Notre-Dame Fire and Humanity; Symbol of Goodness and Light

waves of light eraoflightdotcomFire has taken part of Notre-Dame in Paris yet this beautiful medieval cathedral survives – reminding us of the goodness of humanity. It is important at a time like this to remember the goodness that indeed exists on Earth and within all people at their core. Continue reading for a big picture understanding of what this disaster means for Parisians and the world.

The tragic fire at Notre-Dame is heartfelt throughout the world. This centuries old cathedral is a symbol of the divine and a reminder that we are all one. Let’s send prayers of love and healing.


Notre-Dame is an icon of French culture, history, and indeed represents a record of humanity’s evolution for over 800 years. Sitting in the heart of Paris, it’s a spiritual landmark and place of refuge. The French spirit is there, yet this energy goes beyond France to people everywhere on a spiritual path. To be on a spiritual path is not about any particular religion but about a connection with the divine.

People across the world watched in shock as this historical icon burned. Because of the internet, anyone online across the world was able to see this momentous and tragic event as it unfolded. Amazingly, Notre-Dame survived wars and the anti-religious sentiment of the French Revolution, but its spire and roof could not escape this week’s fire. Interestingly, the lighted candles inside the cathedral were still lit during the fire. And most of the cherished sacred objects inside were rescued. As a testament to the human spirit, plans are already under way to restore the cathedral. A key thing to note is this: when it is restored, the work will happen within the new more enlightened energies of these times.

Context for Notre-Dame Fire

The Notre-Dame fire during Holy Week is symbolic of the pain and grief so many people feel in our divided world. People are hungry for spirit and the comfort that comes from faith and loving connection with others. The burning reminds us of this, and also our eternal nature which allows us to go on.

What We Can Do

There is much happening in our world that could leave us feeling despair and hopelessness. Let’s all do our best to resource our own light and inner strength and remember that these are the times when there is much darkness as the world transforms out of old thinking – yet intermixed with the darkness and indeed much more powerful is our individual and collective light and love. There is a bright future and we together are creating it day by day. Each moment we have an opportunity to choose how we will respond to an event, a person, or a life happenstance. We as divine changemakers are at the helm.

Love and Impermanence

Notre-Dame burning this week reminds us that love is what matters in all things. As we focus on this love we find refuge and the strength to contribute our light in miraculous ways. It’s also a symbol of impermanence, for all things physical are temporary and it is the eternal divine that grounds us in this world.

When we remember how much support we indeed have – including the invisible help from spirit – we can come back to ourselves and the love at our core. To be in that place of love is why we are here! All of us can do this, a step at a time. Trust this.