Goddess of Creation: The Vibration of Abundance

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomWhat does abundance mean to you? For most people it is about paying the bills, buying a house or car, having a well-paying job; a means to end in what you seek to have. All of that is very true. However, everything in life has a vibration and working with the vibration of abundance you have the opportunity to actually move deeper into infinite abundance than from the human perspective.

The Goddess of Creation is giving us a series of ‘vibration’ meditations. In each one of these we are moving beyond the everyday ego perspective and into the high vibrational soul perspective. We as humans live our lives through our everyday reality and our ego is created through these experiences. Then as we seek to create a change or move into something new, we need to expand how ego perceives the change.

In this meditation while in the All That Is there was a huge release around monetary abundance. Abundance is around us in oh so many ways; the trees, the grass, the flowers, the rocks, the traffic, the congestion…. to name a few. For many people, it is easier to tap into a higher vibration of something nonmonetary then roll that into monetary abundance. Sometimes people focus on a certain amount of money that feel they need, want, or should have. Oftentimes they do not actually feel an alignment with that amount. The Goddes took us step by step in moving our vibration as we expanded into a higher vibrational amount.

Are you ready to chance your abundance? Here is a powerful way to do so.

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment! I thank you for joining Shelly and I as we celebrate these years of which we have offered these teleconferences.

Shelly spoke of it before the journey, but I know it was not being recorded so I will take a moment just to give a very short little recap. When you look at where were you were 16 years ago and where you are right now chances are very dramatic changes have taken place in your life, and as Shelly was writing her blog and talking about different things that came up, there were times in which you think you know what your life is going to be like. You think you know where you’re going to be living. What your relationships are going to be. You kind of have in your mind the intention of how your life is going to unfold and what it is going to be for you, and then sometimes it’s completely different.

As you begin to understand that everything along the way is choices. Choices of what business is best for you in that moment opened up a path. Choices of what was best for you in the next moment opens up a new path. It is so important for people to live in the now moment with the understanding that the past was what it was. It brought you into this now moment, and even though your life is not what you thought it was going to be you are still successful.

Sometimes it’s important for you to understand that success comes from that feeling within yourself of knowing that you have lived your life well. By that I mean you have been conscious of your choices; you’ve followed your heart, and then no matter where you end up this is where you’re meant to be.

There was a book written a number of years ago, “Where ever you go there you are”, and that is so true it is about accepting the reality that is your life. That’s not to say that if your life is not what you wanted it to be, then obviously you can always make changes; you can move in a new direction. However, just as we spoke of in the last teleconference it is essential for you to accept that in this now moment this is where you are. Then when you regroup and you say, “but no this is not where I want to live my life, this is not what I want to do”, you can say, “Okay I accept that I am not where I thought I was going to be and therefore I am going to going to make some new changes and that will open up new doors for me.”

If the doors don’t open up then it will bring you back full circle to this now moment. If you start down a pathway and recognize you don’t like it then you can get back to this moment. I could go on and on.

The point I wish to make in this now moment is that you each have so many gifts. You each are directly aligned with your Divinity. You each have an opportunity to live your life filled with love, filled with light, filled with compassion, filled with the essence of who you are. That is a successful life.

It is essential that you choose success, or the reality that is your life, through your own eyes not through somebody else’s, and don’t base your success or failure on somebody else’s dreams. Let go anything that no longer serves you. Be the person that you intended for yourself before you came into this lifetime. Be a person that fills their life with love, with compassion, with an open heart. Magic is created when you live from that space.

Breathe deeply sending your energies down into the Earth. Send it all the way down into Gaia. As you connect with Gaia feel it as your energy spreads out in different directions anchoring you, supporting you to the vibration of Gaia.

As you let that come back up within your heart center you then send that column of light that goes out through the top of your head. From then it goes out until it connects with your Higher Self. As this aligns with your Higher Self you may have that sense of seeing your life from a different perspective. You may have that sense of expanding into you as the blend of your Divinity and you as your Human Self. If there are old energies that are stuck in this space, ~whew~ clear it out. Create a clean slate from which you can look at your life and experience all that is happening within and around you.

