The Blue Ray: Humanities Crystalline Blueprint High Fairy & Sylphs Realms

angelic beings eraoflightdotcomMother Earth Gaia Calls You

We are in the pure light realms of existences of kindness and Love and, yes, High Magic, awakening you through the crystals and your crystalline ethereal empathic blueprint.

Be among and amidst nature and we will sing to you a new love song lullaby, allow your heart healing through the luscious green of the trees, flowers and plant medicine. The blue oceans, babbling brooks refresh and restore your spirit as they have memory and enlightened code elements of the Light Body’s cosmic nature.

Allow yourself more play; it brings happy thoughts, inspiration of Creations to come through and naturally releases stress. It lets in the fairies. Mother Earth Gaia calls you, you servants of Light Song realms.

The heart of the universe from the Central Sun is sending the highest vibrations of Galactic waves of Divine Love: The Ascension 333 Christ Solar Consciousness frequency.

The energy increase of light on the planet is awakening in and to many the ethereal crystalline nature of humanity’s star lineages. As you are absorbing and integrating this light frequency, you will be able to see and communicate with us, the fairy, Earth Spirits, Sylphs, star and plant wisdom along with the animal kingdom, remembering our interconnected significance.

As your body and energies are changing and shifting frequency of light dimension, the crystals and your crystalline DNA are responding with increased vibrations. Your nervous system carries those energies throughout your body, enlivening new energy pathways and heightening responses.

Your spiritual body is increasing in light vessel structure, opening communications with the inner-dimensional crystal and cosmic planes. This is enabling a greater unity consciousness of divine power where a new Love of spiritual evolution is permeating all creation for all species.

You are doing this through your ethereal crystalline senses as empath director of the frequencies through your body. Take care of your ascended light body as it is your precious gem and you have worked diligently to accomplish this.

The increased emergence and interest of the mystical beings of the Pegasus, fairy, elves, dragons, mermaids, dolphins, whales are relaying your star connections of inner-dimensions, star and Galactic systems to the Arcturian, Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian and Andromeda lineages.

Ascension Crystalline Light Symptoms*

As the energies are restructuring new pathways in your nervous system, you may feel uncomfortable in your body as it is behaving/reacting differently. These are the times when you may feel clumsy, dropping and/or bumping into things. You are shifting frequencies so rapidly that your physical is trying to align and catch up.

Extremely tired for no reason and needing to take naps

Increased emotional response; cry easily

Sneezing, nose running, watery eyes

Periods where you suddenly feel ungrounded

Heart expansion, including heart flutters and palpitations

Times of sleeplessness

Increased joy and well-being

Awakening memories of being an Earth angel, elf, fairy, fae, mermaid and working with the dragons or lion beings and seeing them in your reality, dream state and being drawn to them

More inner- and inter-dimensional sightings of light beings, light stream ships and orbs and interaction with them

Experiencing simultaneously multiple realities, spirits and existence through your empathic sensory nature of enhanced smells, visions and sight

Increased manifestation of energies through your sensory awareness

Sound frequencies and using of those gateways and portals that dial you in for divine higher communication, miraculous healing, enlightenment, love, joy, peace and abundance

* It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

More of you will be having inner-dimensional experiences and transformation with the multi-verse as you will be bringing those aspects of Creation back into a vibratory uplifting of the New Earth consciousness, as you ongoingly awaken more fully to the majestic, divine multi-dimensional beings you truly are.


» Source » Channel: Shekhina Rose