KaRa of the Pleiades: The Energies Preparing You For First Contact

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa.

 I wish to continue all of this with you, to continue to prepare you for what is ahead.  For what you have just done through this one who has given this experience to those of you, it is all in preparation for what is yet coming. 

Yes, the wave that you hear of, or the various waves, all of that is coming.  But the event is also not that far off from your understanding of time.  But you have to also understand that in order for THE event to occur, the collective consciousness of man here on this planet must be prepared and ready for it. 

For that particular event, that flash of energy, will catapult many from their physical bodies if they are not ready for this.  Their central nervous systems can simply not be able to withstand these high energies.  So this is why you have been going through this process at a gradual rate now, this ascension process.  Otherwise, it would have already happened, and those of you that were ready would have ascended, and those that were not, which would be in the billions, would not have ascended and would have left their bodies. 

So it was determined by all of us, all of the councils working together to bring this entire plan forward, it was determined that the time was not ready.  The vibrations were not high enough across the planet for this to occur yet.  But everything is speeding up.  All of the energies that are coming into the planet are preparing more and more of you, are awakening more and more of you.  Yes, to those of you, the Lightworkers, Warriors, Sharers, and Bearers, it appears to be slow.  It appears to be that nothing is happening. 

But those of us, the Pleiadians, and all of the other ones that are working with you directly, can assure you that it is happening at a lightning speed at this time.  And you are all being readied for that which has been called “first contact.”  And the interference that has been spoken of as in “prime interference” is also in the works. 

For even this evening, as you leave your session tonight and you journey outside, be ready for the show that will come from those of us.  We are going to be there.  It is up to you to open your third eye to be able to see us, but we will be there.  That is not to preclude you from having your fun, your dancing, all of this, your celebration.  And I say now celebration, because it is a celebration.  It is not just a celebration of the ending of this Advance, but it is a celebration of your continuing to move on forward, continuing to advance.  And all of you are doing this.  As you are finding now, more and more, you are having this, what you are calling the “bleed through” in the dimensions.  This is happening.  It is real.  It is not a figment of your imagination, although your imagination and your ability to image is bringing it on, you see. 

So continue to allow for the process to continue to develop and move you forward, because my dear brothers, sisters, my friends, it is moving you forward, each and every one of you.  If you have not already had some of these wild experiences you are hearing from people here, you will have them, all of you.  Even those of you that are not able to, what you say, see with your third eye, not able to imagine like others are, to visualize, even those of you, it will come to you.  It cannot not come to you. 

So again, allow for the process to continue.  Allow for you to be a part of this, and know that you are coming closer and closer either to the mission that you have already started, or the mission that is yet to unfold in front of you. 

I am KaRa, and I will leave you now in love, and peace, and harmony, and a oneness to come over you, and to continue to come over you, because you are connected to your higher selves, and your higher selves are connected to you.  And in so doing, we are all connected together.


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