That stream of consciousness continues up. It moves from your Higher Self until it connects with your I AM presence. Your Divinity is your Soul. It is that source energy that is yours alone. As you look from within your Soul you may see other lifetimes. You may see other experiences. This is an opportunity that you can really open up that alignment so that your human consciousness expands into the space of your Divinity giving you a greater awareness for who you are.

I the Goddess walk and in and amongst all who are here. I reach out and embrace you in this moment. I reach out in support of you. As our energies merge, we expand into the All That Is.

Take a moment to understand what this space is for you. Frequently you come to the same place in the All That Is. Looking around it has a vibration that is in alignment with you. Your Angels, your Light Beings are probably in this space with you.

Take a moment, open up your consciousness and allow me to show you the All That Is as the vibration was in 2003. Take a deep breath in. Open up your consciousness and ask to know, see, sense, or feel what this is. I laugh because almost everyone felt this whoosh, this big pull that pulled you down into a much lower vibration. It gives you a perspective of how far the consciousness has expanded from 2003 until now. The All That Is at that time was denser than what it is now. The vibration was lower than what it is right now. We have continuously cleared everything within this dimension as the world itself has transformed moving into the expanding consciousness that is moving throughout the world.

Allow your focus to come back into the now moment. I wished to do that for a moment to show you the comparison. Sometimes when things move very slowly within your life you don’t have that sense of before and the after there is only the now moment. Allow your consciousness to take in where you are right now and everything that is important to you in this moment.

As I continue to speak about the vibration, I wish to say that as I connect with each one of you, I see so much transformation taking place. Much of this is taking place because as each one of you transforms it is also transforming that part of the collective consciousness. As each one of you opens to receive the love that is you as your divinity it is creating a transformation.

I would like to speak of the vibration of abundance. Abundance has a unique definition. As I say the word abundance to you what is the first thing that comes to your mind. The overwhelming response I heard was money. Right behind that was love and right behind that was life. We will go into abundance of money in a moment.

The abundance of love. Here in the All That Is you have infinite love vibration. It is reflected to you through the Angels, through the Light Beings, through your own Divinity. From there it goes downwards into that alignment into you the Human.

As you consider the vibration or abundance of love, I invite you to consider what is around you in so many different ways of which you may be unaware. Tapping into love as the vibration helps you to recognize that there are flows of love that just move through the Collective Consciousness. Without any particular person or experience for which it aligns it is simply there for people to tap into. Love may be between you and the relationships you have in your life. Love first of foremost is always flowing from you as your Divinity reflected by everything that is here. With an abundance of love, you have limitless potential. I could feel things shifting and adjusting within everybody.

Okay, I was going to address the third one, but it has gone out of my brain just now. So, let us speak about abundance of money. Money, prosperity, flow, influence, comfort; I’m trying to think of other words that go along with an abundance of money; security, a home, a car, a business. I’m sure there are many, many other things associated with this.

When you consider abundance with the vibration of, we will say financial, how does it feel within you? I felt many of you kind of constrict. I felt others of you open. Let us address if you felt constructed when I spoke of the vibration of abundance, or the flow of money.

The world, as most people know it, recognizes money as a means of establishing or reflecting where they are in the world. It takes money to have your homes, your cars, your clothing, your food, and on and on and on. Therefore, if you are worried, if there is not enough in that financial part of the scales that go up and down constantly then it creates stress within you and from that stress, you constrict.

Within the stress you might feel fear; you might feel anger. It may cause you to consider what can I do differently in my life. Spend less, save more, earn more. You have these certain regimes that you might follow when it comes to abundance within your life. Most often it’s like you have the pieces on the chessboard that you are moving space to space. What is important to understand is that you can keep moving those as much as you like. It is transforming through the vibration of abundance that clears out all of those pieces on the chess board and allows you to create new.

