sequestered technologies, and freeing all of the etheric chains that these black magicians and the manipulations of the artificial intelligence have placed upon their release. And we’re going to spiral your whole planet with this LoveLight energy, because these different places, which we’re talking about, that are housing these high-vibrational inventions are very spread out upon your planet.

So seeing this LoveLight from the atmospheres, to the surface, and underneath the surface spiral up, down, and around and through with the Intention of Liberation, the Liberation of the Truth of these high-vibe technologies, being released into your Now Moment, into your material, physical realities, so that these Beloved Changes into high-vibe frequencies can truly come about. And you can feel the support from over on the other side from the Company of Heaven.

Because, yes, your planet has to manifest this abundance, this prosperity, this satisfaction, this satisfying of all of your Beloved Birth Rights. And to some degree, many of these inventions help to do that, because you deserve to live in an environment where you don’t have to be threatened by the air, the water, or the food supply. But that is what is transpiring still on your Beloved Planet.

So, spiraling this LoveLight Energy up, down, around and through with the Intention of liberation with the Truth coming out, and it being disseminated to the masses to make this massive change in the quality of all of your lives.

And now, let us go over to Mexico and get down in our underground tunnels, by way of our Beloved Elevator here. Going down and down, and now popping on through. And spiraling this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy horizontally through this network of tunnels into these underground installations.

And from Mexico, through the United States and all throughout Beloved Canada, anywhere that this tunnel complex exists, shining it up, down, and around and through, raising the level of this LoveLight energy, feeling ourselves rise up into high frequencies of Unconditional/Universal Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

Because yes, we don’t want to hold onto any judgments or animosities over this cabal. We know perfectly well why they have done what they did. And a big part of that is their allegiance to, well, what you would call Molloch, or Lucifer, or Satan, or the Devil. And all that means is that this is an aspect of consciousness that promotes fear and separation. And that is not the Truth of who we really are, as an integral part of the Godhead. So, spiraling this energy once again up, down, and around and through, letting ourselves rise up into high frequency here, up through, into the higher dimensions.

And feeling this connection heart to heart with all of the Beloved Beings who have been kept against their Will as slaves to the cabal, so that they would run these installations, and be the fodder for their ritual sacrifices. And this is basically how they’ve kept a lot of their Satanic energy over us, using us, and manipulating us, in these low vibrations of fear and separation.

And we say to each and every one of you Beloved Beings, who have honored your Soul Contracts, and played out your enslavement to these very dark energies that, “You are so loved. You are an inspiration to beings all over the cosmos, because what you have done required such bravery and such faith in knowing, that it wouldn’t last forever. But while it was going on, it was complete torture, to have to give up your Free Will, to have to give up your Rights, and be treated as less than humans by this cabal.

“So, Beloveds – and yes, we’re seeing some of you, that have left your bodies, but you haven’t crossed over yet. So now we’re sending, once again, your “I Am Presence” and your Guidance Teams. And now altogether, we’re shining the LoveLight on you, so that you will feel no fear and only our deepest respect and high-vibrational Love to make it so much easier to let go of your pain and rise on up, across the Bridge of Flowers up through the higher dimensions to go back Home.

“Because yes, you’ve earned this. And they miss you so very, very much and they want to honor you.”

Ah, yes, and to all of you Beloveds on the call, once again, it has been a very pleasant experience for us to be with you, to feel your hearts, to see into your imaginations, and your visions, for the transpiring of NESARA and bringing about this high-vibrational reality into your being and all it has to do with being in the 5th Dimension.

Namaste, Dear Beloveds. We love you so very much and good night.


» Channel: Eli Galla