5 Steps of Creative Manifestation

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWe are creative beings, uniquely gifted with the ability to create matter from energy. This is not an insignificant attribute, it is how we create the reality we live in and yet it is something we generally ignore, take for granted, or do not use. If we know how to use our creative ability we would be able to live in our personal ‘heaven on earth’ instead of the nightmarish reality we often find ourselves in. How do we ensure we’re always in the flow of congruent harmony and using our creative energy wisely? Let’s talk about the 5 Steps of Creative Manifestation.

Before we begin, I want to point out two things. First, the word ‘manifestation’ begins with the French word for hand, ‘main’ so to manifest is to use your hands to accomplish something.

Second, the word creation means to be produced or to come into being. Creation is the process of producing something new. When we engage our creative abilities, we produce material from energy. Creativity begins with energy.

Step 1. The first step is what confuses us and creates doubt because it is where we feel powerless and helpless but it is our ‘point of power’. This is when we ‘run out of energy road’, when we can no longer live in the reality we have, when we’re unhappy and unfulfilled, nothing works and we’re feeling stuck and unmotivated. This is the point of ending for our old creation and the beginning of a new energetic path. The end creates the portal for the beginning.

Step 2. What we do in the second step either takes us back around the same energy cycle or we set out on a new one. When we’re feeling powerless and like a failure, in step 1, we can either try to figure out ‘what we did wrong’ and try the same thing again or realize that this path is over, we are ready for something new. In step 2 we need to set a new intention for how we’re going to use our creative manifestation power to create a new path for the energy flows in our life.

Step 3. In Step 3 we see what isn’t going to align or resonate with our new intention leave our energy space. Some of this can be tough as people and situations we thought would be with us for the long term suddenly disappear or tell us we have changed (because we have) and they can’t connect with us any longer.

Step 4. In Step 4 we start aligning with the energy of our new intention and can begin to see manifestation happen. Now this doesn’t always happen in the perfect order or with exact timing so we may see things pop up that doesn’t always make sense. Here we need to stay focused on our intention so we make the connections between the outcome we want and what is manifesting in our life.

Step 5. In Step 5 we celebrate our creativity by expanding what we have manifested and staying in the flow. When we get stuck on timing and expectations we ignore what is going on in front of us and not seeing what is actually manifesting because we may be looking for something else. Sometimes we don’t set a powerful enough intention and don’t realize that until we manifest less than what we wanted. Other times our fears and limitations block our manifestation and we have to work through those to clear the path.

Our basic needs are usually fairly simple – we want to be happy, to feel safe and secure, to feel like we’re in control of our reality, and to feel successful (or at least not feel like a failure). And wrapped up in those basic needs are all of our hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires so this process is very important to us. What helps us stay in our creative manifestation energy and on that path is to remember that we have all the energy we could possibly want available to us, all we have to do is follow the 5 steps of creative manifestation, not lose hope when we think nothing is happening, to be patient with ourselves and the process, and to keep our eye on the prize.

Start to use your creative manifestation powers today and see what you can create in your reality.


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