If you have a perspective of what abundance means to you, we’ll say what financial abundance means to you, bring it up into your consciousness right now. As you bring up whatever that financial abundance is (anything at all that is associated with you and in your life) we want to bring all of those threads, those anchors, that reality; bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let it go.

I showed you a little earlier of how different the vibration of the world is from the All That Is now to where it was 16 years ago. If you continue to vibrate when you think about abundance or finances with that same level of, “I’m just barely getting by; I have a little, but not too much; I might get a little bit more, but don’t make it too much;” where there is something, be it conscious or unconscious, within you that says it’s okay to be in the flow and have abundance as long as it’s not too much. That sense of restriction keeps you in the old energy, ~whew~, clear it out. As I spoke of that and cleared the energy there was a massive wave that went through everyone. So I believe that it must be something that is affecting people more than people realize.

So, coming back into this now moment as you consider the vibration of abundance, and your current thoughts about abundance, without judging them right, wrong or in between, ~whew~, clear it out.

Something just came in that I think is important to share. If you have a thought or a belief I’m worth a million dollars, just to pull a number out of that air, and you think you deserve to have a million dollars because you’re worth it, because you vibrate at a high vibration, you work really hard, then a billion dollars is the flow of abundance of where you are, that you should have and is what you seek to have.

Okay, put that to the side. When you breathe into yourself and you feel what it is to have a million dollars in your account. Does it resonate with you or does it feel like I’d love to have it, I think I deserve it, but it’s so far out of my reach that it is keeping me from connecting with that vibration. If there’s a part of moving into that that you are thinking to yourself I deserve it because I work really hard and I am establishing a business, I am offering something that other people benefit from, and in this way these kinds of words are making an excuse for your Ego or your Mental Body to say yes that’s mine, yes I deserve that. Deserving is a judgment. If you deserve something; then you don’t deserve something. So anything at all the has to do with deserving, ~whew~, let it go.

The million dollars that you seek to have within your account can be there because you vibrate at a level where the million is within their flow. But perhaps, step it back a little bit 750,000, 500,000, 250,000, 10,000, 5,000. You choose whatever number is right for you and just take a deep breath in and breathe the vibration of what that number in terms of the flow of money means for you. As you breathe it in you feel it as it goes into your heart center, you feel it as it flows throughout your energy bodies.

Take whatever that number was and bump it up by 10,000 dollars, euros, pounds, whatever it is that is your currency. How does that vibration feel to you? Is it out of your reach or do you find yourself stretching it a bit and it feels comfortable? You can practice with this where you increase that amount every time that the vibration just intrinsically works with you. Because everything is a vibration. Every level of currency. Every level of a person. Whatever value you placed upon a service. It all is a vibration and it all works to create the flow of abundance.

So, I have been speaking about this and ways to help the analytical to understand. I wish for everyone to just kind of wipe that away. I invite you to now breathe in the vibration or the essence of the All That Is. As you breathe in this vibration just simply let it balance you or flow within and around you. As you allow your focus and your awareness to be upon this vibration it is there supporting you, communicating with you telepathically so that the vibration of the All That Is is moving through all the levels of who you are as a conscious individual. As you feel the support, I invite you to feel what the vibration of abundance feels like here and the All That Is.

What is interesting is I began to smell a scent like flowers and blooming, and lushness. I began to see beautiful colors flowing one to another. This is but a piece of what abundance can smell like or look like. Allow yourself to just feel the flow letting the vibration of abundance move through you and as it does so allow it to clear out thoughts that you may have, beliefs that you may have, anything at all the associated with limitations of any form.

Allow the vibration of abundance to simply transform everything from within your unconscious, to your conscious, your emotions, your beliefs, and your physicality. Allow it to just gently roll through you rolling through every level and then you can feel what that is. Feel the expanded vibration. Feel the abundance of the Universe, the abundance of your Soul, the abundance that is just limitless. It is potential. It is an opportunity. It is an expression. It is a feeling. It moves through you on so many levels. Let it fill each cell within you and then let that expand.

