The Team: Field of Consciousness

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomWe are here to honor, empower and remind you of your awesome abilities. Our reminders touch your deepest remembrances. You are first and foremost a divine spark of consciousness which has manifested a physical body and form. It is your divine spark and aspect that we continue to trigger by our words and messages.

This 3 D reality is very engaging. It is easy for the physical consciousness to get distracted in the maintenance of your physical life and activities in this dense reality. We observe how easily you can drop into the field of limitation and unconsciousness. There is no judgment regarding this; it is just shared so that you will be more aware and will better understand the power of the energy field of this hologame.

As you know, the physical consciousness has basically been programmed to accept limitations in all its various forms. These limiting programs are built into your learning systems, your religions, even your sciences. So we are here once again to shake this up a bit.

Many things are occurring; there is an energy transmission offering a major shift that is supporting and triggering mass consciousness to awaken to their true power and understanding.

More and more individuals like yourself are beginning to truly understand who you are and how you are a key player in what is being anchored and revealed. When an energy transmission is offered from the galactic realms there is always a need to have receivers that will anchor this new vibration and information.

You are a receiver. Own it and make it your intention to claim this gift each and every day.

Say to yourself as often as you might need to, “I am a receiver of divine transmissions of information and awareness.” Just this statement will trigger your ability. Be aware and pay attention to inspirations and ideas that come to you. Notice when you feel a shift in energy, a rush, a tingle or some other body sensation that is letting you know you have just received an energy download.

You are a part of the wave of awake beings who are aware of the partnership between your physical consciousness and your divine consciousness. It is in this divine partnership that all transformation takes place in this dimension.

When this partnership between the physical self and the divine self is acknowledged and awakened you are powerful beyond measure.

In this awareness you begin to understand the gift of connecting with your heart’s intelligence. It is the human heart that generates the largest electromagnetic field produced by the human body. When you are aware of this gift, you can activate the heart in offering coherent frequencies of gratitude or appreciation. It is these vibrations that carry this encoded emotional information of well-being into the magnetic field of the collective.

It is also important to remember that you create your brainwaves with your every thought and every emotion. You are a vibrational being of energy. You are always interfacing with everything and everyone around you. You are always impacting everything and everyone around you.

You and your consciousness play this very important role in supporting and shifting events in your life and on this planet. We speak this as truth. You might not feel powerful; just realize that this feeling or belief is one of the limitations you have acquired along the way.

The next aspect that we would like to empower and awaken within you is the ability to communicate with you own physical body. Many people do not have the patience to practice this or the belief that this is possible. Realize that every part of your body has its own consciousness. Decide that you are going to expand your relationship with your body. Play with the idea. Imagine or even pretend in the beginning.

It is important that you give yourself time and perhaps a quiet place and approach this practice with compassion and patience. If you practice mediation in some form, this can be a good approach as well. Begin to engage your body and the consciousness of your cells in a mental conversation; offer your gratitude, express a desire to work together in harmony and cooperation.

If your physical body has an area of pain, imagine that your body can share with you what might be needed for the pain to dissipate. It simply might be the awareness of listening to what that area of the body might be holding energetically or emotionally. Perhaps you will feel like making a sound to express any pain or discomfort. Notice any pictures, memories, words, ideas, thoughts that occur as you are in this heartfelt conversation. They may be a key or an answer to your question. You can even sing or hum to your body in a loving manner.

Over time when you practice speaking kindly to your body and listening with compassion, you will begin to see and experience a more cohesive connection with your physical form. Every cell knows how to operate in perfect divine integrity. We assure you that wondrous results will blossom in this relationship. Your health and well-being will improve.

Spiritual adepts thousands of years ago as well as numerous scientists now are becoming aware of the possibility to reprogram your very DNA with light frequencies and/or sound/word vibrations. We realize that this idea might be a bit of stretch in this limited 3D reality. Let us assure you that it is possible to affect your DNA, your cells and your health when you shift your perspective on what you think is possible. Light and sound can and do influence the energy field of the body and the body’s healing process.

We are inviting you to expand and explore your consciousness to encompass awareness of the smallest cell of your physical body out to the vastness of the collective and even beyond to the very stars. We know who you are and we continue to remind you of your magnificence. Invite us as well as other luminous beings to join you as you play in this field of consciousness. the ‘team’.

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