As you allow for the vibration of abundance to move through you it is opening you to love, it is opening you to relationships, it is opening you to financials, it is opening you to everything that you are seeking to have within your life. Feel the love for everything that transforms within you. The vibration of love walks hand in hand.

When you are in this space where you can see into eternity, and you know that it is all available to you, the vibration of abundance transforms even more. What I’m noticing is that many of you are beginning to float even higher than before, because that vibration of abundance is lifting you up and expanding your energy, and realigning you with the higher vibration. There, I could feel it kind of merging and blending with all of you.

As you experience abundance here and the All That Is be open that the flow of monetary abundance is but one reflection of all that is here. Align with that monetary abundance. Here in the All That Is as you’re expressing this abundance you feel the abundance of beauty, the trees, the grass the flowers. You feel the abundance of relationships within your life. You feel the abundance of potential for you to create and on and on and on.

Let your imagination open up to create limitless potentials for abundance.

You are limitless. You are abundant. You are loved. Feel glorious. It feels beautiful. It feels amazing. Have that very clear intention that everything you are experiencing right now will flow through you. You are here within the alignment. Let it all come back into your everyday reality. Allow for all of this limitless abundance to simply flow within you in your everyday life. Feel it for what it is. You know that it is you, you the person, you as the Divine, you as the All That Is.

I invite you to bring all of that energy back together. As it comes together you feel it as you come together as a whole. Coming up within the center you have that sense of the Hologram of the Earth. As the Hologram comes within this vibration of abundance the Hologram itself immediately expands bigger. It moves outward so as to expand the potential of how much the Hologram will integrate and transform. So as the Hologram itself integrates all of this limitless, infinite abundance it begins to rotate, it moves, it glows.

There is a particular vibration about it that is specific to abundance and as you release it there is part of it that moves out into the Universe and the remainder of it goes down and into the Earth. As this Hologram moves into the Earth it goes through the Crystalline Gridwork, it’s going through the Magnetic Gridwork of the Collective Consciousness clearing out any old vibrations and limitations and filling it up with this beautiful, balanced energy of abundance.

The more there is, the more there is and that moves through the Collective Consciousness going down into the Earth. As this vibration moves through the Earth it goes through the center mixing with the core into the center of the Earth. It then moves back up and it comes up through the many layers of the Earth. It comes up until it goes through all the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers.

Your own vibration of limitless abundance comes up within you anchoring within your energy body and as it does so I invite you to be quiet for a moment integrating it. Allow it to clear out on a physical level, old belief systems, old limitations, old ideals around abundance. Simply feel that vibration that you felt within the All That Is. It begins to have a pulsation as it’s moving through you.

From there you bring back the essence. You bring back the rest of your consciousness letting it come back through your Divinity on your soul plane, your Higher Self and down into your Human Self. As it’s merging within you it is clearing out your Higher Self creating that new vibration for abundance. It’s clearing out your mental, your emotional, your physical body recalibrating with the limitless vibration of abundance. Give yourself time to let that vibration vibrate within you to rebalance, reintegrate, create that new you that is vibrating abundance. ~whew~ feels glorious.

This is a new beginning for you. It is a new reality for you. If you find yourself going back into your old belief systems then remind yourself, know that I am tapping into the vibration of the infinite vibration of All That Is and that is my truth, that is my reality, that is how I express without limitations.

As the vibration of abundance moves through you stop periodically throughout the day to take some deep breaths where you breathe deeply all the way down into you, breathing all your energy back to be centered within you. As you do so invite the flow of abundance to come with that expanded consciousness.

The All That Is is a higher vibration and it is different from how you live your life. Yet that alignment is always open and you can always tap into that any time that you wish to do so. I invited you to practice in a meditative state, practice as you go to sleep, and practice when you are first waking up in the morning, so that vibration of abundance that is different from your everyday reality becomes your reality. So that you manifest with that vibration that brings in the financial abundance, the abundance of friends, the abundance of love, the abundance that is all very present and available to you.

Beloved family as always, I am with you and within you



» Source » Channel: Shelly Dressel